Tired and embarrassed?

I had to laugh the other day when I read that Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak had complained in a speech at the Selangor Umno convention that he feels “tired” and “embarrassed” whenever Barisan Nasional is referred to as the opposition in Selangor state.

Because however bad Najib might imagine he feels to have failed to regain Selangor despite a 13th general election that was as dirty, unfair and corrupt as he and his tame electoral commission could make it, he couldn’t be anywhere near as tired and embarrassed as most Malaysians are to be still saddled with him and his cronies as “leaders” or rather bleeders of their beloved country.

In fact, as Najib himself admitted in this stupid speech, more Malaysians than ever are “more educated as well as critical-minded, with some believing that they do not need to depend on the government to survive.”

Of course there are still plenty who do believe that they are dependent on the government for their survival. Many members of the hopelessly-corrupt so-called “Royal” Malaysian Police force, for example, most of whom apparently enjoy immunity from prosecution as long as they’re prepared to serve as protectors of the criminal regime.

Then there is that major proportion of the bloated civil services, including a great many of the 50,000 who have been put to “work’ in the prime minister’s own department, who are paid for the express purposes of keeping unemployment numbers down and providing BN with a “bank” of compliant voters.

Next come the managements and staffs of the so-called “government-linked” corporations and countless crony companies that depend on government monopolies, untendered contracts, bailouts and non-repayable loans for their survival.

And let’s not forget the hordes of otherwise-unemployables in the government-sponsored “religious” departments and religio-racist pressure groups like Isma, Perkasa and their ilk posing as non-government organisations (NGOs)

And last but by no means least, in fact possibly the most crucially tiring and embarrassing for Malaysians with some respect for honesty, integrity and transparency, there are those thousands of fake “journalists” and others who happily survive by betraying their families, friends and fellow citizens by managing and staffing the regime’s ruthlessly truthless and toothless “news” media.

The majority of Malaysians who, as Najib rightly fears, are becoming “more educated” and “critical minded” are not just tired of all this parasitism, but increasingly embarrassed and indeed enraged by the fact that they are paying for it.

Because all of the largesse that the BN regime showers on its members, cronies, supporters and dependents is not “government” money at all, but money that properly belongs to the Malaysian people at large.

And the sight of its being squandered by a bunch of self-serving BN thieves on enriching themselves and their cronies and buying sufficient support to keep themselves in positions of power and plunder is tiring and embarrassing in the extreme.

As is being not only betrayed at every turn, but constantly lied to by the traitors themselves, as in Najib’s blog post on the recent occasion of Deepavali.

“Malaysians will continue to enjoy harmony and prosperity if they remain united,” he claimed, thus flying in the face of the fact that his regime has recently been striving even more mightily than ever to foment racial and religious discord by inventing threats against Islam in order to pose as defender of the faith.

He wasn’t too tired or embarrassed to keep the lies coming, however, as he went on to proclaim the perennial BN-regime falsehood that the concept of “unity in diversity” that had been inculcated in Malaysians “could not be found anywhere else in the world, hence making Malaysia a very special country.”

He then went on to list all the “initiatives” at which he claimed that his regime is planning to throw more government or in other words public money, as if the Indian community is as obsessed as he is by nothing but money, money, money.

Which some of them, notably members and supporters of MIC, an Umno accomplice in the BN coalition or rather criminal conspiracy, may very well be.

But honest, upstanding, intelligent citizens of Indian descent are as tired of and embarrassed by being taken for nothing but money-mad morons as their fellow Malaysians of Malay, Chinese, Orang Asli and other ethnicities are.

And rendered even more tired and embarrassed by having to tolerate being lectured like so many school-children by a prime minister who is as profligate with his lies as he is with public money.

And not just ordinary, everyday lies, but perjuries as in his swearing a false oath of office to serve the welfare of all Malaysians equally, and to faithfully uphold the laws and constitution that he and his BN accomplices so routinely and systematically transgress.

As in the process of repeatedly bringing false and scurrilous prosecutions against Anwar Ibrahim, persecuting critics and opponents with unconstitutional laws like the Sedition, Printing, Presses and Publications and Universities and Colleges Acts, and colluding with the attorney-general’s department to have their own crimes forgiven.

Forgiven, but by no means forgotten, however, as so many of us will never tire of embarrassing these criminals by recalling.  The murder eight years ago of Altantuya Shaariibuu, the Mongolian translator implicated in the Scorpene submarines scandal while Najib was defence minister will, thanks to the tireless efforts of Antares, John Berthelsen ( http://www.asiasentinel.com/politics/altantuya-shaariibuu-haunt-malays ) and countless others, keep haunting the BN regime until the culprits and their accomplices in and accessories to the crime are finally tried, convicted and made to serve their sentences.

So too will the killing of innocent witness Teoh beng Hock and others in Malaysian anti-corruption commission (MACC) custody, and the hundreds of homicides by the police in fake “shoot-outs” and custodial “illnesses” and “accidents”.

In short, however tired and embarrassed Najib and his henchmen and women may come to feel as they gradually but inevitably lose their greedy, grasping grip on power, the rest of us will never get tired of fighting to rid Malaysia of this deeply embarrassing and utterly shameless regime.

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Sodomy, godomy and bodohmy.

Oh me, oh my. As you can plainly see from the title of this, my 384th piece on perfidy of the BN regime, I’m finding it increasingly tough to find or even fabricate appropriate words to decry and deride the activities of this cabal of despicable crooks.

Because just as they seem to have gone as low as it’s possible to go, they sink to depths that are even more difficult than ever to credit or describe. Stopping at absolutely nothing in their project to pervert every possible aspect of Malaysian life, from truth and justice to religion, reason and human intelligence itself, for the sole purpose of perpetuating their monopoly on power and plunder.

As is most painfully evident right this minute in the latest episode of their persecution of Anwar Ibrahim on endless, plainly trumped-up charges of sodomy. Never mind that you’d have to be totally sodumbnised to believe that the whole thing is a yet another criminal conspiracy by this incurably crooked regime.

All the tainted serological evidence and perjured testimony aside, the fact alleged “victim” Saiful Bukhari Azlan not only had a suspicious tryst with the Inspector-General of Police in a hotel, but also then Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak at his residence, just days before he reported the so-called “crime”, is clear evidence of conspiratorial collusion.

Especially in light of Najib’s initial denial that he had met Saiful, and later his lame admission that indeed he had met him, but that the meeting had been for the purpose of discussing the possibility of a “scholarship”.

“Scholarship” in this case being a euphemism for bribe, no doubt, as years later it seems that Saiful is living comfortably if not outright luxuriously despite having long had no apparent employment or other legitimate means of support.

And while we’re on the subject of fake scholarships, it appears that the regime has showered similar if somewhat less largesse on a group of craven creatures prepared to wear t-shirts and wave signs, all suspiciously professionally printed, no doubt at public expense, proclaiming their desire for justice, not for Anwar, but for Saiful.

Meanwhile, BN’s ever-compliant “religious” authorities keep colluding in the regime’s sodomisation of the Malaysian people by every possible means from murder and massive theft and bodohmisation of the populace by lying “news” media and a dismally dumbed-down “education” system with a program of godomisation that gets more ridiculously outrageous by the day.

With the self-styled holier-than-thou posing as “protectors” and “defenders” of Islam at every possible opportunity, as in perennial attempts to refuse Christians the right to use the generic Arab term for God, “Allah”, and threatening to burn bibles that offend the “sensitivities’ of the “faithful”.

And these godomists also go so far as to try and ban the celebration of such allegedly “un-Islamic” celebrations as Oktoberfest, St Valentine’s Day and, as most topical today as I write this column, Halloween.

Little aware, apparently, that, in the English language at least, every day memorializes a pre-Islamic, pre-Cristian, indeed outright pagan deity: Sunday the ancient sun god; Monday the goddess of the moon; Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the old Scandinavian gods Tiw, Odin, Thor and goddess of love, Fria; and Saturday recalls Saturn, the Roman god of agriculture.

In other words, in English and doubtless many other Western” tongues, every day of the week is arguably as potentially sodmomising of the alleged sensibilities and sensitivities of BN’s tame godomists as the regime’s “unsolved” murders, massive thefts and sundry other sodomies on Malaysian society are to the majority of us.

Yet BN spokespersons still have the unmitigated gall to claim that they are on the side of justice, fair play and social harmony, as in Minister for Sport and Youth Khairy Jamaluddin’s recent attempt to rebut Anwar Ibrahim’s claim that his sodomy appeal is a “litmus test for the government by claiming that it is “Anwar and not Putrajaya that is on trial.”

“The government did not force Anwar to do what he is accused of on Saiful,” Khairy declared, thus begging the burning question as to whether the government made the whole thing up, “so why make it a trial about the government’s credibility?”

As one of the world’s least evidently successful and thus also least credible ministers of sport, surely it’s time for Khairy to realize that the majority of us are not so godomised or bodohmised as to believe a word that he or anyone else in the rotten BN regime says about anything.

And that we’re also very well aware that if the government is not on trial, it surely should and someday will be. For a catalogue of crimes so enormous that it would take a column far longer than this to list them all.

From the sodomy of Malaysian society by Tun Abdul Razak Hussein, second prime minister and father of the current incumbent, by his fomenting of the May 13 1969 riots, through the shafting of the judiciary in the 1980s by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad through all the countless extra-judicial killings and obscene financial killings by regime members and their cronies in all the years since, the list of indictable offences is endless.

Literally so, as they’re still continuing unabated through massive un-repaid “loans” as in the notorious National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) fiasco, embezzlements as in the RM12-billion Port Klang Free Zone scandal, the vastly-overpriced new “low-cost” KLIA2 airport and terminal, and currently both KL’s plunder-riddled MRT project and the so-called “sovereign wealth fund” 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB), and “losses” like that of MAS flight MH370.

Not to mention outright thefts like that of much of the timber from Sarawak by regime crony Abdul (“The Termite”) Taib Mahmud, whose lawyers are currently threatening legal action against the publishers and distributors of the book ‘Money Logging: On the Trail of the Asian Timber Mafia’.

And as if to add insult to Taib’s sodomy of his state’s natural resources and the laws of the land, his shysters are predicting “substantial” damages due not only due to the “extreme seriousness of the allegations,” but also “given the wealth of our client.”

This supremely arrogant attitude is not particular to Taib Mahmud, but characteristic of Malaysia’s entire ruling regime. And so, whatever the verdict this gang of crooks engineers for Anwar this time around, it will keep getting away with its sodomies on the country until enough honest citizens finally decide to stop taking it lying down, and revolt against BN-style godomy and bodohmy for once and for all.



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Land of doping and duping.

I see that some Malaysian sportsperson has highlighted the ‘bad’ in badminton by failing a doping test, and that the ever-duplicitous current Minister for Youth and Sport, Khairy Jamaluddin, has been desperately trying to dupe the fans into believing that it’s all a terrible mistake.

Not that there’s anything new about this sort of state of affairs. For decades the BN regime has been systematically doping the Malaysian people with such opiates as racism, religionism, jingoism and hand-outs, and simultaneously duping them with massive doses of official falsehood and fake news.

Thus stupefying citizens in shrinking but still sufficient numbers to either keep voting for the regime, or else to keep not bothering to register to vote against it, so it can steal the rigged elections it regularly stages to make it appear legitimate.

Though how anybody in his or her right mind could be so deceived if not outright drugged by such clearly obvious junk as the regime pushes in its so-called ‘mainstream’ media is beyond me.

Yet that denizen of all disseminators of dadah for deceit-addicted dopes and dupes, Umno’s own Utusan Malaysia, still defends itself by denying that its sales and reader numbers are apparently crashing as catastrophically as its credibility.

According to “Awang Selamat”, the alias this alleged ‘newspaper’ employs to hide the identity of whatever dimwit writes the ridiculous editorials in its Sunday edition Mingguan Malaysia , ratings agency Nielson Malaysia’s downgrading of Utusan’s readership from 636,000 to 563,000 between July 2013 and June 2014 is a “joke”.

The editorial went on to accuse Nielsen Malaysia of “manipulation and bias”, and also of using a research methodology that is “outdated”, as evidenced by its according some newspapers lower readerships than their circulations.

Though as Nielson and everybody else who is interested well knows, many if not all of Malaysia’s mainstream newspapers routinely try to vastly inflate both their circulations and readerships by printing far more copies than they sell, then dumping the rest in schools, government departments and probably even waste-paper recycling depots.

Another organization that was busy this week helping its BN masters to keep the dopes well and truly duped was the Wanita wing of the minor regime-accomplice party Gerakan, whose chief Tan Lian Hoe warned the party conference against calls for democracy and declared support for repressive laws to ensure that Malaysia stays “politically stable”.

Getting quite carried away with her passion to pursue the BN-regime agenda, she went on to make some even more risible remarks like “there is no need for us to follow the cries of democracy that in the end destroys ourselves,” and “we can’t do something according to our own whims based on human rights.”

Then she apparently became almost hysterical, in both the hilarious and unhinged senses of the word, branding the opposition as “traitors” for “manipulating issues and sowing the seeds of hatred against the government.”

“The freedom given by the government should be respected and valued, not challenged and trampled upon,” she ranted on, before accusing Pakatan Rakyat of “committing “acts of provocation that have soured race relations in the country,” and finally lamenting that “their (PR’s) vile actions are legitimized and forgotten without any criticism or demands for explanation.”

This diatribe was such a masterpiece of spins, slurs and outright lies that it was almost up, or rather down, to the levels of deceit achieved by Tun Dr Mahathir, Najib Abdul Razak and other world-class regime exponents of the dope-duping arts.

As breathtakingly hypocritical, too, as all the “acts of provocation” of which Hoe accused the opposition have been wrought by BN itself or the pimps it pays with public money in fake NGOs like Isma and Perkasa and media like the abovementioned junk ‘newspaper’ Utusan Malaysia.

And, though these and sundry other “vile actions” by the regime are indeed “legitimized and forgotten” but its laughable ‘law-enforcement’ agencies, when falsely attributed to the opposition they are followed by trumped-up charges of sedition or, in the particular case of Anwar Ibrahim, of sodomy.

Thus far, however, there are sufficient dopes and dupes among the Malaysian public, and ample dopers and dupers infesting the police force, judiciary, anti-corruption commission, electoral commission and other civil services, not to mention the monstrously mendacious mainstream media, to keep the innocent under threat and the guilty in power and out of jail.

But rather than moping, I believe the rest of us should keep hoping. Because, to judge by the recent reduction in the fuel subsidy, so Malaysians are now paying above the world price for RON95 petrol, the forthcoming GST to raise funds to pay for regime blunder and plunder, and the soaring national debt, BN is fast running short of the public funds it desperately depends on for buying support.

And it’s becoming increasingly difficult for the regime to  hide the fact from all but the most dismally dazed that Malaysia is going backwards economically as fast as it is failing in every field you can think of, from its increasingly dopey educational system to its disgraceful international reputation.

Witness the far-from-surprising recent revelation by Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MICCI) executive director Stewart Forbes that the gross domestic product per worker in Malaysia in 2013 was only the equivalent of a Japanese worker in 1972, a Singaporean in 1978, a Hong Kong worker in 1982, a Taiwanese in 1990 and a South Korean in 1995.

Or, as Malaysiakini quoted Mr. Forbes as adding, at its current productivity growth rate of a dismal 3.1 percent per annum, it will take Malaysia 19 years to catch up to where South Korea is right now.

What an absolute disgrace this is to the criminal dopes who have been trying to dupe Malaysians that, as Mahathir never tired of claiming, “Malaysia is the envy of the world”, and that current Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak keeps declaring he is hell-bent on “transforming” into the “world’s best democracy.”

Despite all their bluff and bluster, these crooks are fast heading down the proverbial slippery slope. And will sooner or later find themselves, metaphorically for most and even literally for the killers among them, at the end of their rope.


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Losers, liars and looters.

By any measure you can think of, Malaysia has been on a losing streak for decades under the leadership – or rather the misleadership and bleedership – of the Barisan Nasional regime.

But this gang of crooks posing as a political coalition has no way of going straight even if it wanted to, as reform would entail retribution for countless crimes by its members and cronies, not to mention repayment of the untold billions they’ve plundered from the people.

So all BN can do in the face of its steady loss of credibility, respect and support is to redouble its lying and looting in hopes of postponing its eventual and inevitable loss of power.

Najib Abdul Razak, the biggest loser in BN history by virtue of his failure to win the popular vote in the 13th general election, despite its being comprehensively rigged in his favour, first blamed what he called the “Chinese tsunami” for his humiliation, and is now giving the lie to his post-election promise to be “Prime Minister for all Malaysians” by warning the Chinese community not to make demands of the government while supporting the opposition.

“I like to do more (for the Chinese community), maybe one day I can do more, but I also need the Chinese community to support BN, come on,” Malaysiakini reported him as blustering to the MCA annual general meeting.

“You have to do your part, you cannot demand and then support DAP, you cannot demand (and then) support Pakatan Rakyat,” he went on, adding that “(if) you demand, and you support BN, we will be fair to the Chinese.”

In other words, far from “Prime Minister for all Malaysians”, Najib is prepared to share BN power and plunder exclusively with supporters of his crooked regime, while punishing critics of its unconstitutional and outright criminal activities with charges of sedition.

Or as former Bar Council and Bersih chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan recently told a fundraising dinner for social reform movement Aliran, Najib is typical of Malaysian leaders who pretend to be “democratic” and “liberal” when overseas, as in his lying speech to the UN General Assembly a couple of weeks ago, but are “oppressive monsters” at home.

Ambiga reminded her audience that Najib had treated those who bothered to turn up to his UN appearance to such pious platitudes as “we must break the cycle where one group rules with power only to wield it against the other,” as his BN regime continues to do, and that “individuals and ethnic and religious groups need to feel they have space in a nation’s success not its failure so we should commit to more inclusive politics.”

When in fact, contrary to “inclusive politics”, Najib’s regime and its racist and religionist stooges keep committing blatantly divisive outrages against non-Malay races and non-Muslim religions.

As in the threat by Perkasa’s Ibrahim Ali to burn Christian bibles, and forgiveness of this outrage by the attorney-general, according to Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nancy Shukri on the grounds that it was in keeping with the constitution, and in any case “not a crime as it was in defence of Islam.”

And speaking of defence of Islam, as if this or any other religion needed defending by a coterie of lying criminals, the regime has made no apparent objection to the statement by some loser’s writing on the Isma website under the pseudonym “Rizal” that “Islam on top while kafir below is needed for the wellbeing of humanity.”

“The history of mankind has shown how the world became prosperous when Islam was in power for 1,300 years,” this ridiculous rant continued. “Before and after that era, the world suffered due to oppression, murder, exploitation (and) manipulation by the media as well as deterioration in morals and culture.”

A clear case of the pot’s calling the kettle black, considering how aptly this litany of evils characterizes most if not all contemporary Islamic or Muslim-majority nations, very much including BN’s Malaysia.

Where the ruling regime’s unholy record of oppression, murder and exploitation is subject to such gross manipulation by the BN-dominated so-called ‘mainstream’ media that these fake ‘news’ organisations have lost every shred of credibility.

Most of their circulations too, in the case of alleged ‘newspapers’ like the New Straits Times, The Star and especially Utusan Malaysia, the scurrilous, racist rag that regime Information, Communications and multimedia Minister Ahmad recently attempted to defend with an outrageous lie.

Cheek had the sheer effrontery to claim that Malaysia’s disgraceful 147th ranking out of 180 countries on the Reporters Without Borders world press-freedom index is due, at least in part, to the DAP Penang government’s sometime ban on Utusan Malaysia reporters from state parliament rather than the BN regime’s poisonous Printing, Presses and Publications Act.

And speaking of lying losers, Minister for Youth and Sport, Khairy Jamaluddin, has taken time out from overseeing Malaysia’s abysmal under-performance in the football, athletic and other sporting arenas to claim that the Bar Council’s recent walk in protest against the Sedition Act had not made an impact, and that this showed that Malaysians want the law to stay “if there is no selective prosecution and legitimate dissent against the government is not targeted.”

A very big “if” indeed, given that selective prosecution and the targeting of legitimate dissent are, as always, the order of the day under BN.

As, of course, is systematic looting, as currently exemplified by the raising of a clearly suspicious R4 billion government-guaranteed loan by the BN regime’s dodgy-looking 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) via some mysterious if not outright secret entity called SRC International Sdn Bhd.

Then there are all the customary questions surrounding the direct, untendered RM77 million liquor security-labelling contract awarded by Royal Malaysian Customs to Haris Onn Hussein, brother of Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein.

Hishammuddin, under whose watch Malaysia has suffered at least two notable losses, that of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 and the more recent temporary disappearance of a Malaysian Navy gunboat, claimed to be losing no sleep as a result of his brother’s unaccountable commercial win.

Denying the possibility of conflict of interest, he said that his brother “did not receive any contract from any of the ministries that I was, or am, in charge of, so the issue of conflict of interest does not arise.”

In short, as I said up front, it’s BN business as usual, and thus Malaysia and Malaysians will always and forever be losers until they finally find the wherewithal to tell these lying looters to get well and truly lost.

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1Malaysia.con, continued.

Every week that I write one of these columns, I find myself wishing that, for my own entertainment if not the edification of those few readers not yet repelled by my repetitiveness, I could think of something new to say about Malaysian politics.

But sadly, despite Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s many highly-publicised attempts to con us all that he intends to “transform” the ever-ruling BN regime and thus improve the nation for the sake of its long-suffering citizens, nothing evidently ever changes except perhaps for the worse.

Thus “1malaysia.con”, the title of both one of my Malaysiakini column from back in 2011 and a subsequent book of collected columns, is sadly as appropriate today as it was way back then.

Because as I sit typing this on Friday 10 October 2014, Najib is on the brink of presenting a federal budget that will undoubtedly prove as fraudulent as everything else this conman and his BN accomplices ever say and do.

In fact this criminal conspiracy posing as a political coalition contrives so concertedly to con Malaysians and the rest of the world that, however hard and repeatedly I try, I never feel I express sufficient contempt for it.

Or, for that matter, for those millions of comprehensively-conned Malaysians so lacking in conscience, self-respect or concern for themselves, their families and fellow citizens as to continue supporting or at least tolerating these crooks.

A thought that brings us back to the crooked budget that Najib will have presented to a grateful nation by the time you come to read this. A budget that will inevitably highlight the ‘con’ in the BN concept of the ‘economy’, as it will as ever make no mention of the fortunes in public funds ‘lost’ through massive corruptions, tax evasions, illicit capital outflows, ‘confidential’ off-budget ‘loans’ and all the other customary ‘leakages’, embezzlements and outright thefts by regime mambers and cronies.

The GST, no doubt, will be presented as a legitimate goods and services tax and thus a fair and fiscally prudent source of sorely-needed extra revenue, and not as the con it so clearly it, a graft and stealing tax designed to replace regime-plundered public funds.

Similarly, the gradual withdrawal of subsidies on fuel and other commodities will be presented as necessary economies on the part of the people, and not as what they actually are, new attempts to subsidise BN members and monopolist cronies at public expense.

But as costly as it is, and as topical at budget time, the con in the economy is the least of Malaysians’ worries compared with all the con-jobs the BN regime has done on the constitution.

By means of almost countless constitutional amendments during the decades in which it enjoyed the requisite two-thirds parliamentary majority, BN has conned Malaysians out of such priceless rights and protections as a fair and independent judiciary, free and fearless news media, a clean and fair electoral system, and freedom of religion.

Simultaneously, and by other means, the regime has also managed to con Malaysians out of formerly efficient civil services, a once-excellent educational system and an honest, law-abiding police force.

At the same time it has been at pains to con enough people of all races and religions that hate organisations officially sponsored with public money, like Perkasa, Isma and ‘newspapers’ like Utusan Malaysia, are guardians of Islam and protectors of public peace and harmony.

And thus critics of the regime are deemed guilty of sedition, while BN goons and stooges who call for the burning of Christian bibles that breach Islam’s alleged copyright on the word “Allah” can be given free rein.

As Perkasa’s Ibrahim Ali most recently was, with Minister in the Prime minister’s Department Nancy Shukri outrageously announcing in a written reply to parliament that the attorney-general recommended “no further action” against Ibrahim “based on the spirit of article 11(4) of the federal constitution,” and adding that “a threat to burn the Bible is not a crime as it was in defence of Islam.”

Never mind that many commentators noted that this was yet another BN attempt to con Malaysians by misconstrual of the constitution. And never mind that the regime that is so hell-bent on posing as the defender of Islam is itself so lawless and outright evil that it would be a disgrace to any faith, or to the very concept of god.

A concept that I personally consider a con in itself, wholeheartedly agreeing as I do with Baron D’Holbach (1723-89) in his famous declaration that “if we go back to the beginning, we find that ignorance and fear created the gods; that fancy, enthusiasm or deceit adorned or disfigured them; that weakness worships them; that credulity preserves them; and that custom respects and tyranny supports them in order to make the blindness of men serve its own interests.”

Whether one happens to be a sceptic like D’Holbach, or a dedicated believer in one or more alleged deities, it seems to me well night impossible to disagree with the claim that the BN regime is a tyranny that pretends to support religion, or at least a specific brand of religion, the Sunni version of Islam, to serve its own interests.

Just as it so falsely pretends to support democracy, justice, fair play, national unity or indeed anything else that would help convince Malaysians in particular and the world in general that it is anything but a bunch of lying, incompetent con-artists, and hopefully convicts-to-be.


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My anti-BN booster.

After 8 years of rashly exposing myself to BN disease, the deadly plague of political germs and parasites so chronically and so far incurably plaguing Malaysia, I’m pretty sure that I’m immune to it by now.

But on the principle that it can’t hurt to play doubly safe, I’m in the process of boosting my resistance to BN’s festering democracy with some massive protective doses of Sydney’s second annual Festival of Democracy.

Staged by the Sydney University-based Sydney Democracy Network, the Festival is featuring the first-ever exhibition of paintings by exiled pro-democracy Chinese artist-activist Wang Xu entitled “The Silenced: From 1957 Until Today”, and four days of presentations and symposia on such topics as “Power, people and Democracy”, “The Case for Deliberative Democracy”, “Zombie Democracy”, “The New Despotisms” and “Religion, Hate Spin and Democracy”.

All the sessions I’ve attended have proven helpful protection against the possibility of contracting BN disease, of course, but the final one on the above list has been especially effective in light of the BN regime’s unstinting efforts to infect Malaysians with religious and racial hatred.

Behind the blind of fraudulent slogans like “1Malaysia”, the BN regime has for years feverishly worked to foment divide-and-rule discord by funding hate groups like Perkasa and Isma, publishing rabble-rousing “newspapers” like Utusan Malaysia and, especially lately, selectively accusing a whole slew of critics and opponents of sedition.

The very charge on which BN itself is most guilty, given its systematic subversion of Malaysia’s constitution and civil institutions for the purpose of perpetuating its monopoly on power and plunder.

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is principally responsible for this pathological state of affairs, but he usually prefers to feign innocence through his absence. As he currently is on a jaunt to New York for the purpose of plying the UN General Assembly with his customary pack of lies, buying a “hero” award for his so-called First Lady, living high on the hog at public expense and doubtless also spending some of his Scorpene submarines and other “commissions” on a little light fashion and jewellery shopping.

But Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is busy doing Najib’s dirty-work for him back home, having reportedly ranted in a speech at an Umno Lumut event on September 20 that “as the minister responsible for the Royal Malaysian Police, wallahi billahi tallahi (I swear to Allah) that if police reports are lodged against any individual who impinged (sic) on a sensitive issue, the police will start investigations immediately, if possible within 24 hours.”

However, as everybody knows, when Zahid says “any individual” he means any non-BN individual, and what he deems a “sensitive issue” is not only what he repeatedly claims are the “Three Pillars” of the Malaysian state, BN style – Race, Religion and Royalty – but also the fourth pillar the other three are employed by the regime to protect: robbery.

As you and I and indeed Allah all very well know, the BN regime has robbed Malaysians of not only untold billions of ringgit in cash and natural resources, but also of countless constitutional rights and protections including an honest and impartial judiciary, honest mainstream news media and an independent electoral commission.

In fact BN has even robbed Malaysians of their legitimate self-respect and Malaysia of its international reputation. Far from making Malaysia one of the world’s best democracies, as Najib has claimed as his goal, with one of the best education systems in the world, as Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin recently falsely claimed, this rotten regime has made Malaysia a global watchword for mediocrity if not utter disgrace.

Long scoring badly on corruption, press repression, university and other educational rankings, and among the worst of the worst on sundry other scores including those for illicit capital outflow, people trafficking, internet scamming, football match fixing and denial of workers’ rights.

And just lately the international NGO Human Rights Watch (HRW) declared Malaysia one of the worst places in the world for the maltreatment of transgender people, even compared with other Muslim-majority countries.

According to Malaysiakini, HRW’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights division’s advocacy director Boris Dittrich said recently that “Malaysia is one of the worst countries when compared to other Muslim countries because the raids happen continuously.”

Speaking at a press conference following the launch of a HRW report titled ‘I’m scared to be a Woman’, Dittrich said that “almost every day, transgender people run the risk of getting arrested,” adding that he and his team were “shocked” at the situation as revealed to them in interviews with transgender people and activists.

I can’t wait for the prime minister’s speech to the United Nations General Assembly this weekend to hear how he goes about denying or at least justifying his regime’s world-class record of cruelty, criminality and incompetence, not to mention his exhortation to his Umno party recently to “emulate the courage of ISIL” in its efforts to keep its grip on power.

But meanwhile, his doltish deputy, Muyhiddin Yassin, has urged voters in the Pengkalan Kubor state by-election to give BN a win “as a gift” to Najib, adding the ludicrous remark that a BN victory was crucial because “world representatives at the United Nations General Assembly were keeping tabs on the by-election.”

Najib, Muyhiddin and the entire watching world can now relax in the face of the fact that BN has indeed won the Pengkalan Kubor by-election. Though whether this was a voter present for Najib, or due to BN’s wholesale bribery of voters with “gifts” of microwave ovens, or disgust at PAS following its advocacy of hudud and its betrayal of its Pakatan Rakyat (PR) partners in the Selangor menteri besar fiasco, is anybody’s guess.

But one thing’s for sure and certain. If there’s anything that BN ever does, or has any intention of ever doing, that has anything remotely to do with democracy, it’s democracy at its most debased and outright diseased. And thus I’m grateful to the conveners of and presenters at Sydney’s Festival of Democracy for boosting my immunity to this accursed ethical and intellectual infection.

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Killers heading for a hiding.

Efforts by the self-styled Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) to provoke opponents by massacring civilians and beheading US journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff and British aid worker David Haines appear to have worked even better than it perhaps bargained for.

Now not just the US, but also some 30 other nations, including many in the Middle East, have been galvanized into action against this latest band of killers using Islam as a pretext for their criminality.

And just this week, as Australian troops and aircraft were deployed to join the international effort against ISIL, a police dragnet foiled an alleged plot to randomly seize a stranger in Sydney, behead him on camera and post the video online.

Suspect in this intended atrocity, Omajan Azari, was detected discussing the plan in an intercepted phone conversation with Mohammad Ali Baryalei, the most prominent of about 60 renegade Australian citizens believed to have joined ISIL in Iraq and Syria.

Among other Australians believed to have been recruited for the cause by Baryalei, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, are Khaled Sharrouf, who has appeared on social media in the act of executing prisoners, and posing with his young sons one of whom is seen holding a severed head, and Mohamed Elomar, who was also shown displaying the severed heads of alleged “enemies”.

All of which gets me wondering just how many Malaysians have joined the ISIL cause, and what the BN regime is doing about them.

Not much, I suspect, considering the fact that Perkasa information chief Ruslan Kassim has not been charged for his recent threat to behead those who he deems to be guilty of insulting Islam.

But then of course Kassim is a stooge of the BN regime, whose current head, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, just weeks ago recently exhorted members of Umno to “emulate the bravery of ISIL if the party is to survive.”

Najib’s massively-overstaffed Prime Minister’s Department issued a disclaimer to the effect that this statement did not constitute support for ISIL or any other terrorists.

But this denial rang somewhat hollow in light of the ISIL-admiring Najib’s simultaneously engaging in a terrorist campaign of his own in the form of sedition charges against a whole slew of critics and opponents.

One of these, student activist Adam dli Abdul Halim, has just been convicted of the charge and sentenced to 12 months’ jail.

His offence? Making the statement in an address to a ceramah following the May 2013 general election that, as quoted in Malaysiakini, “we can’t wait five years to topple Umno and BN. Five more years, it is 2018. I can’t wait until 2018. In 2013, we shall topple Umno and BN together and boot them out of Putrajaya.”

In urging the court to decide on a custodial sentence, Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mohd Abazafree Mohd Abbas reportedly claimed that what Adam Adli had said in urging the toppling of a legitimate government was serious.

“The sentence should serve as a deterrent for others as Adam is bright and he fought for democracy and knows that a change of government should be done through democratic means,” Abazafree added.

Though of course the government in question arguably was and remains illegitimate, given that the Najib-led BN regime lost the popular vote but “won” the 2013 general election by means of massive gerrymandering of electorates, selective stacking of voter rolls, secret manipulation of postal votes, shamelessly biased media coverage and outright voter bribery.

And as for otherwise respecting the democratic process, Najib clearly had no intention of handing-over government to the opposition in the event that it won, in light of his call to delegates at the 2010 Umno General Assembly to “defend Putrajaya at all costs”, even to the extent of “bodies crushed and lives lost.”

If that wasn’t incitement to terrorism I can’t think what would be. Yet, thanks to his still having the police, judiciary, mainstream media and other civil institutions firmly in his pocket, Najib remains at large and clearly considers himself so untouchable that he can happily add insult to injury by charging opponents with sedition.

Not that he really needs to, except to try and give the lie to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s claim that he’s a weak leader. But Najib hardly needs to be strong, given the miserable mess that some of the opposition parties have been making of things lately.

PAS, having already lost a previously-held state in the 2013 general election, then proceeded to shoot itself in the foot by advocating the introduction of much-hated Hudud.

And since then it has been further demonstrating its undesirability to most of the electorate through months of sordid infighting with a clearly demoralized and disorganized PKR over the replacement of the Menteri Besar of Selangor.

And as if to press home just how pathetically irrelevant and out-of-touch PAS is, its youth wing has just passed a resolution declaring that the MH370 and MH17 disasters were a “lesson” to Malaysia Airlines to dress its female flight attendants more modestly, to cease serving alcohol to passengers, and to have prayers broadcast aloud before take-offs and landings in order to ensure Allah’s protection.

All of the above making the informal opposition “coalition”, Pakatan Rakyat (PR) look almost as stupid and self-seeking, if not yet in a position to be as corrupt and self-enriching, as the BN regime that a majority of Malaysians have been counting on it to replace.

And thus BN terrorism is free to rage unabated. Free not only to assassinate the reputations and careers of opponents with trumped-up allegations ranging from the sodomy rap perennially hanging over Anwar Ibrahim’s head to the barrage of sedition charges currently being thrown around, but also to continue to commit and get away with extra-judicial killings.

Like the still-unsolved murders of Mongolian “model” Altantuya Shaariibuu, corruption “witness” Teoh Beng Hock and literally hundreds of other suspicious deaths at the hands of the BN regime’s forces of so-called “law and order”.

But now that ISIL and its sympathisers in the Middle East and Australia are fast heading for their well-deserved fate, it’s tempting to think that terrorist regimes like BN and its head-hunting supporters like Perkasa might also be closer to getting the chop.


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