Vaccination vexation.

Is anybody else out there as sick to death as I am of the mass-debate that’s raging about whether, when and with which of the available vaccines to get anti-Covid shots?

No matter, I’m vexed enough for all of us by all the ever-vocal anti-vaxxers, vaccination vacillators and other varieties of pro- and con-vaccine factions.

As far as I’m concerned personally, the simple aim of vaccination action is to achieve community immunity so we can all get out of lockdown as soon as humanly possible.

But even a great many of us who are crying-out for our jabs are finding it tough to get the job done due to the cretinous if not outright criminal degree of what can appropriately be called laxination on the part of our governments.

Down here in Australia, for example, where anti-flu vaccinations have for years been routinely administered with considerable efficiency and effectiveness, the powers that be seem pretty much on vacation when it comes to anti-Covid vaccination.

Having months ago vowed that he and his federal-government varlets had vaulted Australia to the ‘head of the queue’ when it came to vaccine supply, Prime Minister Morrison has now revised his story in the face of his typical failure to deliver.

And as if his and his regime’s vividly-evident laxination and slackcination, vaccinewise, haven’t been sufficiently vexing, they’ve simultaneously been vehemently denying the need to replace the nation’s highly-suspect hotel-isolation system with proper, purpose-built quarantine facilities.

Thus unnecessarily both endangering the lives of the local population and denying thousands of Australian citizens stuck in catastrophic Covid situations in India and elsewhere around the world their right to repatriation.

But mention of India reminds me that my own and other Australians’ vaccination and related vexations are trivial in comparison with the vast majority of people in less prosperous countries around the world, where the urban and rural poor facing the Covid pandemic are being literally left for dead.

And their praying to whatever gods they worship clearly doesn’t work. Quite the opposite, in fact, as massively-crowded ‘religious’ festivals have themselves caused fresh waves of Covid infections and countless fatalities among both the faithful and their unfortunate infidel contacts.

This appears to be the case in Malaysia, where numbers of infections and fatalities have soared since the relaxation of masking and personal-distancing precautions for the sake of Hari Raya shopping-sprees and celebratory gatherings.

And the same racist and religionist government that chose to close one eye to the all-too-predictable risks of this sectarian permissiveness is proving every bit as lax as Australia’s in getting the population vaccinated.

So that a good many Malaysians are, like the people of the Australian state of Victoria, now languishing in lockdown, and thus have as much if not more cause to be vexinated with their national government’s Covid vaccination and quarantine failures as I am with mine.

And every bit as eager to finally vaccinate their country as I and increasing numbers of Australians are against more of such vacuous, venal and outright vicious misgovernment by giving the incumbents the chop – or, in a word, axinating the bastards – at the earliest electoral opportunity.

I have to confess that I’m not too optimistic about this, however, as Malaysians haven’t yet even managed to Razakcinate their country against kleptocratic former PM Najib and his cronies; and far too many Australians seem unwilling or unable to factcinate themselves against Morrison and his minions’ pathological mendacity.

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