Year of the Merde Ox for the Murdochs?

I feel I should apologise for going on and on and on about the Year of the Ox, but have decided not to on the grounds that Chinese New Year itself goes on for so long, I might as well do likewise.

So here’s hoping yet again that the Year of the Metal Ox has started as fortunately for you so far, my friends, as it seems to be fated to prove faecal for at least some of my foes.

One of the chief among these being the malignantly mendacious Murdoch media, the most profitable of which, Fox fake News and flake views, miserably failed in its bid to save the stinking Trump presidency even before the start of this Lunar New Year.

And that seems to have turned-out to be a most inauspicious omen. Because, though the Murdochs’ many other toilet papers, TV stations and websites might appear to be still flush with success, they and the political – or rather poolitical – parties they support are smelling less and less like roses.

In fact they’re increasingly on the people’s noses both in the UK, whose Tory government and Brexit that the merdy Murdoch media have been supporting are clearly in deeper and deeper Brexshit, and also down here in my natal if not native Australia.

Even the most conservative or, in other words, socially and politically constipated of my fellow citizens must be dimly starting to realise (diarrhoealise?) that the Mursdoch/Merdeoch media-supported and increasingly feral current federal government is turning this nation into a sewer of deception and corruption.

From its shameless degrees of voter bribery that’s traditionally euphemised as ‘pork-barrelling’ through its pig-headed, persistent refusal to take action against fossil-fuels-induced climate change to the recent revelation of a rape that allegedly occurred two years ago in the office of a government minister to its provocation of Facebook to block Australian news, the Morriscon/Morriscum-led Liberal-National ruling regime stinks to high heaven.

And now, on top of that, there’s the ongoing Faceblock fiasco in which this coal-loving coalition is falsely claiming that, in its planning of legislation designed to quite properly force tech giants to finally pay for content that they’ve thus far filched for free, it is acting in the interests of commercial fairness.

But the fact it’s clearly been inspired in this uncommonly-altruistic move by – yes, you guessed it – its political propagandists the Murd/Merdeochs, who, contrary to laws intended to ensure fair and balanced chares of the nation’s news have somehow managed to achieve ownership of a vastly-disproportionate amount of Australia’s media landscape.

Morriscon and his minions, chief among them treasurer Josh Freydenburg aka Fraudenberg, are desperately striving to portray themselves as paragons of the principle of freedom of the press in general rather than as promoters of the interests of the Murdochs’ News Limited, aka by millions of fellow sceptics, Limited News, and simultaneously position Facebook as the villain of the piece.

But, while Facebook is viewed and valued by flat-earthers, UFOlogists, anti-vaxers and a fantastic variety of other fantasists as their favourite Farcebook, by religionists as their heaven-sent Faithbook, by sex maniacs as a rich source of Facebonks, and by one of the highest-profile bullshitters in the ranks of the increasingly rank-smelling Morriscon/Morriscum regime, Craig Kelly, as virtually his own personal Flakebook, nobody in his or her right mind could possibly see Facebook as a legitimate source of true news or trustworthy views, or, in a word, as anything remotely resembling a Factbook.

So that, rather than getting long faces at the current Faceblock, as the Australian government is, in its own and the Murdochs’ interests, so insistently inviting us to do, we should just get on with it and source our news and other important information from trustworthy websites.

Which, along with decidedly untrustworthy ones ranging from The China People’s Daily to any of the crappy News-Limited aka Limited-News collection like, to name a select few, Fox aka Fux News, The Australian aka The Australyin’ alleged ‘newspaper’, Sky aka Pie-in-the-Sky News, or the Melbourne Sun- aka Shun-Herald, are all easily and instantly accessible, at least thus far in the Year of what I hope turns out to be of the Merde Ox for the Murdochs, on Google.

Or, in the interests of even-handedness, on any other reputable search-engine.

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