Shut Mahathir up.

As long as the BN regime maintains its accursed Sedition Act, by rights it should be used against former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir before anybody else. Not just for his patronage and support of race-hate groups like Perkasa, but for his repeated racist rants like his latest against Malays.

Who the hell does he think he is to brand millions of people of a particular ethnicity, or indeed any ethnicity, as “lazy”, shameless and lacking in integrity?

And who do his accomplices the Umno/BN regime think they are to try and silence critics and opposition figures with their accursed Sedition Act, but fail to employ it to shut Mahathir up?

If there is any group in Malaysia that is lazy, shameless and short on integrity, it’s not any sector of the populace, racial, religious or otherwise, but the members, supporters and cronies of the ever-ruling regime itself.

In fact most of them deserve shutting-up quite as richly as does Mahathir himself. And not just shutting-up as in silenced, but shutting-up as in jailed.

Mahathir should have been tried years ago for not just repeated acts of sedition, but the many other crimes that have been persuasively alleged against him, including, at the very least, repeated abuse of power and massive corruption.

And if there is any single figure in Malaysia who should emulate the Japanese he is always citing as his standard of excellence, it’s himself.

“You see the Japanese, they have a lot of shame, not ashamed of being naked, but ashamed of failure. If they fail to commit a duty, they commit suicide,” he remarked during his diatribe against Malays, who he accused of “not being embarrassed even if they fail their examinations.”

Leaving aside altogether Mahathir’s well-known obsession with nakedness, it seems to me that if any single living Malaysian who should be ashamed to have failed to do his duty it is the man himself.

In fact so far from doing his duty to Malaysia during his premiership and ever since, he’s done nothing but the dirty on the country by deliberately and systematically destroying its judiciary, police, mainstream media and other institutions for his personal and political benefit.

But there’s been no sign whatever that he will ever take responsibility for his shameful misdeeds, let alone consider committing hiri kiri.

In fact all he commits is one hypocrisy after another, as in the story he told to illustrate what he claims to be Malays’ lack of integrity in handling money.

”I run a bread shop now, after my retirement. And I had to fire my manager because they (sic) tried to take some money on the side. I experienced this myself.”

What a ludicrous and self-accusatory remark this was, in light of the fact that it is common knowledge that corruption, fraud, embezzlement, theft and other “leakages” during Mahathir’s 22 years as Prime Minister cost Malays and other Malaysians somewhere between RM100 billion and US$100 billion.

And into a very bad bargain, at least two of Mahathir’s own sons received massive bailouts of their then failing businesses, and Mahathir himself is reputedly so unaccountably rich that he’s commonly known as the 44-billion-dollar man.

So what does he think he’s doing and who does he think he’s kidding in accusing ordinary, everyday, honest Malays of lacking financial integrity?

It would be far more appropriate, in the old “it takes a thief to know one” department, for Mahathir to confine his financial suspicions to the other recent target of his wrath besides Malays, the national so-called investment fund, 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

As he wrote in his blog, truthfully for a change, “the money for 1MDB is not from the country’s surplus. It is a debt. Billions of ringgit in debt that is added to the already-high national debt.”

Debt is certainly the theme of 1MDB. This highly secretive entity was reported recently by Reuters to be “struggling under a US$11 billion (RM35.51 billion) debt, and is not generating enough revenue to even cover interest costs.”

Of course Mahathir’s aim in blowing the whistle on this scam was not to advocate the kind of financial integrity he claims Malays are lacking, the better to divert attention from himself, but to continue his current assault on Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

He recently very publicly announced that he was withdrawing his support for Najib on the grounds that his leadership is weak and ineffectual, and the gathering storm surrounding 1MDB, of which Najib is head of the advisory board, is a welcome element of his campaign.

A campaign that most of us perceive as some kind of last-ditch Machiavellian, or rather Mahathirvellian, move to elevate his son Mukhriz to within at least sight of the premiership.

But even Mahathir must realize that Mukriz, even though he’s been installed as Menteri Besar of Kedah, will be politically dead meat once his doting old dad’s gone.

Typically, all the mealy-mouthed Mukhriz could muster in support of his aged father’s anti-Najib bluster was the groveling claim that such criticism “came from love for the present leadership.”

“I want to convince Datuk Seri (Najib), and I think Datuk Seri is also aware that the criticism by my father, Tun Mahathir, is made out of love and intended to give strength to Datuk Seri,” Mukhriz said.

He pressed on in this sickeningly sycophantic but utterly unconvincing vein with the remark that “only those who loved a person would criticize the person concerned with the intention of making the person to (sic) correct mistakes that had been made.”

Perhaps, just as this was supposed to satisfy Najib, it may also have been intended to mollify Malays unjustly and thus insultingly accused by Mahathir of being lazy, shameless and lacking in financial integrity.

But I doubt the “tough love” story will work. More and more Malays, like their Malaysian brothers and sisters of Chinese, Indian and many other ethnicities, are sick to their stomachs of Mahathir and his malicious lies.

So it’s high time that Najib used its Sedition Act to shut the man up. Or, better still, that Malaysians of all races and creeds finally united to shut up Mahathir, Najib and the rest of the celaka BN regime behind bars where they all belong.


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Sedition sure beats sedation.

All I can say in response to the rash of sedition charges being brought against opponents by Najib Abdul Razak and his BN-regime accomplices in response to claims by former PM Mohamad Mahathir that they are too “soft” on outspoken critics is more, more!

Not that I really expect such fresh outrages to arouse all or even most of the so-called “silent majority” of Malaysians from their almost six decades of slumber, let alone alarm them into speech or any other kind of action.

It could possibly ring alarm bells for a few, but I assume the rest will sleep on regardless, as ever, like so many human drones, or what the great enlightenment philosopher Immanuel Kant called “domesticated animals”.

Which, of course, is precisely how the BN regime perceives them. As so many docile cattle to be milked, sheep to be shorn or rather fleeced and lambs to be led to slaughter, all silently sleep-walking to their fates for fear of being made scapegoats by their masters.

Such scare tactics have been used against the few for their wondrously soporific effects on the many for decades, most notably by that prodigy of political malpractice, Dr Mahathir, in his selective prescription of imprisonment under the Internal Security Act (ISA) for opponents, and the sodomy procedure he notoriously performed on Anwar Ibrahim.

But the doctor and his successors have also formulated a whole pharmacopoeia of other options for keeping the majority silently snoozing if not outright dead to the world.

Like the Official Secrets Act, for example, which is applied to everything possible including the nation’s finances and how they’re (mis)spent, so the people can do nothing but dream of the nightmare they’re sleeping through.

And just in case the sleepers get restless, there are countless pills in the police force, judiciary and other civil services, not to mention the mainstream media, paid by the regime with public money to keep the masses comatose.

Then there are such narcotics as the NEP, which enables regime supporters and cronies to prosper as nothing but sleeping-partners in public projects and private enterprise, and a millions-strong fund of viciously-victimised and indeed virtually enslaved labour to both feather-bed an industry of parasitic “agents”, corrupt police and immigration officials, and to save a great many Malaysians from having to perform hard manual work or even to get out of bed to go to work at all.

As many as possible are called out to pray, of course, the better to have their prejudices preyed on by the regime, which is comfortably in bed with the so-called “religious” authorities in its project to pretend to be the “protector” of Islam.

A hypocrisy by this criminal cartel posing as a political coalition that is far more offensive and in fact insulting to Islam and genuine Muslims, Malay and otherwise, as any allegedly “seditious” remarks by those of other races or religions could possibly be.

The BN regime’s record of corruption, fraud, embezzlement, misappropriation and outright theft of countless billions of ringgit in public funds, land and natural resources, and numberless other crimes up to and including murder, is about as blatantly un-Islamic as can be.

As are organisations like Perkasa and Isma that are supported and paid (as always, of course, with public money) to foment hatred for minority races, religions and social groups like gays and lesbians.

Yet, despite countless wake-up calls in the form of massive, uninvestigated and unprosecuted financial and corruption scandals, hundreds of suspicious deaths in police and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission custody, including the high-profile killings of Altantuya Shaariibuu and Teoh Beng Hock, and the suspicious “disappearance” of MAS flight MH370, still the silent majority lie like so many sleeping dogs.

Lulled at every turn by doggedly lying Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, who, as everybody knows, achieved his position despite clearly being a person of interest, if not an actual suspect, in the Altantuya murder and the associated Scorpene submarines scandal.

Najib’s litany of lying lullabies is almost snore-inducingly endless, ranging from his ultra-hypocritical slogan “1Malaysia. People first. Performance now” through a snooze-fest of speeches promising such fairytale fantasies as “the world’s best democracy”, “zero tolerance of corruption”, “vibrant, free and informed news media”, and, especially poignant in the light of his current persecution of those critical of him and his regime, repeal of the pernicious Sedition Act.

Admittedly this latter was in the heat of his campaigning for the May 2013 general election, in which he lost the popular vote but still caught enough Malaysians napping to “win” his way back into power through electoral gerrymandering, voter roll-stacking, massive pork-barreling and plain, good old-fashioned bribery.

Having striven mightily to put the electorate to sleep, as you’ll no doubt recall, by signing a so-called “Electoral Integrity Pledge” so patently false as to promise “Truth, integrity, ethical conduct and accountability, including not accepting or giving bribes or being involved in corrupt practices in way; upholding and giving priority to the interests of the rakyat as a whole; good governance and transparency; and compliance with all the applicable laws and regulations of Malaysia.

As complete a pack of lies as this was, at least all but the most pathologically narcoleptic among us must be awake to the fact that it revealed one truth: that Najib very well knows what good government should be.

And therefore he’s as aware as you and I are that the election that he subsequently staged, and the regime that he has run since, have both been in such flagrant breach of these ideals, and so contrary to both the spirit and the letter of the Malaysian constitution and the laws of the land, as to themselves effectively amount to sedition.

In other words, Najib’s so-called government is as illegitimate as most of its activities are illegal if not outright criminal. And thus the more innocent parties that this rotten regime charges with sedition, the more it risks arousing some more if never all of Malaysia’s pathetically silent majority from their state of near-terminal sedation.


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Grief and relief.

As sincerely as we may all share in the collective sadness on this, 22 August 2014, Malaysia’s official day of mourning for 20 of the victims of the MH17 atrocity, let us not let our tears blind us to the fact that our feelings are ever entirely altruistic.

Even the great “sentimentalist” philosopher David Hume (1711-1776) conceded that the “sympathy” he saw as such a fundamental facet of human nature and binding force in human society seldom extends far beyond our perceived personal, local sectarian or other self-interests.

In all honesty, therefore, while feeling true compassion for the MH17 victims and their loved-ones, we should acknowledge and forgive ourselves for the fact that our grief is accompanied by relief that it happened to them, not us.

As regrettable a human trait as this ambivalence may be in idealistic terms, it is essential if we are to go on living. Because if our human or Humean sympathy was limitless, we would be literally overwhelmed by grief and survivor guilt in the face of the stark reality that, according to United Nations statistics, some 150,000 of our fellows around the world die every day.

That’s about 1.8 deaths per second, 107 per minute, several thousand since I started writing this column, countless more by the time I finish it, in the event that I live to do so, and countless more again by the time you and fellow survivors come to read it.

In other words, death never takes a holiday, or even the briefest of breathers, and if we gave every single one of our departed fellow humans his or her due we would never have a moment to do anything else.

So, just as human nature guards us against overdosing on grief by urging us to simultaneously feel relief, we need to save ourselves from being swamped by sheer numbers by being highly selective as to those whose deaths we recognize.

And, unhappily, this selectivity is highly sensitive to manipulation by those with vested interests in promoting grief for some deaths over others it would be relieved to see forgotten.

As is so clearly the case in the BN regime’s organized orgy of alleged grief over the victims of flight MH17, and its palpable relief that the staging of such a spectacular show of official caring and compassion could possibly restore its rotten reputation.

Do these crooks truly believe that their show of grief for the passengers and crew of MH17 will give them some relief from responsibility for all the people aboard “lost” flight MH370?

Or some relief from their collective guilt for the deaths of Altantuya Shaariibuu, Teoh Beng Hock, A. Kugan and hundreds of others killed by the BN regime’s forces of so-called law-and-order?

Or that their grieving has some chance of relieving their reputations for non-stop thieving and systematic lying, spinning and deceiving?

Or that calling for the nation to observe one minute’s silence in memory of the victims of MH17 will do anything to erase the people’s memory of decades of silence from the judiciary, the ‘mainstream’ media and other institutions that should have cried out against regime crimes?

At times like this it’s almost thank goodness former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is still alive and kicking, and still dying to remind us all how dire Malaysia’s situation is.

Far from lost in the official selective grieving process, or even in anticipatory grief for his own impending demise, he’s busy assassinating his latest and current hand-picked successor as PM, Najib Abdul Razak.

Perhaps outraged by Najib’s latest dereliction of duty, his lengthy jaunt around the fleshpots and shopping precincts of Europe with his retail therapy-addicted spouse, Rosmah Mansor, when he was ostensibly lost in grief for the MH17 victims, Mahathir has lamented ever choosing Najib to succeed his previous dud choice, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Declaring that Najib has performed even worse than Badawi, Mahathir recently blogged that “I had no choice but to withdraw my support. This too was not effective. So I have to reprimand (him).

“I am reprimanding because I believe that leaders who are not reprimanded will believe all they have done is good,” he thundered. “Only when reprimanded would they realize their mistakes and perhaps rectify them.”

Among Mahathir’s grievances were Najib’s repeal or the Internal Security Act, his “pandering to the wishes of the opposition and neighbouring countries,” buying votes during general elections and thus making people lazy and dependent on the government, instituting a minimum wage for workers without thought of negative impact on the economy and destroying relations between the races.

The timing of Mahathir’s grievous attack on Najib must have come as a great relief to opposition Pakatan Rakyat (PR) following the near-suicide of its PAS component through its support for the horrors of hudud, and the self-destructive political paroxysms of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) in Selangor.

But as for how it struck Najib, it has been impossible to tell as long as he was off jet-setting. And it’s impossible to guess whether he felt relief or grief at being defended in his absence by some of his dodgier accomplices.

Like his cousin and Defence Minister, Hishammuddin Hussein, who is still going all out to try and sell his dubious and embarrassing proposition that Najib is a “courageous” leader.

“If Najib did not take the brave stand of facing the separatists,” he bragged, flying in the face of widespread suspicion that Najib actually bribed the separatists, “I may not be standing here today to organize the arrival of the corpses (of Malaysians).”

And equally ridiculously, Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, still Wanita Umno chief despite her family’s involvement in the notorious National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) scandal, declared according to Malaysiakini that while her wing of the party “lauds Mahathir for his countless contributions, it is now time to side with Najib instead.”

In a blatant denial of reality, she continued that “Najib has kept the higher values of democracy and justice at the forefront of his administration.”

There were lots of other expressions of support for Najib from other similarly disreputable figures and along similarly debatable lines, but I can’t bear to type any more such trash.

And in any case I’ve run out of space. But you and I are still here, which is quite a relief. And if we both manage to live through yet another week, we can get together again then to give the BN regime some more richly-deserved grief.

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Good grief!

It has struck me more forcibly than usual lately that one of the principle reasons that we humans are so deranged is that, as far as we know we are the only living creatures who are aware of the inevitability of our eventual deaths.

Or, as the controversial ‘antipsychiatry’ psychiatrist R. D. Laing (1927-1989) memorably expressed this dismal reality, that “life is a sexually-transmitted disease with a 100 per cent mortality rate.”

That we are, to say the least, uncomfortable with this fundamental fact of life is demonstrated by all the desperate strategies we’ve dreamed-up to try and deal with it.

All the way from outright denial, especially when we’re young enough to kid ourselves that we’re bulletproof, to imaginatively investing ourselves with allegedly “immortal” souls.

Some of us laugh in the face of fate, as in Woody Allen’s oft-quoted declaration that “I’m not afraid of death; I just don’t want to be there when it happens.”

While others, like the recently-deceased Robin Williams, sadly choose suicide over natural death, presumably to avoid further pain and uncertainty and also perhaps to play a kind of practical joke at both their own and the grim reaper’s expense.

But most of us simply soldier on, in hopes of postponing our dates with destiny as long as possible, and in the meantime striving to console ourselves however we can.

Many of strategies for delaying the inevitable, however, like dieting, exercising and avoiding such potentially deadly consolations as alcohol, nicotine and other similarly addictive drugs, may, as some wit whose name I forget famously said, not so much prolong life as render it so dreary as to seem longer.

But at least boring ourselves to death in hopes of extending our lives doesn’t hurt anybody else, let alone hasten the mortality of our fellow inmates on this earthly death row to which we’re all condemned.

Unlike the murderous attempts by self-styled “martyrs” to cheat death and win admittance to some kind of “heaven” by sending their “enemies” to hell.

From ancient Romans who crucified Christians in placation of pagan “Gods” through later competing Christian sects whose supporters sought “salvation” through killing-off “heretics”, to those Muslims today who slaughter people of their own and other faiths for their own self-interested ends, homicide has somehow appealed as a means of achieving eternal life.

And until mankind discovers a more efficient method of deterring these maniacs than by killing as many of them as possible before they can do their worst, as the U.S. and its allies are currently striving to do with airstrikes against ISIL, ISIS, or whatever you choose to call the deadly infection currently raging in Iraq and Syria, they will remain a mortal threat to all humanity.

As will their self-styled “moderate” supporters and apologists, like Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, who, despite his pious to pretence to support national unity and harmony, recently exhorted Umno members to “emulate the bravery of ISIL if the party is to survive.”

Indeed, Najib is the very epitome and personification of the depths to which human hypocrisy can descend about death as about everything else. Considering his cold-blooded if not outright contemptuous disregard of those routinely and systematically killed by his regime’s corrupt police force and fake anti-corruption commission, his capacity for self-serving displays of compassion for the victims of such disasters as MH370 and MH17 comes across as nothing short of obscene.

As does the contrast between the grief that he and his accomplices and supporters pretend to profess at the fate of Palestinians killed by Israel, and the utter lack of interest in, let alone sympathy for, infinitely greater numbers of victims of Islamic terrorism around the world.

Admittedly not Najib himself personally, but Umno members and supporters under his patronage, and thus with his implicit approval, have even gone so far as to make an issue of Muslims’ involvement in an interfaith memorial for the passengers and crew of MH17.

BN assemblyperson for Slim, Mohd Khusari Abdul Talib, uploaded a picture showing the young Muslim member of the opposition DAP, Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud, placing flowers at the memorial, with the comment “What is this young, Malay DAP member doing? Is she trying to become DAP’s tool to deviate the faith of young Muslim women?”

And the notoriously sexist, stupid and shameless Umno MP for Kinabatangan, Bung Moktar Radin, re-Tweeted the picture with the snide caption “see what has happened to this Malay leader in DAP???”

For her part, bless her heart, Dyana countered these comments with the statement that reciting prayers and merely putting down flowers to mourn the unfortunate could not jeopardise her faith.

Adding, according to Malaysiakini, that “those who think it does should reconsider the strength of their own faith,” and further stating that “I am not easily confused like how Umno leaders always assume we Malay youths are.”

“Events like this make Malaysians understand one another better and bring us together,” she concluded, thus neatly putting her finger on what frightens Umno/BN to death.

The very thought of Malaysians uniting in their common humanity instead of dividing along racial and religious lines in the way the regime tirelessly promotes behind the blind of its lying “1Malaysia” slogan is terminally terrifying to Najib and the gang.

Having presided for decades over the deaths of everything the Malaysian people could possibly expect of a proper government, everything from honesty, transparency, truth and justice to free and fair elections, they will do anything to prevent the people from uniting in grief for all they have lost.

But they can’t hold back reality forever. Political regimes, like people, are incapable of eternal life. So nothing is more certain than the fact that Umno/BN will finally die. And that, far from grieving at its demise, future generations of Malaysians will dance on its grave.


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Barisan naked.

The day I first saw the headline about alleged nude frolics in Teluk Kampi, part of the Taman Negara Forest Reserve in Teluk Bahang, Perak last week, I have to say that my first reaction was envy that Malaysian is blessed with a climate is so conducive to such fun activities year-round.

Because in Sydney right now it’s mid-winter, and thus what’s known in the vernacular as “brass monkey” weather, so those of us given to skinny-dipping, skinny-sunning and skinny-people-watching at any of the local locations down here where these activities are perfectly legal have months to wait before stripping off.

So the Teluk Kampi event could well have proven quite a lure to those of us living in less tropical climes, and a sorely-needed boost to what has thus far, let’s face it, proven a far-from-fantastic Visit Malaysia Year 2014.

But any such illusion of Malaysia as a desirable nudist destination was of course immediately shattered by the all-too-predictable shock, horror response from Malaysia’s self-appointed guardians of propriety and morality.

In fact it drew such a storm of outraged sanctimony down on both the nude frolickers themselves and the Lim Guan Eng-led opposition government of Penang state that I quickly came to suspect that the entire event was a fake staged by agents of the ruling BN regime.

Because it simply didn’t, and increasingly doesn’t, ring true. Starting with claims that activities in what were billed online as the “Penang Nudist Sports Games 2014” included such bizarre events as body-painting, Gangnam-style horse dancing and crab-walking.

However many weird and wonderful sights I’ve seen in all my years of hanging around beaches, nude and otherwise, I’ve never witnessed anything remotely resembling any of these activities, and I don’t believe anyone else has either.

They are clearly the products of a fevered but not especially fertile imagination. As was the subsequent story concocted by the BN regime-friendly ‘newspaper’, Sinar Harian, which claimed that its reporters who had visited the site of the alleged nude frolics were “sure” that some of these activities “may have been carried out in front of a surau.”

This story was clearly yet another BN fabrication, like the fake Anwar Ibrahim “sex tape” and the false “discovery” of porcine DNA in Cadbury chocolates and other such scams designed to outrage Muslim sensibilities and portray the God-forsaken and outright criminal BN regime as the defender of Islam.

It was highly suspicious that, as Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng stated, Taman Negara, the national park in which the alleged outbreak of nudism occurred, is under the jurisdiction of not his state government but the federal Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, and that a Taman Negara ranger was not only aware of the group’s activities, but actually helped light its campfire.

But BN had an alibi for the apparent collusion of its feral federal park ranger with the nudist group and its hi-jinx. Umno Teluk Bahang assemblyman Shah Headan Ayoob Hussain Shah admitted that the ranger had been present, but attempted to explain this person’s failure to report the matter to his possibly having been “threatened into silence by the participants.”

“It is possible that he was threatened as he was the only one on duty at the time. I can’t reveal who he is, as he is scared now,” Shah Headan claimed, adding that “if indeed this has happened, then the group has committed two wrongs – being nude in public and threatening an officer on duty.”

Meanwhile, Penang Umno Chief Zainal Abidin Osman made a bumbling attempt to pin the blame on the opposition by posing the rhetorical question whether the nudists “were emboldened by the fact that Penang is under the control of a DAP-led state government and therefore felt free and unafraid to participate in the ‘nude sports’ event, which he described as “an insult of the highest order” that has “tarnished the name of Penang and Malaysia.”

Which inevitably evokes the further question of how the name of Malaysia could possibly be further tarnished by these clearly faked or at least staged nude frolics than it has been for decades by the BN regime’s endless displays of naked greed, corruption, criminality, injustice and incompetence.

And despite desperate attempts to cloak all this nakedness with a draconian Official Secrets Act, displays of official hypocritical sanctimony and systematic barefaced falsehood by everyone from the prime minister on down to the professional liars of the so-called “mainstream” media and paid pro-regime bloggers, BN is increasingly being stripped bare for all the world to see.

And demonstrations of naked hypocrisy like current regime-sponsored protests against the latest Israeli atrocities in Gaza, and misguided associated attacks on such alleged “supporters” of Israel like McDonald’s and HSBC, only serve to further expose the moral, ethical and intellectual nakedness of BN.

As many others have asked before me, if Barisan Nasional in general, Umno in particular and such exhibitionist organisations as Perkasa, Isma and Tun Dr Mahathir’s phony Perdana Peace Foundation are so sincere in their protests on behalf of humanity, why are they so selectively and nakedly anti-Jewmanity?

The answer being, of course, that Mahathir’s pretended love of peace is just a pretext for his lust for anti-semitism, which, given his naked narcissism, is likely borne of his resentment at the Jews’ biblical identification of themselves as the “chosen people” when in his mind he’s the chosen person.

And as for BN, Umno and their supporter and accomplices, their highly selective humanitarianism is nothing but a transparent attempt to cover-up their naked racism and sectarianism.

Hence the fact that, as Marina Mahathir, Josh Hong and no doubt others have already eloquently argued, while outrages committed by Israel and “the West” against Muslims are greeted by the Malaysian regime with naked outrage, atrocities by Muslims against both fellow religionists and those of other faiths in, as currently, Syria, Iraq, Sudan and Nigeria and elsewhere, go unnoticed.

But, thanks to such tragedies as the disappearance of MH370, the shooting-down of MH17 and a series of typical BN screw-ups like its ongoing failure to surrender a rape suspect to New Zealand and its implication in Australia’s long-running Securency scandal, Malaysia’s government is increasingly exposing itself as stark naked, and well overdue for being necked, or better yet nuked.


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Jesters for justice.

What with the shooting down of flight MH17, the Israeli counter-offensive against Hamas in the Gaza strip, the impending famine caused by the civil war in South Sudan, ongoing civil conflicts in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere, and the revelation that most of the schoolgirls kidnapped months ago by Boka Haram have yet to be rescued by the Nigerian government, there hasn’t been a lot to laugh about this past week or two.

In fact the world news has been so unremittingly grim and depressing, and has called so overwhelmingly on our funds of sorrow for the dead and sympathy for the bereaved, as to bring fresh dimensions of meaning to that chilling term often employed by charities for a slump in donor generosity during such times as these, ‘compassion fatigue’.

So it has been a bit of a relief to find a chuckle or two, however grim and cynical, wherever we can. And there has been plenty of them going around.

My personal favourite recently has been Malaysian Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein’s laughable statement as reported by BN regime mouthpiece ‘news’ agency Bernama that he was “awed” by the way in which his cousin, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, has handled the MH17 tragedy.

I was awed too, though not so much by what Hishammuddin ludicrously extolled as Najib’s “courage not to be swayed by the geopolitical landscape in that (Ukrainian) region and to only focus on the objective, which is to bring home the bodies of Malaysian passengers, take hold of the black boxes and bring those responsible to justice,” but by the hilarious hypocrisy of Najib’s sudden interest in justice.

On an international level, Najib and his BN accomplices have long shown themselves to be so resolutely opposed to justice in principle and practice that, like the USA, China, Russia, India and Israel and other similarly arrogant and errant nations, Malaysia is still refusing to accept the authority of the international Criminal Court.

And domestically the state of Malaysian ‘justice’ is if possible even more dire, as evidenced by countless cases, notably the murder of Mongolian translator Altantuya Shaaribuu, the deeply suspicious deaths of Teoh Beng Hock and others in in the custody of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, and the endless trials of Anwar Ibrahim on trumped-up sodomy charges.

And of course in calling for “justice” for those guilty of the MH17 tragedy, Najib is also conveniently ‘forgetting’ that he has demonstrated no interest whatever in justice for culpable parties in the mysterious ‘disappearance’ of MH370, or for those responsible for the deaths of the equivalent of several planeloads of ‘suspects’ at the hands of the Malaysian police, or, for that matter, for the literally countless members and cronies of the BN regime responsible for crimes ranging from the systematic, massive looting of the nation’s natural resources and public funds to the suppression and falsification of the news and the stealing of elections.

In short, in calling for justice for Malaysia, or as the official regime-issued t-shirt for BN supporters expresses this allegedly “awesome” sentiment, “Justice 4M17”, for many if not the majority of us Najib is clownishly highlighting the fact that he has never had, or ever will have, any interest whatever in equitable justice for all Malaysians, but is simply hell-bent on saving his own political skin.

And even more amusing, if sick humour happens to be your thing, is that there seems to be scant promise of any improvement on the BN regime’s record in this regard if and when Pakatan Rakyat ever comes to power, considering the horribly hilarious contribution by opposition party PAS to the MH17 justice discussion.

Kedah PAS youth information chief Ahmad Tarmizi Sulaiman called for MAS and the government to look into the possibility that the MH370 and MH17 tragedies may have been to the wreaking of “Allah’s wrath in the bellies of the planes” as a result of the airline’s serving of alcohol to passengers and dressing its flight attendants in a manner that he claims to be a contrary to Islamic rules.

“Flying in a MAS plane does not give passengers the feeling of an airline operated by a country which organizes the annual Quran recital competition,” this clown continued, “and in fact, even winning the competition.”

He later falsely claimed that his statement had been quoted out of context and thus misrepresented, but in a subsequent emergency sitting of Parliament on the MH17 tragedy, another PAS jester, Rantau Panjang MP Siti Zailah Mohd Yusoff, made similar remarks about observing Muslim strictures against alcohol and improper dressing of female flight attendants, adding that “we may have advanced technologies, but this matter should not be viewed lightly. We cannot stop Allah’s might.”

Meanwhile, a great many other assorted jokers around the world were blaming the MH17 shoot-down not on Allah, but an earthly power who seems to consider himself as somewhat akin to God almighty, Russia’s Vladimir Putin, and threatening him and his criminal Kremlin regime with economic and travel sanctions.

But in this the laugh was as much on many of Putin’s accusers as the chief suspect himself, as many European countries including the UK and France are suppliers of weapons to Russia, or dependent on this pariah state for their energy supplies.

And the current government of my own country, Australia, which proposed a UN resolution condemning Russia for its alleged role in the MH17 atrocity, has a far-from-glorious record in its dealings with asylum-seekers, having recently sent some of these desperate people back to their abusers in Sri Lanka, and threatened others with re-settlement in such hell-holes as Kampuchea and Papua-New Guinea.

But the greatest jester of all in the international justice department is surely the US, whose record of double-dealing and hypocrisy and selective, self-interested and frequently inept and ultimately catastrophic alliances and aggressions are an increasingly notorious joke.

In short, as richly as the victims of the MH17 atrocity and their surviving loved-ones deserve justice to be done, I don’t like the chances of its being done fully, honestly and transparently by Russia or by its assorted allies and antagonists.

Any more than I expect to see justice for those lost and left behind by the disappearance of MH370, which the bad jokes who pretend to run Malaysia failed to scramble their Putin-provided Russian fighters to intercept and track, and have made a jest of justice for Malaysian citizens in every other conceivable respect.


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What a bleeding disgrace.

Sometimes I wonder which is more of a disgrace to Malaysia – the god-forsaken BN regime or those millions of Malaysians who continue to tolerate and even support this gang of crooks and incompetents.

That Najib Abdul Razak is still prime minister of the country, and some people are still taking him and his alleged ‘government’ seriously, is absolutely pathetic.

Yet I see that even many of his detractors have deluded themselves that his cynical PR stunt of coming “down to the streets” to visit the homeless in KL is some sign that he has redeeming features.

When the reality of the matter is that it was clearly Najib and his cabinet who decided to celebrate Ramadan by deputising Federal Territories Minister Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor and Women, Family and Community Development Minister Rohani Abdul Karim to rid the city centre of the homeless and the soup kitchens that have been serving them.

So Najib’s walking-tour of the poor was his or his advisors’ way of shedding personal responsibility for this callous act, and pretending to show some of the “leadership” he’d been flapping his lips about just the day before.

Seizing on Brazil’s shocking 7-1 defeat by Germany in the World Cup semi-final, and conveniently ignoring the embarrassing facts that Malaysia not only failed to get a place in the World Cup at all but also ranks a woeful 142nd on the Fifa world table, he had the effrontery to use Brazil’s loss to try and praise his own leadership.

“If that can happen to a football team,” he crowed, “imagine what can happen to a country without leadership, vision and a commitment to the rakyat’s fate.”

But his referring to the rakyat’s “fate” rather than its future rather gave the game away in typical Najib Freudian-slip-style, thus reminding many if not most of us that, far from being famous for his fabulous leadership, Najib is notorious for his fatal bleedership.

He and the other members of his BN regime have blood on their hands as accessories to, if not actual suspects in, countless killings ranging from those of Altantuya Shaariibuu, the Mongolian interpreter in the scandalous acquisition of Scorpene submarines and Teoh Beng Hock, whose death at the hands of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) was deemed “neither murder nor suicide”, to hundreds of “suspects” in police custody and “shoot-outs”.

Then there is the blood of the police personnel killed in BN’s bungled response to the Lahud Datu so-called “incursion”, and the 239 passengers and crew “lost” three months or so ago through the Malaysian defence forces’ dereliction of their duty.

And even more bloodshed is regularly threatened. As opposition elder-statesman Lim Kit Siang said in response to Najib’s ludicrous “leadership” speech, “in the past year there has been an incessant stoking and incitement of racial and religious hatred, tension and conflict in the country,” with Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin reported by rabble-rousing regime rag Utusan Malaysia to be the latest to threaten a repeat of the Umno-incited May 13, 1969 massacre of non-Malays.

While Najib does his damndest to try and distance himself from the race-hate that he and his regime so tirelessly foment, he has himself in the past notoriously threatened to “bathe (this) keris in Chinese blood”, advocated BN’s violent defence of its hold on power, if necessary, with the statement that “even if our bodies are crushed and our lives lost, brothers and sisters, whatever happens, we must defend Putrajaya” and just recently called for BN to “emulate the bravery” of the Middle-Eastern, al-Qaeda-related terrorist group ISIL if the party is to survive.

As shocking as Najib’s bleedership has been and continues to be in the literal, deadly sense, however, it is proving similarly fatal to Malaysia metaphorically.

Moneywise, for a start, despite long ago claiming to advocate “zero tolerance of corruption”, Najib has sustained the Mahathir-instigated system of BN’s bleeding of Malaysia and Malaysians of countless billions in stolen oil, timber, land and other nationally-owned natural resources, and massive sums of public money in kickbacks, “commissions” and outright theft.

Having taken the precaution, as was begun under Mahathir’s 22-year bleedership of the nation, to suck the life-blood out of the justice system, the news media, the election commission and every other institution designed to protect the people from bloodsuckers like BN and its cronies, and threaten these criminals with retribution.

Though some measure of retribution may well be on its way from governments and other aggrieved parties outside Malaysia, or even eventually the International Criminal Court, following a series of shocking examples of BN bleedership including the MH370 fiasco, the failure to extradite burglary and attempted rape suspect Muhammad Rizalman Ismail to New Zealand, plagiarism of Indonesian press stories by national ‘news’ agency Bernama and BN MP Bung Moktar Radin’s disgraceful “Long live Hitler” tweet following Germany’s World-Cup demolition of Brazil.

All this on top of the steady bleeding of Malaysia’s reputation over the years if not decades through the repeated high-profile persecutions of Anwar Ibrahim, and the nation’s steady and apparently inexorable descent on global corruption, press freedom, illicit capital outflow, people-trafficking, football match fixing, internet scamming, education and university excellence rankings.

And all the bleeding prime minister can think of doing about all this is to persist in his bid for the title of World’s Leading Liar. In fact, far from leading the government or the nation in any meaningful manner at all, he hides in silence whenever there’s trouble, only emerging to talk a load of trash about such issues as kankung economics or panda ‘protection’, or else to do a spot of leadershopping for votes or 1RM chickens.

Never giving so much as a thought, apparently, to acting like a leader and firing any of his ministers, especially his cretinous cousin and current Defence Minister, Hishammuddin Hussein, for even their most spectacular demonstrations of criminal incompetence.

Of course I’m all too aware that I’m stating the bleeding obvious here in Malaysiakini, as indeed I have been for the past eight years, and also preaching more to the converted than the perverted.

But I’m vastly encouraged by the evident fact that the miserably silent majority seems to be getting smaller by the year, month, week and even in these increasingly troubled times, the day.

And thus we’re edging ever closer to that glorious moment when enough Malaysians and the forces of righteousness around the world will finally unite in sufficient disgust with the BN regime to finally kick these bleeders out.


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