Umno’s unholy hypocrisy.

As history and anthropology inform us, the human race has chosen to worship a virtually infinite variety of deities and associated religions, each of them demanding the loyalty of its devotees, often on the pain of death.

Death, in my opinion, being the operative word here, as it seems to me that dread of dying is what drives our species to imagine we can achieve some kind of immortality.

But as far as I know there is no divinity or religion that promotes and promises immortality in return for immorality.

So what God, I wonder, do Umnoputras think they are worshipping when they claim almighty approval of their lies, corruptions and countless other crimes?

Surely not Allah, or so it strikes me, as Islam would not have survived so long, let alone thrived so successfully, if the Prophet had advocated evil as the pathway to eternal paradise.

Yet here we have people justifying their criminality by piously pretending to be ‘defenders’ and ‘protectors’ of Islam, and claiming to have God on their side.

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, for example, who even if innocent of involvement in such atrocities as Scorpene submarines scandal, the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu and the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) swindle, obviously steals ‘victory’ in elections.

Like the general election of 2013, Umno ‘won’ the two recent by-elections by means of a whole complex of illegalities ranging from unconstitutional gerrymandering of electoral boundaries to blatant cash bribery of voters.

Yet he had the gall to claim that ‘having turned to God for answers’ as to whether he was on the right path or whether he had strayed, God had given him ‘victory beyond all expectations.’

There are only two possible interpretations of this statement. Either that Najib prays to some personal God that oddly approves of bribery, corruption and co-option of Malaysians’ rights to free and fair elections, or that he is happy to take in vain the name of the God of Islam, who would presumably frown on such haram activities.

Obviously the latter alternative is the case, to judge by the way Special Affairs Department (Jasa) director-general Mohd Puad Zakarshi reportedly reinforced Najib’s remarks.

‘For a Muslim, prayer is a weapon,’ he declared. ‘Muslims pray to Allah not only in times of hardship but also in good times and victories,’

‘In this case, Najib prayed for Allah to grant BN’s victory in both by-elections and with Allah’s will, his prayers were answered.’

I’m no expert on Islam or any other religion, so forgive my ignorance, but isn’t it somewhat blasphemous to suggest that Allah not only approves of criminal acts, but, as if to add insult to injury, the use of his name to justify them?

Umno members and voters don’t appear too concerned about taking the Almighty’s name in vain. In fact, along with Najib, his chief henchman, Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, seems to make an absolute career of it.

In fact, as I mentioned last year in a column headed ‘At least stand up for God,’ Zahid has made the somewhat grandiose claim that he was ‘fated by Allah’ to achieve high office.

And he was at his sanctimonious worst again earlier this week, warning civil servants of ‘divine punishment for those who leak government secrets.’

Explaining that Muslims invoke the name of Allah when they take oaths, he said, and ‘if we go against it…Allah will curse us,’ Malaysiaini quoted him as continuing.

‘So before the curse comes from Allah, I want to remind my own self and all civil servants to keep (government) secrets because we took oaths to safeguard them.’

A small matter the pious Zahid omitted to mention, of course, is that he and his fellow ministers in the Umno/BN regime have taken oaths to uphold Malaysia’s constitution and laws.

Oaths that they break in every possible way, from denying Malaysian citizens their constitutional rights to true news, genuine justice and free and fair elections to committing massive financial frauds and condoning extra-judicial killings by the police and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

Thus, according to Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s own argument, they are cursed by the very Allah they so hypocritically claim to serve.

And condemned, along with their equally hypocritical ‘religious’ cronies and supporters, to live and die miserably in the service of their patently false gods of power-seeking, plunder and corruption.

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Mysterious Malaysia.

As depressing as it is to admit this in the now, as of this month, 10 years I have spent striving to make enough sense of the Umno/BN regime’s monstrous misgovernment of Malaysia to write about it for Malaysiakini, today I find myself as mystified as ever.

Or possibly even more mystified than ever, having in the interests of research exposed myself to an entire decade of the ruling regime’s mind-bending combination of outrageous opacity and monumental mendacity.

To focus first on the opacity issue, Umno/BN employs its Official Secrets Act not, as it claims, and as the Act is properly intended, in the national interest, but to cover up the corruptions and sundry other crimes that regime members and cronies continually commit.

     And, in clear contradiction of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s risible recent remark at the headquarters of one of his mouthpiece ‘news’ organisations, Utusan Malaysia, that ‘the media must play a role to assist the government in moving the country forward by reporting only the truth,’ the regime employs its so-called mainstream media in suppression of anything remotely resembling the truth.

Thus the few scandals that escape the net of Umno/BN-imposed secrecy and opacity via the international media, as in the current exposure by the Wall Street Journal of the massive 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) fraud, are just the tip of the iceberg.

Or, if you prefer, as I once mentioned in another context, heistberg, the vast bulk of which remains a total mystery to the Malaysian people, despite their having the right to know everything about what the government is doing and how it is (mis)spending their money.

And news of any heists that do emerge are immediately greeted first with outright denial, and if that doesn’t work, with idiotic attempts at deceit.

Witness all the confusing and conflicting fictions that Najib, some of his ministers and other accomplices have managed to come up with to defuse the 1MDB fiasco and related RM2.6-billion ‘donation’ scandal, and now the far-fetched story by Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi that a sum of RM12 million raised privately by Malaysian citizens to ransom their kidnapped relatives has been ‘donated’ to some unnamed ‘Islamic charity’ in the Philippines.

There was a time when I was inclined to write-off Umno/BN’s moronic attempts to provide itself with alibis this inane if not outright insane. But then I realised that there’s method in this apparent madness, in that it is intended to not only boggle our minds but baffle our memories.

As former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Mohamad of all people appears to be aware, there are nothing like present mysteries to dim or even erase those of the past.

Thus, as he fondly hopes, Najib’s misleadership of Malaysia and misinformation of its citizens will be sufficient to cause us to misremember that it was Mahathir himself who laid the groundwork for most of the current mess.

And, more specifically, that mystifications created by Najib around such scandals as the Scorpene Submarines, the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu, the second frame-up of Anwar Ibrahim and now 1MDB and the ‘donation’ will cause us to forget Mahathir’s long history of such mysteries as Ops Lalang, an endless string of financial scams that by some estimates cost Malaysia up to US$100 billion, and the first trumped-up trial of Anwar.

Not that Anwar doesn’t remain something of a mystery man himself. Considering that he spent so many years as Mahathir’s right-hand-man and understudy, he has been remarkably unforthcoming about the many mysterious goings-on he must have been party to, if not complicit in, in his time.

And surely, even though he’s in jail, Anwar must be at least partly responsible for the mysterious and mightily frustrating fact that the party he nominally heads, PKR, finds it impossible to work in partnership with the people’s other principal hope for replacing Umno/BN, the DAP.

A question that brings us to one current mystery that will be solved by the time you read this: whether the opposition can prevail in either or both of the Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar by-elections.

Or, as such events have come to be known due to the blatant bribery inevitably practiced in them by Umno/BN with the mysterious approval of the electoral commission (EC), buy-elections.

Besides bribery, of course the results will also doubtless depend a good deal on whether enough voters are as mystified as they are surely intended to be by the unholy alliance that the pious PAS has apparently forged with the god-forsaken Umno/BN.

But speaking again of bribery, why anybody could bear to sell his or her vote to the regime at any price is the greatest mystery, considering how much better-off in every way every Malaysian will be when Umno/BN is finally history.


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Najib plays, Malaysia pays.

Easily the high point of the past week for me was the revelation by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak during a question-and-answer session at the Wild Digital Conference in KL that when he gets bored in meetings he takes out his mobile phone and plays Hangman.

For years I’ve been a huge fan of such Freudian glimpses into what goes on in Najib’s fraudulent mind, and this was an absolute classic, as it conveys so many messages.

The first and most obvious of these, of course, is that, just as the emperor Nero allegedly fiddled while Rome burned, Najib diddles while Malaysia goes backwards.

But by far the most significant aspect of this self-relevation by Najib is that, of all the dumb games he could play with himself in the process of shirking his work, the one he chooses has the word ‘hang’ in its name.

Though psychoanalytically or even semantically speaking, the meaning of this is difficult to definitively discern.

On the one hand it could signify that, despite how cool and confident he pretends to appear in the face of allegations of involvement in a string of scandals ranging from the Scorpene submarines affair and the associated murder of Mongolian interpreter Altantuya Shaariibuu to the 1MDB and RM2.6-billion ‘donation’ scams, he is terrified of someday being hung out to dry for some if not all of these outrages.

Another possibility is that, despite the evident fact that his political if not personal survival is hanging by a thread pending the completion of international investigations into 1MDB and the ‘donation’, he is heeding my plea in a column on December 12 last year to hang in there long enough for Malaysian voters to get rid of not just him, but the entire gang of his hangers-on in the Umno/BN gang in the next general election.

The omens for this are certainly propitious. Firstly there is the RAHMAN prophecy predicting that the name of the last Umno/BN prime minister will begin with the letter ‘N’ for Najib, and then there is the thought that this will be general election 14, a number that many people consider could mean that the Umno/BN regime will ‘forever die.’

In any event, Najib is still not only hanging on for dear life, but also handing-out more and more rope to the countless millions of Malaysians and others who hanker for an end to half a century of Umno/BN hanky-panky.

Presumably on the proverbial principle that one might as well be hung for a sheep as for a lamb, Najib has now announced his desire for an official vehicle like the one he took such a shine to when hanging-out with US President, Barack Obama.

He told attendees at the same Wild Digital Conference as the one where he revealed his enthusiasm for playing Hangman that he envied the US President the car nicknamed ‘The Beast’, because ‘it’s more comfortable than my Proton, and it feels safe because it is bulletproof.’

According to Malaysiakini, he also went on about the spaciousness of The Beast, enthusing that ‘you get two people sitting across (from) you, and you can have an active discussion,’ before concluding that it is ‘a very lovely car. I wish I had one.’

If Najib’s previous history is any indication, if he wants his own version of The Beast he will get it. God knows he should be able to afford it with whatever change from the RM2.6 billion ‘donation’ happens to be still hanging around in one of his bank accounts.

Though on second thoughts, in light of the apparent fact that Najib and his accomplices clearly consider public money to be their own to spend on themselves as they choose, and hang the expense to the Malaysian people, he probably expects his version of The Beast to be a freebee.

Like the Airbus on which the beastly Najib jets himself and his Beauty, Rosmah Mansor, around the world on gazillion-dollar shopping sprees.

And like the replacement aircraft leased at an estimated cost of RM86.4 million for the two months that the usual one is undergoing maintenance, and on which Rosmah recently jetted-off to Istanbul to receive an award.

Typically, when PKR secretary-general Rafizi Ramli criticized this jaunt as an extravagance, one of Rosmah’s aides ‘explained’ that the self-styled ‘First Lady’ was on a ‘tight schedule’ due to her need to get back to Malaysia for, of all things, a girl guides’ event.

And in addition the aide indignantly declared that, though the jet features a lounge area and 10 private suites with a 32” TV in each, any accusation that the trip was luxurious was a ‘slander.’

In other words, as ever, when it comes to everything from the nation’s cash to its constitution, Najib and his family, cronies and Umno/BN accomplices are free to go on playing, the Malaysian people are condemned to continue paying, and whoever dares criticize this endless orgy of corruption and criminality can go hang.

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Season of spinnovation.

One of the many evils of political spin is that, like all forms of lying, it casts a pall of suspicion over the very language(s) we rely on for communication with each other by robbing previously respectable words of their true meanings.

The most obvious current example from my point of view being the word ‘innovation’, which is being mercilessly used to weave webs of lies in both Australia and Malaysia.

Down here in Australia, the incumbent Liberal-National Coalition is fighting for its survival in the forthcoming July general election on a platform of what it calls ‘innovation’, but is actually little more than a proposed cut in the company tax rate that it claims will produce ‘jobs and growth’.

But at the same time it is cutting billions of dollars out of the budgets of Australia’s genuine engines of innovation, ranging from education in general to alternative-energy initiatives and the nation’s world-renowned Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) in particular.

Meanwhile, as if this abuse of the word ‘innovation’ in Australia wasn’t enough to give the word a thoroughly bad name, in Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has gone and ganged-up on it too.

Speaking at the Yayasan Sime Darby Young Innovators Challenge 2016 Awards in Kuala Lumpur, he has reportedly made the false claim that his government ‘will be receptive to new ideas that lead to innovation.’

‘We need an ecosystem, culture of innovation and education system that would encourage people to think innovatively and creatively,’ he went on.

I must confess I almost stopped reading at this point, as sickened as I was by such hypocrisy from the current leader of a regime that has spent the past five decades or so thwarting any and every effort by Malaysians to think innovatively and creatively about anything whatever, but especially about better government and governance than the deadly version provided by Umno/BN.

In fact, now that Najib has prompted me to think about it, the only innovations that the regime has ever encouraged have been crimes, corruptions and sundry other sinnovations for the benefit of its members, cronies and kin.

Sinnovations and kinnovations like the current massive 1MDB scandal, for example, which Najib was clearly referring to in his later contention in this speech that ‘as a nation we must encourage innovation if we want to progress because in an increasingly competitive environment, only nations that are capable of innovating will succeed.’

In other words, he was clearly contending that Malaysians should not view scams like 1MDB as thefts, or, if you like, skinnovations of the people, but as honest failures to achieve success on their behalf.

Or as Najib expressed this sentiment later in his self-justifying speech, ‘today we must be brave enough to celebrate failure, ironically, because if you are bold enough to innovate, or try to innovate, some will fail along the way.’

But that wasn’t the end of Najib’s desperate attempts at spinnovation of his 1MDB and associated M2.6-billion ‘donation’ debacle.

During a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum summit on Asean in Kuala Lumpur, he dismissed international comments and actions on 1MDB with the remark that ‘the problem is a problem of perception, the problem is the noise level outside.’

As DAP leader Lim Kit Siang subsequently commented on this ludicrous lie, ‘Najib’s denial is the worst among all the six Malaysian Prime Ministers when he can regard the Singapore and Swiss crackdowns on multi-billion ringgit 1MDB embezzlement, money-laundering and corruption as “a problem of noise”.’

‘The prime minister cannot be more wrong, and he must be told in no uncertain terms that his premiership is now a liability…unless he can come clean on the various financial and mismanagement scandals haunting and hounding the country for over a year,’ Lim added.

This amply exemplifies the fact that the noise level on 1MDB and related matters inside Malaysia is every whit as loud as it is outside, but Najib is attempting to muzzle his critics in Malaysia by every possible illegitimate means, and also trying to create a diversion by permitting PAS to engage in a parliamentary push for hudud.

As if the Malaysian people, and especially the Malays, who have had their race and religion hijacked for blatantly political purposes, hadn’t suffered more than enough punishment at the hands of the sinnovating, kinnovating, skinnovating and above all spinnovating Umno/BN regime.


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War legends and lies.

War is very much on my mind, as I happen to be writing this on the day before Australia’s commemoration not only of Anzac Day, but of the centenary of the 1915 landing in Gallipoli by Australian and New Zealand troops that inspired the Anzac tradition.

A tradition that, however noble in its intent, is itself part-legend and part of a conflict that exemplifies not only the oft-quoted wisdom that “truth is the first casualty of war”, but the even more fundamental fact that falsehood is always the true cause of war.

All wars are actually about greed, on the part of at least one side if not both, but those who start them always falsely justify their aggression on such grounds as creed or need.

So-called “holy” wars are forever being fought for the alleged greater glory of imaginary gods, or even between same-god sects like Catholic and Protestant, Sunni and Shia.

And if the pretext is not theological, it’s ideological, as in communism’s assaults on capitalism or fascism’s against freedom, or else just plain illogical or even outright insane, as in the case of the North Korean regime that employs its pretence of being constantly at war with the rest of the world for the purpose of permanently keeping its people in a state of paranoid psychosis.

In other words, beneath all the piously self-serving and above all lying propagandist rhetoric of warmongers everywhere, it’s always and forever about nothing but all the usual profane lusts for power and loot.

But let me not for a moment give the impression that I mean to diminish or demean the countless millions of servicemen and women who have sacrificed their lives in humankind’s unending struggle against greed-driven aggression.

Some see those who fought at Gallipoli and all the other battlefields of the bloodbath we call World War 1 as unwitting pawns in the spat between the megalomanic German Kaiser and his cousin the head of the British Empire, and also as naive victims of the war profiteers on both sides.

But I disagree. Certainly there must have been some who were motivated by the cynical official “King and Country” propaganda, or any of several other similarly unimpressive impulses like imperialist jingoism, peer pressure or simple pugnacity.

Most, however, by the time they found themselves in the trenches and as a result had wryly dubbed themselves “diggers”, came to justly perceive themselves as fighting as bravely as possible for the purpose of winning what they sincerely saw as “the war to end all wars.”

As courageously as they devoted themselves to this cause, however, and as dearly as it cost them in blood and sweat, and their loved-ones in sorrow and tears, they failed to end all wars.

In fact, as Anzac Day sadly recalls every year, there have been even more wars since, and there’s no end even remotely in sight.

Rapacious regimes and terrorist organisations around the world keep employing race, religion and patriotism to empower and enrich themselves at the expense of innocent, ignorant and gullible young men and women.

And even the cause of peace is at times perverted for pressing into the service of war. For example, former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad’s so-called Perdana Peace Foundation is actually an anti-semitic pressure group, protesting as it stridently does against Israeli assaults on the Palestinians, and completely ignoring atrocities committed by Islamic regimes against other nations and their own people.

The weapons trade continues to flourish as never before too, with giant merchants of high-tech death in the US, UK and Europe hypocritically selling arms and ammunition to just about anyone, even their nations’ current or future enemies, as perhaps most notably to both sides in the bloody Iran-Iraq war, and to the Mujahadeen, now better known as the Taliban, in Afghanistan.

And it’s not just killing that the arms trade enables, but systematic corruption. Countries that clearly have no intention of or capacity for fighting wars are regularly sold billions of dollars in arms, at prices knowingly inflated to provide massive “commissions” to middle-men and defence-department and other regime officials, as in Malaysia’s notorious Scorpene submarines scandal.

As for the defence departments in question, most have nothing whatever to do with protecting their nations against offensive warfare, but defending the regimes they serve against the wrath of their citizens.

The most spectacular current example of this is the al-Assad regime’s massively destructive and murderous war against the majority of the Syrian people.

Though in many other countries, like Burma, Thailand and still to a large extent Indonesia, for example, the military actually is the so-called government, and also a major player in business, both legitimate and criminal.

Which brings us to the fact that the so-called war on crime in many such countries is actually a war on criminals who have the effrontery to set themselves up in competition with the military and their accomplices in politics, the police and judiciary, as currently evidenced by the intended execution of foreign and small-time drug-traffickers in Indonesia while well-connected local drug-lords get off lightly if not scot-free.

A similar system of “justice” prevails in Malaysia too, of course, where the only notable victims of the regime’s avowed war on corruption seem to be witnesses like the late Teoh Beng Hock.

And where the only apparent battle the defence department has fought and won in living memory has been against Altantuya Shaariibuu, the Mongolian woman allegedly implicated in the Scorpene submarines purchase and mysteriously murdered before being dismembered with C4 military explosive.

A case that has resurfaced recently as ammunition in the war that former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad is waging against his latest successor, Najib Abdul Razak.

Who is going to win this conflict is anybody’s guess, but I’m betting it won’t be the truth. Thanks originally to Mahathir and currently to Najib, and with the help of the propagandists of the regime’s mainstream media, the truth was and remains the first casualty of the Umno/BN regime’s almost 60-year war against the Malaysian people.

So much so that it feels almost sacrilegious to be discussing such a bunch of lying, criminal scum in the same column as the true legends of Anzac Cove and all the countless other battle-fields in the sometimes honourable but always woeful history of warfare.

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Pota? Ptui!

It’s not just pitiful but outright spitiful the way Malaysians are being taken for yet another ride with this so-called Prevention of Terrorism Act.

The Umno/BN regime has propped-up its criminal misrule of Malaysia for decades with state-sponsored terror, historically by means of the Internal Security Act, the Sedition Act and of course systematic suspicious killings of ‘suspects’ by its police and the so-called anti-corruption commission.

And now this gang of crooks has replaced the ISA with the equally pernicious and unconstitutional Pota on the pretence of protecting Malaysians against ‘threats’ by Islamic State.

But some of us haven’t forgotten that as recently as last year Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak called on Umno members to “emulate the bravery of ISIL if the party is to survive.”

And this was on top of his notorious declaration to the 2010 Umno General Assembly that “even if our bodies are crushed and our lives lost, brothers and sisters, whatever happens we must defend Putrajaya.”

Yet this spitiful apology for a prime minister was just this week not only presiding over the passing of Pota and a more severe Sedition Act, but also spouting such hyper-hypocritical nonsense as “Malaysian graduates must be taught good moral values so they do not become villains who will destroy the nation.”

“If they are clever but don’t possess morals,” Malaysiakini quoted him as continuing, they can use their intelligence to destroy this country.”

“The most extreme example is someone highly educated using their knowledge to build bombs,” he raved on, clearly overlooking in his love of the sound of his own lies that the word “bombs” would remind most of us of his own reign of error and terror.

For example, the C4 bombing of Altantuya Shaariibuu and her unborn baby by her two murderers, members of Najib’s own bodyguard; the “debt bomb” to which Malaysia is exposed by Najib’s financial baby 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB); and the fact that he has cost the nation an absolute bomb in special VIP aircraft and jet-set living, not to mention billions more in BR1M handouts and other electoral bribes.
Precisely the same explosive issues, in fact, that former Malaysian terrorist-in-chief Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has been employing in his latest attempt to blow Najib out of office.

But Najib apparently believes he can survive Mahathir’s blasts, having broken his initial days-long deathly hush to declare that the “silent majority” will continue to support the country’s leadership “despite some extremists’ attempt to split the unity among Malaysians.”

“Only some quarters like the extremists tried to sensationalise small issues and divide us apart,” he added, though where he thinks he gets off describing such crimes as murder and the blatant misuse and bare-faced theft of billions of ringgit in public money as “small issues” I can’t imagine.

Nor can I imagine that his even more recent appearance in an allegedly “live” but clearly pre-recorded television “interview” has done much to convince his precious “silent majority” that he should survive as prime minister.

In a carefully if far from cleverly-scripted question-and-answer session on one of his tame TV channels, Najib was at pains to avoid any mention of most of Mahathir’s criticisms, but did take the opportunity to repeat his claim that he is entirely innocent of any involvement in the murder of Altantuya, as evidenced by the fact that he long ago swore on the Quran that he had never met the woman.

This oath may well have been absolutely true, of course, but if so cynical Najib-watchers like myself could be forgiven for observing that this would be the only case of his not lying through his teeth that has ever been publicly recorded.

In fact Najib has shown himself to be such a habitual, indeed pathological liar that his credibility among all but total morons and those who rely on him for a steady supply of corrupt money is pretty close to absolute zero.

Especially in light of the GST he has instituted to rob the rakyat even more blind than ever for the purpose of replenishing Malaysia’s pathetically waste- and theft-depleted public wealth so he and his accomplices will have ample funds for more robbery and bribery in the future.

As anybody with a grain of good sense could have foretold, the GST is not only an absolute shambles organizationally, but is being shamelessly misused by every opportunist from the smallest stall-holders and shopkeepers to the largest telecommunications companies to royally rip their customers off.

Which is great by me, as lots of the dummies who are customarily content to betray their principles by keeping quiet and thus composing Najib’s allegedly supportive silent majority might be moved to cry out against direct impacts on their pockets.

But let’s not hold our breaths for any meaningful public outrage or uprising against Najib and his gang of crooks. And let’s not get our hopes up to high that the elected federal opposition parties will do much better.

The turnout by the Pakatan Rakyat parties for the admittedly very late vote on the Pota legislation was an absolute disgrace, as has been their refusal, at least so far, to name their members who were absent.

Many observers have hinted that most of the absentees might have been from PAS, and thus far more concerned with their accursed mission to implement hudud than with issues in the national interest.

If so, and in any case, it’s high time that PKR, the DAP and PSM performed a hudud-style punishment of their own, and amputated PAS from PR for once and for all.
Then those PAS members and supporters who have been helping the regime survive will be forced to choose between openly joining Umno/BN or throwing their support behind one of the saner, more sensible and above all less sectarian opposition parties.

Meanwhile, let’s hope that Mahathir is madder than ever to be rid of Najib for the purpose of moving the mediocre Mukhriz higher up the sordid Umno organisation, and that more formerly silent Malaysians than ever are spitting chips about the GST, the VIP jets, the 1MDB scam, the Altantuya, Teoh Beng Hock and countless other killings, if not about people-terrorising legislation like the new Sedition Act and Pota.

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Najib’s insanity defence.

When the happy day finally and inevitably comes that the Umno/BN regime is overthrown and its members, cronies and supporters in its ‘justice’ system, uncivil services, fake NGOs and mendacious media go on trial for their multifarious crimes against Malaysia, it’s not hard to guess what most of them will plead: the defence made famous at the Nuremburg trials of Nazi war criminals that “we were only following orders”.

Of course the man who’s currently apparently issuing the aforesaid orders, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, could always similarly claim that he’s been playing second fiddle to and thus merely following orders from First Lady of Malaysia, Rosmah Mansor.

Though in view of the current evidence I’m more inclined to think he’s preparing to plead insanity. And by insanity I’m not just instancing the combination of narcissistic personality disorder, megalomania, mythomania and kleptomania from which he and his accomplices chronically suffer, but outright babbling lunacy.
Thus if there’s a decent lawyer remaining who’s prepared to defend him when he finally faces an honest judge in a legitimate court, instead of a spell behind bars with his accomplices in the Umno/BN wing of Sungei Buloh, Najib might get to spend his retirement in the relative comfort of Tanjong Rambutan or some other hospital bahagia.

Because, let’s face it, he appears to have genuinely gone barking mad. Witness, for example, his latest looney-tunes attempts to loot Malaysia, first with the phoney ‘sovereign wealth fund’ 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), and now a GST forcing ordinary people to foot the bill for all the billions stolen and squandered by Umno/BN.

And if all that wasn’t enough proof that he’s living in some wacky world of his own, there’s the fact as well as the timing of his splurging on the fabulously luxurious and outrageously expensive replacement of the VIP Airbus in which he and Rosmah having been flying high for years in the face of popular fury and scorn.

Then there’s his ordering of the ongoing rabid-dog response to critics and opponents of these scams by his madcap official enforcers, Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar and Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

Both of whom Najib is crazy for not having fired long ago; Khalid for his virtually psychotic delusion that he’s entitled to interpret the laws as selectively against critics of the regime as he likes, or else to simply make up his own laws as he goes along; and Zahid for letter he notoriously wrote to the US authorities in support of alleged illegal gambling kingpin and, as many of us strongly suspect, Umno/BN money-launderer Paul Phua.

Of course all this current evidence of criminal insanity is hardly surprising, as Najib’s grip on reality has long been highly suspect in light of his penchant for spouting a pack of lies that nobody in his her right mind could possibly believe. Ever since he came to power he’s been babbling away with such patent nonsense as “1Malaysia. People first. Performance now”, “making Malaysia the world’s best democracy”, “zero tolerance for corruption”, the pre-GE13 “Election Integrity Pledge”, and promises to repeal the Sedition Act that he’s now psychopathically employing against his critics and opponents.

But not, I hasten to add, against all his critics and opponents, of whom former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is the most prominent and even, at times, outspoken. And here we reach the very crux of Najib’s case for his eventually pleading insanity, as he’s crazy if he doesn’t silence Mahathir by slapping with a sedition charge, and equally crazy if he does.

Najib must also be dimly aware, at least somewhere his disordered mind, that in Mahathir he’s dealing with an adversary that’s not only even crazier than himself in all the customary Umno/BN senses of monomania, megalomania, mythomania and kleptomania, but also crazier in the deliberate and self-serving sense of “like a fox”.

A fox that Najib would be suicidally insane to try to hunt down and politically assassinate with some trumped-up charge and travesty of trial as both he and Mahathir have done to Anwar Ibrahim, or to outright slaughter as members of Najib’s bodyguard have been convicted of doing in the case of the Mongolian ‘model’ involved in the Scorpene submarines scandal back when Najib was defence minister, Altantuya Shaariibuu.

Mahathir’s recent blog calling for an investigation into allegations by Sirul Azhar Umar, one of the former police commandos convicted of Altantuya’s killing and was unaccountably allowed to flee to Australia, that he and his partner in the crime were “only following orders” is the old fox’s most vicious attack yet on Najib.

Not that I or anyone else imagines that this effort to imply that Najib or some close associate was what he called the “hidden hand” behind the murder of the Mongolian and her unborn child is in anything like the public interest on Mahathir’s part, or a sign of some belated, not to say death-bed conversion to the concepts of truth and justice.

Mahathir has never shown the slightest remorse for his perversion of Malaysia’s formerly proud justice system or his muzzling of the news media to enable him to escape punishment in the court of informed public opinion for his regime’s systematic corruption and other crimes.

In fact, in the only instance I can remember of his agreeing to appear to give evidence at one of the so-called Royal Commissions of Inquiry regularly staged by Umno/BN to whitewash its nefarious activities, he claimed almost complete loss of memory.

Despite acceptance of this bout of amnesia by the RCI into irregularities in judicial appointments, however, nobody, even or perhaps especially Najib, imagines that Mahathir has less than total recall of every guilty secret of every Umno/BN administration in living memory.

Thus when he calls for Najib’s resignation on account of the 1MDB scandal, as he did several weeks ago, and now ups the ante as with his current declaration that Umno/BN is doomed in the next general election unless Najib steps down, and further twists the knife by resurrecting the Altantuya affair, the entire regime goes gaga with fear.

At the fact that he not only has the goods – or rather bads – on every single one of them, but that he’s so desperate to get his son Mukhriz into line for the eventual premiership, and at his advanced age so virtually immune from retribution, that they’d be bonkers to call his bluff.

Not that many have attempted this yet. Admittedly a few small-fry have attempted pathetically weak rebuttals of his remarks, as in Sabah speaker Salleh Said Keruak’s lame claims that Najib’s lavish new jet is for “security” reasons and that 1MDB is only five years old, and Pulai MP Nur Jazlan Mohamed’s delusional driveling that he “has not seen anything to prove 1MDB’s difficulties in paying its debts or Najib and his wife Rosmah Mansor’s alleged lavish lifestyle is costing the PM support.”

But, as customary at such crunch times, there has been nothing but dead silence from Najib, save for a couple of characteristically nitwitted remarks like “the GST is haram” and that at times he finds hawker food tastier than far costlier dishes at five-star hotels. More evidence, in other words, for the proposition that in case he finally goes on trial for crimes against Malaysia, he’s planning to plead inanity if not outright insanity.

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