No rest for putra pests.

It’s becoming increasingly and excitingly evident these days that perennial campaign by the members, cronies and supporters of the criminal BN regime to pose as the “defenders” of Islam, the Malay people, the Malaysian constitution and even Malaysia itself is, as always, nothing but a cynical sham.

Or, in other words, a preposterous scam by a coterie of poisonous self-styled putras to cling to power for the sole purpose of feathering their nests at the expense of the rest.

And especially at the expense of Malaysia’s brightest and best, as currently following the tragic death of legal tiger, political titan and towering and tireless opponent of all that’s rotten about the BN regime, Karpal Singh.

Having chosen to ignore rather than attack other recent major losses from the ranks of great Malaysians ranged against their reign of robbery, jobbery, repression and incompetence, indomitable activist Irene Fernandez and indefatigable blogger Bernard Khoo aka Zorro Unmasked, they really went to town in the case of the Tiger of Jelutong.

BN’s MP for Langkawi, Nawawi Ahmad, Facebooked a posting that included a collage of pictures of Karpal’s remains following his fatal road accident and a news clipping from a 1990 issue of Utusan Malaysia quoting Karpal’s assertion that Malaysia would become an Islamic state “only over (his) dead body”, plus a message reading “would anyone like to take on Karpal Singh’s challenge? Please give your names. Hehe.”

And if that wasn’t ugly enough, in a later posting, Nawawi, who is also the chairperson of Keretapi Tanah Melayu Bhd (KTMB) used Karpal’s death plus the disappearance of MH370 as an opportunity to advertise rail travel with the message “you can die while riding a car, face accidents on motorcycles, go missing on a plane, so it is better to ride a train. Campaign with KTMB.”

Meanwhile, former MP, former vice-president of racial-supremacist ‘NGO’ Perkasa, and currently syariah lawyer Zulkifli Noordin had tweeted that “at a time when the PAS Kelantan government wants to implement hudud with the help of Umno, Allah made Karpal die because he was its foremost opponent.”

“May the struggle to implement hudud in Kelantan succeed,” his tweet continued, “Thank God for the unity between PAS and Umno, and with Karpal no longer around, I believe the path is becoming clearer.”

These two idiots and others of a similar ilk changed their tunes when civilized netizens reacted with outrage, and even some of their BN colleagues pretended to protest, against their cretinously callous remarks.

But the damage was well and truly done in that it once again raised the spectre of BN’s religio-racist project of achieving permanent dominance over the Malaysian people.

Or, more specifically, the outrageous hypocrisy of the regime in posing as the “defender” of Islam and the Malay race when in fact this robber-regime is, as I never tire of repeating, an absolute disgrace to both.

A disgrace further highlighted by the fact that the very body that should by rights exemplify Malaysia’s finest possible expression of the Islamic faith, the National Fatwah Council, used Karpal Singh’s death to once again demonstrate its corrupt collusion with the BN in its campaign to use race and creed to justify divisiveness in the service of regime greed.

The Council seized on what it clearly saw as a heaven-sent opportunity to air its pro-regime bigotry in warning Muslim mourners for Karpal against using the phrase “rest in Peace” (RIP) to or about non-Muslims because it has “Christian connotations”.

“RIP is an assumption that the non-Muslim person would receive God’s blessings,” it continued, but “from an Islamic point of view, a person who has died in blasphemy will not receive God’s forgiveness and blessings.”

A sentiment that inspires me, admittedly and indeed proudly atheist as I am, to wonder how a Fatwah Council can contrive to acquit itself of what seems to me the ultimate blasphemy: mere tolerance, let alone active support, of such a lying, thieving, iniquitous, hypocritical and in every other sense un-Islamic and indeed altogether God-forsaken regime as Malaysia’s BN.

A question that further causes me to wonder, as ever, how such highly suspect ‘religious’ authorities imagine that their antics on behalf of their BN paymasters can avoid alienating even more of Malaysia’s millions of good, honest, sincere and upstanding Muslims.

Literally everything BN says and does is such a self-serving fraud as to insult the intelligence of any even half-sentient human being, let alone offend his or her religious principles.

Even the very words of whatever languages we use to try and communicate with each other are twisted, perverted and prostituted in the process of being pressed into service by BN and its apologists.

The word “peace”, for example, comes to actually mean the absolute opposite, as in former Prime Minister Mahathir’s so-called Perdana Peace Foundation, which is nothing but a pretext for waging war on Mahathir’s pet hates, which include Jews everywhere but especially in Israel, and of course ‘the West’ in general except the powerful to whom he secretly sucks-up.

And of course, in the mouth and on the lips of current minority Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, literally countless formerly perfectly respectable and trustworthy words and phrases like “democracy”, “truth”, “transparency”, “zero tolerance for corruption”, “people first”, “performance now”, “promises”, “transformation”, “inclusiveness” and “election integrity” have been similarly perverted and poisoned.

Which brings us to the poetic coincidence of Lim Kit Siang’s reporting of Karpal Singh’s last words in parliament as “don’t play with the constitution” with Najib’s patently and blatantly lying assurance that his government “would continue to defend the constitution and fight for social justice for all.”

But at least Karpal, along with his two fellow recently-fallen Malaysian heroes, Bernard and Irene, is now, whatever the National Fatwah Council may have to say on the subject, reaping his richly-deserved reward and resting in peace.

And now it is up to the rest of us to be inspired by all those who have lived and died in the cause of liberty from the thieving, lying, secretive, repressive and incompetent BN regime, its corrupt and homicidal police, compliant judiciary and ‘religious’ authorities and mouthpiece ‘mainstream’ media to persevere in their splendid spirit.

With the aim of never for even a moment, either here on earth of with our heroes and heroines in the hereafter, letting these pests rest in peace, but rather to eventually seeing them rot in prison.


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In the name of God, go!

As you may or may not recall, in my column last week I made the blindingly obvious point that Malaysia’s perennially crooked, incompetent and thus altogether pathetic apology for a government should get real or get out.

But I also realistically conceded that the Barisan Nasional gangster-regime will never so much as consider getting real, let alone getting out, as long as there is anything left for it and its cronies to steal.

A dismal truth that has been even more pressingly and depressingly evident in the week since, due to fresh revelations of BN’s stealing on regardless, as in robbing the rakyat blind as ever, and no sign whatever that it has any intention of stealing away as in getting lost.

The clearest signal this week of BN’s steely and stealy determination to stay despite the incalculable amount it has cost Malaysia and Malaysians economically, electorally, socially, educationally and every other way domestically, and the shame it has brought on the nation internationally, was the refusal of Malaysian Airlines CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, to contemplate resigning.

Far from taking any responsibility for the mysterious disappearance of MAS Flight MH370, however, let alone for the airline’s shocking financial losses and its record of corrupt dealings with crony suppliers under his stewardship, he brazenly ignored the question of his resignation and declared that “we have a lot of work to do. The airline needs to get itself together” so it can once again “soar”.

Whether MAS can ever soar above its sore and sorry mismanagement by BN and the would-be high fliers it has variously sold it to or hired to run it after its corrupt “repurchase” at an inflated price and at public expense remains a moot question at this moment.

But meanwhile, note the typically BN-style weasel words in this statement, implying that it’s “the airline”, not himself or the regime that installed him in his job as head or at least figurehead of the airline, that “needs to get itself together”, and thus neither his responsibility personally or that of the regime collectively.

But at least Yahya was relatively subtle in dodging blame for the airline’s woes on his own or BN’s part, compared with Utusan Malaysia, the rabid, racist alleged ‘newspaper’ that serves as the most strident voice of Umno, the majority party in the BN coalition.

Some Umno poison-penman whose name I can’t be bothered looking up last week recycled the tired old Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad conspiracy theory that the CIA carried-out the 9-ll attacks on the World Trade Centre to provide a pretext for the US to go to war against Muslim countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, and put forward the proposition that the CIA has likewise engineered the disappearance of MH370 for the purpose of sabotaging the relationship between Malaysia and China.

As former US Ambassador to Malaysia, John Mallot, recalled in his response to this latest crime against journalism by Utusan Malaysia, this rabid rag is not only owned by Umno, but the President of Umno and Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib Abdul Razak, recently praised it to the skies, urged government-linked corporations to advertise in it, and even named a street after the thing.

So, in view of the image of caring and compassion that Najib and his regime have been desperately trying to convey despite their incompetent handling of the MH370 disappearance and their blood-sucking attempts to make capital of it by proposing the squandering and stealing of yet more public money on still more price-inflated, “commission”-generating defence purchases, Mr Malott was more than justified in posing the question “so what say you, Najib?”

“You will soon be welcoming President Barack Obama to Malaysia. Are you going to let this absurd statement in ‘your’ newspaper stand? Or will you speak out – and denounce this nonsense – before Obama comes?”

Of course as John Malott and all the rest of us are well aware, Najib will not admit, let alone denounce, any fault whatever in the way he and his fellow 1RM chickens in the kangkung BN regime choose to run, or rather ruin, Malaysia.

In any event, Najib has already moved on from the MH370 affair, leaving countries with operative air and sea assets and competent defence personnel to conduct the search while he and the BN gang get back to business as usual.

And business has certainly been brisk this past week, with so-called ‘editor’ of Umno’s unsanitary Utusan Malaysia, Zulkiflee Bakar, attacking Malaysiakini for what he oddly calls “stone-age journalism”, presumably in a bid to aid Najib in his determination to ignore the latter’s revelations that the regime’s career of crime is raging unabated.

Items of BN ‘business’ this week have included the awarding of a RM1.6 billion contract for the building and maintenance of a hospital by “direct tender”, which is apparently the latest euphemism for crony-riddled rip-off, and of a similarly uncontested RM98.85 defence contract to the Destini Prima subsidiary of Destini Berhad, a company plausibly suspected of strong ties to Umno Youth chief and Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin.

And these daylight robberies come on top of the annual farce of a damning report by the Malaysian Auditor-General into shocking levels of waste, embezzlement, fraud and theft by the BN regime’s tame civil services, and the news that just one (of course unnamed) such culprit has been sacked since the previous year’s equally scathing report.

Far from appearing to notice, let alone take the slightest responsibility for this disgraceful state of affairs, however, Najib was out demonstrating that he is lying as usual in claiming to be “Prime Minister for all Malaysians” by urging employers in the nation’s private sector to hire more Malays in the interests of “inclusiveness”.

Or perhaps, as some commentators have taken him to be suggesting, he means that private business should hire pretty well exclusively Malays, like the police, military and most other departments of the BN regime deliberately and systematically do.

But whatever he had in mind, or at least was reading off the piece of paper someone had put in front of him on this occasion, Najib has repeatedly and definitively demonstrated over the past five years or so that he is a fitting Prime Minister not for all or some but of no Malaysians, and thus, along with the rest of his rotten, ridiculous regime, should get the hell out of office.

But he, or they, won’t go voluntarily, of course. So it’s up to the Malaysian people to progress from just criticizing and complaining about these incompetent crooks to pressuring them in every way possible to go get lost.

Or, to employ the immortal words of Oliver Cromwell in his 20 April 1653 speech contemptuously dismissing Britain’s then so-called Rump Parliament in effectively sending BN the message to “depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!”

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“Get real or get out.”

If current events are a message for Malaysia’s BN regime from fate, karma, God, Allah or whatever else anyone chooses to call the alleged almighty, “get real or get out” seems to me to pretty accurately express the gist of it.

In this, ironically “Visit Malaysia” year, it seems that all the righteous spirits of the universe have accepted the invitation with a vengeance, and have arrived not so much to revel in the country’s Truly Asian delights, but to restore its former and future beauty by ridding it of its disgusting government.

But so far, despite the gutting it’s getting, this gang of BN goons and buffoons is still hanging around like grim death or the proverbial ghost at the party, and showing not a glimmer of intention to get real, or even a single sign of knowing or caring what ‘real’ might possibly signify.

So let’s reel-off a list of realities that the members, cronies, hangers-on and sycophantic puppets and supporters of the BN regime need to get through their thick, sick heads and get going on as urgently as all get-out, or else.

Now that I’ve gone and committed myself to compiling a “get real” list, however, I find my mind boggling at the task of creating such a gigantic catalogue, let alone fitting it into a single 1000-word column in some kind of logical sequence.

Best to give it a whirl, I guess, and see how far I get. Starting with the most fantastic fiasco the BN regime has disgraced itself with lately, its response to the loss of MAS Flight MH370.

If ever there was a reason for this bunch of crooks and con-artists to play it straight for once, and get real if only for the sake of the loved-ones of the passengers and crew, this was it.

But instead they’ve totally blown it, scrambling to cover up their cluelessness, confusion and incompetence. Ceaselessly repeating their spin that all can be forgiven because the plane’s disappearance is “unprecedented” when all that is actually unprecedented has been BN’s own attempts to obfuscate and prevaricate in the face of questions surrounding Malaysian radar, passengers who were no-show or not, how many were travelling on stolen passports, what was or was not in the plane’s cargo hold, and indeed anything else the world and its media have been literally dying to try and determine.

Not to mention making Malaysia a laughing-stock with the KLIA bomoh show, local media coverage with the usual ludicrously pro-BN bias, and prime-ministerial “press conferences” so question-free as to be nothing but displays of Najib’s apparent ability to read aloud.

But the lowest point of this fiasco so far has been Hishammuddin Hussein’s attempt to use the tragic loss to try and justify sucking more cash out of Malaysia’s coffers, as sorely depleted as they already are by rampant regime robbery, for a new, upgraded radar system, no doubt without tender, as ever, and with the customary colossal mark-ups for ‘commissions’ for BN big-wigs.

And as if all this hadn’t been sufficiently sickening, there on tonight’s ABC News was the nauseating sight of Najib on the trip he has made to Perth with his entourage to try and simulate real, statesmanlike concern and actual, active interest and involvement in the search for MH370.

But I don’t know who he thought he was kidding. Everyone on Planet Earth knows by now that he’s spent most of the past few weeks hiding out, presumably on his kangkung plantation, or shopping for cheap chickens, and that his government has preferred to pretend to ‘co-ordinate’ the search for MH370 in preference to participating in it to any more than a pathetically token extent.

In short, in the handling of the MH370 mystery, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and the rest of his BN rabble have had what could have been their most golden opportunity ever to rise to a tragic occasion with real caring, real compassion, and real competence in the eyes of Malaysians and the rest of humankind, and have catastrophically screwed it up.

In the process revealing Malaysia’s crying need for real, free and fearless news media, in place of a Printing, Presses and Publications Act that turns so-called ‘reporters’ and ‘journalists’ into pack of cowed, corrupt, compromised, regime-propagandising hacks, and hands some hoon of a home minister totally illegitimate powers of veto over newspapers’ constitutional right and duty to keep the people informed and public officials under surveillance.

But of course Malaysia’s desperate need for real media will never become reality until the country achieves real, truly representative, genuinely democratic government and good, honest and transparent governance instead of the reign of secrecy, sleaze, deceit, corruption, cronyism, nepotism, double-dealing, repression, racism, religionism, greed, injustice and hypocrisy that the grubby BN regime has been getting away with for decades.

Which brings us to the closely-related real need for real law-and-order; police who really see themselves as protectors of the people, not predators on the populace as so many members of the corruption-riddled ‘Royal’ Malaysian Police apparently are, and as free as they evidently consider themselves to torture and kill ‘suspects’ in shootouts and custody, just as long as they are primarily protecting the interests of their political paymasters.

And of course along with real police to really fight crime instead of committing and colluding in it as is currently the case, Malaysia needs a real judiciary that’s really independent of political influence, and real judges of real integrity, not regime-compliant clowns in wigs and gowns as so many clearly are today, so people can count on real, equal justice under real, equal law.

Oops! I see I’ve already used-up my allocation of words for this column, so rather than trying to complete my entire list of “get real” items, all I have room for is brief mention one or two more, like real multiculturalism instead of divide-and-rule racial and religious apartheid, and a real education system instead of the one that’s currently dumbed down by a syllabus riddled with indoctrination, and dominated by BN stooges.

But in any event, there’s little point in wasting my time and yours with this wish-list, as we all know BN will never, ever get real as long as there’s stuff left to steal.

So the only real option for Malaysia is for the people themselves to get real, and finally vote or otherwise non-violently eject these BN blood-suckers from government, and ensure they stay out for good.

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BN tail-spin and tale-spin.

Let me first make it very clear than any criticisms I have about the (mis)handling of the disappearance and probable crash of MAS flight MH370 is directed, not at Malaysia itself or the majority of the Malaysian people, but specifically at Malaysia’s ever-incompetent, corrupt, criminal and above all deceitful Barisan Nasional regime.

That this distinction has to be made is a damning criticism in itself, of course, in that it highlights the fact that BN is arguably an illegitimate government, as it was only by means of its massive gerrymandering of electoral boundaries that it clung onto a majority of seats in the May 2013 general election with only 47 per cent of the national vote.

And then there’s the even more damning fact that even BN’s 47 per cent minority vote was achieved by every dirty trick in the book, from blatant, barefaced bribery to its illicit co-option of support from the mainstream media, police, judiciary, civil services and the very organization whose sworn purpose is supposedly to ensure clean and fair elections, the electoral commission (EC).

So, I repeat, it is not the nation of Malaysia or the 53 percent of Malaysians who voted to rid their beloved nation of the curse of BN last year that I or anyone else could possibly blame for the atrocious mishandling of the tragic mystery of MH370, but the regime and those inane, insane or self-interested enough to support it.

Since the very instant at which the KLIA control tower lost contact with the ill-fated MH370, BN’s self-styled high fliers in government and its crony-riddled national airline management, department of civil aviation and defence department have been caught in a total tail-spin of confusion, ineptitude and indecision.

And ever since it wasted those initial precious hours by flying into a tizzy and a tail-spin, it has been adding insult to its incompetence by spinning increasingly tall tales.

Deceit has been the order of the day, every day. Starting with the long delay before BN authorities admitted, then denied, then admitted again that Malaysia’s defense radar had tracked an “unidentified” aircraft over the Malacca Straits while searchers were wasting crucial time and costly resources in the seas south of Vietnam.

And then came the lame “excuses” for the tragically evident failure of the Malaysian air defenses to investigate or make any attempt to intercept what could well have been a hostile aircraft, or, as notoriously in the Twin Towers atrocity, a civilian airliner taken over by terrorists.

I’m not about to list every single instance of dissembling, disingenuousness or outright deception by the panel of BN spokespersons in the course of the search so far, as the international media, if not their mainstream Malaysian counterparts, have well and truly documented most of them in all their sordid and damning detail.

But I will add one that many observers appear to have overlooked, which is that chief spinner for the BN regime during the entire search for MH370 so far, Hishamuddin Hussein, was introduced at the very first and has been officially described ever since as “acting Minister for Transport”.

Thus at a stroke BN has been implying that as only the “acting” minister he could not be held responsible for any disarray in Malaysia’s air transport system, and denying or at least deliberately diverting attention from the fact that he is, in fact, the Minister for Defence and thus entirely and ultimately responsible for the Malaysia’s failures in the radar and fighter-interception departments.

But far from accepting even the remotest degree of responsibility for the whole SNAFU, Hishamuddin is now being portrayed, and is at pains to portray himself, as the hero of the hour, and the criminal and racist regime he represents as some kind of paragon of global citizenship.

With almost breathtaking arrogance, he recently started spinning the false message that “Malaysia has done exceptionally well in coordinating the search-and-rescue operation for Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370.”

“Not all countries can get 26 other countries to come and help,” he bragged, then added, unbelievably to anybody unfamiliar with the BN regime’s reliance on racial and religious divide-and-rule tactics in its domination of Malaysia, that “there was no concern over issues like skin colour and religion.”

Having thus provided the world with a glimpse into his own and his BN accomplices’ pathologically racist and sectarian psyches, he smugly gave himself and the rest of the regime a big pat on the back in concluding that “it is a great achievement…history will judge us well.”

Earlier in the day, in the Malaysian Parliament, he had praised Malaysia’s “unity” in the crisis. This was a blatant lie in light of the fact that he several days ago briefed only BN members of Parliament on the search for MH370, and tried to excuse the exclusion of opposition MPs by claiming that they “didn’t ask” to be included.

But he didn’t confine himself to falsely claiming to have fostered unity in Malaysia, but then went on to claim that he and the BN regime were “setting an example about unity” for a disunited world.

“The world is not united. But we are setting an example, we are setting a precedent,” he declared, having already, several days earlier, observed that the co-operation extended by other countries in the search for flight MH370 was proof of the “global respect” for Malaysia’s leadership.

Such sordid, sleazy, self-aggrandising attempts to spin BN’s woeful mishandling of the MH370 tragedy and the selfless, humanitarian efforts on the part of other countries to supply the expertise, resources and compassion that the Malaysian regime all-too-evidently so dismally lacks, are an absolute disgrace.

And thus far more likely to unite the world in its contempt for BN’s already internationally-notorious criminal incompetence and deceptiveness than for anything even remotely praiseworthy.

There’s no doubt that tail-spinning and tale-spinning has served this rotten regime all too well with those dwindling numbers of Malaysians content to be robbed, repressed and disenfranchised and lied to as long as there’s a prospect of cheap kangkung or 1RM chickens.

But the families and friends of the passengers and crew of MH370 won’t be so easily fooled, and nor will the majority of honest, upstanding Malaysians or their fellows in the global community.









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Hijacking humanity.

As I write this on the evening of Thursday 20 March, the latest Malaysian government press conference is being shown live on the round-the-clock TV news channel ABC24.

And aside from the fact reported earlier elsewhere that debris that may be from an aircraft has been sighted by a satellite, and aircraft from the US, New Zealand and Australia are proceeding to the area to examine it, Hishammudin Hussein and several attending lackeys appear as much in the dark as ever.

Not just figuratively, but literally in the dark, as the lighting of all the MH370 press conferences I’ve seen has been so dim and murky as to seem almost deliberately symbolise the shadiness of the ruling Malaysian Barisan Nasional regime.

A shadiness that is so deep-seated and all-pervasive that it shows through every pretence to simulate even a semblance of human sympathy for the families and friends of passengers and crew aboard the missing aircraft.

In response to a question in the press conference I’ve just been watching, Hishammudin showed not a shred of regret, let alone remorse, for the rough treatment handed out to anguished relatives of Chinese passengers whose frustration at the lack of coherent information about the fate of their loved-ones drove them to try and crash yesterday’s media event.

And he seems oddly unaware of the fact that, far from swallowing his continual assurances that the regime he so dimly represents is doing everything in its power to deal with what he repeatedly and falsely refers to as an “unprecedented” event, that the eyes of the world are on BN’s Malaysia, and they’re not finding it a pretty sight.

Or to put this another way, after decades of lurking below the global radar by dint of its capacity for official secrecy, systematic sneakiness and sundry other evasive techniques designed to render them virtually invisible in the international community, the self-styled high flyers of BN have been revealed as a gang of hijackers.

Not of MH370, at least as far as we’re aware, as we wait with bated breath for definite news, but of every other possible rightful property of Malaysia and its people.

This corrupt and outright criminal government has hijacked literally countless billions of ringgit from Malaysia and Malaysians in land, timber and oil revenues; food, water, power, highway, telecommunications and other monopolies and concessions; ‘commissions’ and kickbacks on public works and government purchasing; and handouts to its members and cronies in the form of ‘bailouts’ and non-recoverable ‘loans’.

But far more costly to the nation and its people than mere cash have been the priceless rights and protections that the BN regime has systematically hijacked: the police and other forces that are supposed to be combating crime and corruption; the formerly fiercely and properly independent and now regime-compliant judiciary; constitutional civil and social rights and liberties; racial and religious freedom and equality; and that last line of defence for the people against such outrages, free, independent, true reporting of the news.

In fact Malaysia’s BN regime has done its damndest over many decades to hijack every aspect of the Malaysian people’s very humanity, including enough lives lost through suspicious deaths in police and other official custody to fill a couple of good-sized airliners.

It’s not on its own in its hijacking of humanity, of course. The rulers of perhaps the majority of populations in the world do precisely the same. The Malaysian regime’s insensitive if not outright inhumane treatment of the protesting relatives of missing Chinese MH370 passengers yesterday pales almost to insignificance beside the Chinese government’s suppression of comment and hasty burial of carriages, allegedly still containing the corpses of dead passengers, in an attempt to downplay the July 2011 rail crash on a high-speed line near Wenzhou.

The Chinese government has also yet to officially acknowledge or even permit public mention of its 1989 massacre of hundreds if not thousands of its own citizens in Tienanmen Square.

And of course even as we speak, the Chinese so-called “people’s” regime, as piously and hypocritically as it calls on Malaysia for an efficient and sensitive response to the loss of its citizens aboard MH370, is simultaneously supporting the murderous al-Assad regime in the massacre of the Syrian people, and propping-up the inhumane if not utterly inhuman Kim dynasty in North Korea.

Then we have Putin’s Russia, which is apparently so preoccupied with bullying the people of the Ukraine that it has yet to find time to respond with information on its citizen listed as a passenger aboard MH370.

A lapse of common humanity that recalls the Soviets’ shooting down of Korean Air flight KAL007, a Boeing 747 with 269 passengers and crew aboard, when it apparently accidentally strayed into the airspace of the then USSR in August 1983.

According to a recent CNN retrospective on this atrocity, “Moscow cast a shroud of secrecy over the crash site off Sakahlin Island, never revealing where it had found the plane’s wreckage, flight data recorders, survivors or bodies,” so I guess it’s far from likely to get too upset about MH370.

A thought that reminds me that when the American missile-armed cruiser USS Vincennes “accidentally” shot down Iran Air Flight 655, an A300 Airbus with 290 people aboard, over the Straits of Hormuz in 1988, at least they owned-up to it and helped recover the wreckage and remains.

Which is more than any country from Malaysia onward that may well have radar-intercepted and secretly shot down MH370, or had something sinister hidden in the alleged cargo of nothing but “a few tons of mangosteens”, or had passengers aboard with evil intent, has done so far.

So, at least at this moment of writing, the disappearance of the flight remains a mystery whose plot is playing out for now in the remote southern Indian Ocean.

Though I hope that by the time you read this, the aircraft, along with its entire complement of passengers and crew, has been found safe and sound, having been hijacked, as an experienced Malaysian – though not MAS – pilot I know says he and his colleagues believes it has been to Myanmar.

What if any evidence this theory may be based on I have no earthly idea. But whether MH370 turns up intact in Myanmar or anywhere else, or whether in fact it has fallen prey to mishap, sabotage or other fate, deliberate or otherwise, I hope it is found by searchers from a country with some integrity and humanity.

Because I’d hate to see the relatives and friends of the passengers and crew cheated by the operatives of a government so inhumane as to be capable of erasing the black box or burying, hiding or hijacking any other of the evidence, as I believe many of the usual suspects are more than capable of doing. And thus, along with Malaysia’s corrupt and incompetent BN regime, they richly deserve to be shot down, figuratively if not literally, by their cheated and oppressed citizens.




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Malaysia’s headless chickens.

As I’ve pointed out many times before, the only thing that prevents Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak from pre-empting former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad as the most pathological liar on the planet is Najib’s penchant for making Freudian – or, if you prefer, fraudian – slips, thus unconsciously revealing what’s truly on his mind.

Perhaps the most compelling previous example of this fatal flaw was his claim some years ago that the US perceived Malaysia as a “model” nation, thus unintentionally exposing his underlying fear of compelling and still-persistent suspicions that he was peripherally if not personally involved in the murder and C4 dismemberment of Mongolian “model” altantuya Shaariibuu.

But the Freudian/fraudian fluff he made this this week made all his previous efforts look tame. Just two days into the search for the missing Flight MH370, with his BN birds of a feather flapping around like headless chickens in their response to its mysterious disappearance, he decided to have a flutter at damage control by staging a highly-publicised and much-photographed shopping expedition for, of all things, a headless chicken.

So there he was all over the mainstream media, gaily presiding at the launch of his patently propagandist “Fair Priced Shops” award and crowing that this was “a great government effort to help consumers make ‘informed decisions’,” and adding in his most poisonously patronizing fashion that “if we can do some comparison, we can still buy our necessities at very reasonable prices.”

Failing to foresee, apparently, that the spectacle of him smirking with characteristic self-satisfaction as proudly displayed a chicken he had allegedly bought for RM1 would be seen by most Malysians, not to mention the world at large, as a symbol of not only his government’s chaotic involvement in the search for MH370, its passengers and crew, but also of what’s wrong with him and his incurably foul BN regime.

The very concept of “chicken” itself, for a start, is a reminder to many of not most of us that BN is too cowardly to face the voters of Malaysian without the police, judiciary, civil services, ‘religious’ authorities, mainstream media and above all the electoral commission all ranged illegally and even criminally on its side.

In fact this craven regime is so accustomed to thus ruling the roost and treating the Malaysian people like a flock of dumb clucks content with being fed propaganda by the parrots of its tame mainstream media that it instantly turns chicken in the face of world media attention.

Crying “unfair” and “poor little Malaysia” when exposed to hard questions, let alone well-deserved criticism, as demonstrated most recently by Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Shahidan Kassim’s squawking that overseas journalists covering the disappearance of MH370 have been “bullying” BN spokespersons.

Then, to proceed from the core cowardly significance of Najib’s “chicken” to the starkly evident fact that it was headless, it would be hard to find a more powerful symbol of the frantic flap his whole flock of BN high-flyers have flown into as they issued a flurry of confusing, contradictory and even self-contradictory information, misinformation and possibly even disinformation about MH370, to the anguish of the families, friends and colleagues of the passengers and crew, and the scorn of the wider world.

In fact Najib’s chicken even drew scorn from the very kampong and kangkung audiences that Najib was most at pains to impress with his shopping exploits: those Malaysians who are either too poor or else self-absorbed that they care for nothing but the prospect and cost of filling their stomachs.

The fact that Najib was out shopping at all when he should have been leading – or more likely further misleading – the search for the missing aircraft was as vivid a reminder to penny-pinching parochials as to the rest of us that he and his spouse Rosmah Mansor are infamous for flying, indeed swanning it around the world on shopping sprees.

Flying on private aircraft at public expense to the tune of RM400,000 or so per international trip, and on Najib’s personal part purchasing such items as massively overpriced submarines, military aircraft and radar and other ancillary systems, none of which items have apparently proven of much or indeed any use in the location of MH370.

With the result that even the most gullible of the audience whose support he is constantly at such pains to purchase with chicken-feed savings and hand-outs seem to have perceived Najib’s scoring of a headless chicken for RM1 as not so much inspirational as insulting.

Especially in light of the fact that the allegedly cheap chicken that he was cheeping on about was also, as nobody who saw the press pictures could have avoided noticing, not only as headless as Malaysians have long known and now the rest of the world is similar aware that Najib’s government is, but was also comprehensively plucked.

And thus provided even further symbolism of the fact that the members and cronies of the plucking BN regime have been feathering their nests so lavishly and for so long at public expense that the prospect of calculating how many billions of RM1 chickens it would take to repay what they owe to the people would give even the most accomplished accountant goose-bumps.

In fact BN has stolen and squandered so many squillions of ringgit from the rakyat, and for these criminal purposes simultaneously robbed the people of precious and priceless rights like justice, freely informative media, social and religious rights and liberties and even proper education, that it risks killing the goose that laid the golden egg.

In domestic affairs, of course, the BN vultures can duck for cover behind a smokescreen of secrecy and deception, as they appear to have successfully done following the most recent previous occasion on which they disastrously resorted to their headless chicken routine, last year’s Lahad Datu ‘incursion’.

But in the case of MH370, there’s a crucial difference. The disappearance or crash of a commercial aircraft is a global event, and unavoidably subject to global scrutiny. So as much of a ruling rooster as the BN regime considers itself to be in its own fowl/foulyard and on its very own dunghill, and as heedlessly it tries to resort to its headless chicken routine, the truth will for once come out.

Not just for the sake of the thus far lost passengers, crew and their loved-ones, but also for the thousands of talented and dedicated Malaysian pilots, stewards, stewardesses and ground staff who have made MAS such a great and safe way to fly all these years despite having to deal with crony financial (mis)management, suppliers and contractors, but also for benefit of the Malaysian people at large.

As I write, the world still waits and wonders and wishes that the people aboard MH370 are still alive somewhere. But if not, all of us that they leave behind can take some small comfort in the fact that at least their disappearance has brought the BN regime’s chickens home to roost.

Or in other words, this tragic loss could prove to be what it takes to finally end almost 60 years of the tragic trashing of the rich and beautiful country of Malaysia by the headless, heedless chickens of the Umno/BN regime.



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Civilisation and evilisation.

My apologies for mentioning this in a second successive column, but the sheer idiocy of the statement last week by Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) vice-president Abdul Rahman Dali that “this region, which centres at the land of the Malays is called the Cradle of Civilisation” has been massively preying on my mind.

Not in the sense that I’m the slightest inclined to dignify Dali’s descent into drivelisation in support of his BN regime paymasters’ criminalization and outright evilisation of Malaysia by debating with such an idiot and his alleged ‘ideas’.

But rather in reminding myself that I must re-read, and recommend to anyone else who is interested, what to me is the seminal work on what everyone on earth except Abdul Rahman Dali and his fellow BNumbskulls consider the Cradle of Civilisation, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jared Diamond’s great book on the subject, Guns, Germs and Steel.

Diamond gives a both scholarly and stirring account of how and why the so-called Fertile Crescent or Middle East, since so sadly descended into today’s strife-torn Futile Crescent or Muddle East, spawned agriculture, cities and many other aspects of what we call civilization all those thousands of years ago.

And in the process he makes the all-important point that human nature, intelligence and inventiveness have been and remain much the same everywhere on Earth, and that what makes the difference between what we see as ‘progressive’ and ‘primitive’ societies is a matter of geography, geology, zoology, botany and good fortune, not racial ‘superiority’ or otherwise.

In other words, Guns, Germs and Steel makes nonsense of all the racial profiling, preferment, superiority and outright supremacy that Malaysia’s BN and similar political regimes around the world routinely employ to justify their programs of Goons, Germs and Steal.

Such rule by racism would be evil enough if conducted out of ignorance. But it’s all the more ignominious, and unforgivably so, in that it’s done with deliberate, informed and illegal intent.

Regimes like BN piously preach racial harmony, and sanctimoniously mouth slogans like “1Malaysia”, and even point to the fact they have laws that, at least on paper, apply to all citizens equally. So they clearly very well know what’s right and proper.

But in practice they employ their police and other forces of alleged law-and-order as goons to defend and enforce their divisive activities, even to the point of killing some unfortunates who dare defy them.

And they pay countless germs in the judiciary, mainstream media, civil services and fake ‘NGOs’ like Ismin and Perkasa, to variously do, defend or deflect attention from their inequitable and otherwise iniquitous dirty-work.

Such as, to mention only events of this week, the appalling appeal against the acquittal of Anwar Ibrahim on his second trumped-up sodomy charge, the elevation of the clearly massively corrupt billionaire Abdul Taib ‘The Termite’ Mahmud from Chief Minister to governor of Sarawak, and the release through “lack of evidence” of civil servants charged with corruption following last year’s customarily shocking Auditor-General’s report.

And all this goon and germ activity is for the express purpose of enabling BN members, families and friends to retain the power to steal everything they can get their grubby hands on, from the nation’s natural resources like timber and oil, to Malaysian citizens’ cold cash in ‘commissions’ and kickbacks on public works and rake-offs to crony suppliers of an endless list of foods, goods and services.

And they do most of it so blatantly that it’s almost literally unbelievable. As, for example, with the recent and thus far secret deal with the government of Selangor for the construction of the Langat 11 water-treatment plant, the prospect of which has had BN rent-seekers salivating for years, and the mysterious awarding of 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB)a massive tender for a new power station over apparently better-qualified bidders for the project.

Though admittedly the stealing is sometimes somewhat sneakier, like the recent rise in medical fees that happened if not secretly at least without fanfare, and under cover of the government’s campaign of highly-publicised ministerial visits to wet-markets in a hilariously hypocritical attempt to show sympathy for the people’s concern at rising prices.

And when the new schedule of doctors’ and other medical fees eventually reached the public consciousness and were greeted with surprise and alarm, as justified as they may have been, the health minister had the gall to claim that the fees had been “amended…in order to impose a maximum fee cap so as to protect the people” in blatant disregard of the apparent fact that the old schedule had a fee cap.

Yet the current head of this endless project to maintain Malaysia as BN’s own Cradle of Criminalisation, Prime Minister Najib Abdul “Kankung” Razak, keeps claiming that he feels the people’s pain.

But only to the strictly limited extent that, as he claimed this week, “the government is not blind to the fact that the rakyat are struggling to make ends meet in the face of rising prices.”

But in the next breath he denied the reality of the rakyat’s pain he claimed to be so empathically feeling with the claim that “things are getting better for Malaysian households….but they don’t feel it.”

What Najib fails to feel, or at least pretends to, is that the vast majority of civilized Malaysians of every race resent the rash of price-rises not because they are ignorant of market economics, but because they resent seeing even more of their hard-earned cash and their share of the nation’s wealth wasted on sustaining the BN regime’s criminal system of goons, germs and steal.

And into the bargain, as graphically demonstrated in last year’s stolen general election, the majority are sick to death of seeing Malaysia’s richly multicultural version of civilization trashed by BN’s drivelisation, criminalization and outright evilisation for the benefit of a gang of self-appointed putras and their cronies.


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