What a Covidiot!!!

No, this heading isn’t about or directed to you, dear reader: it’s to and about me. Myself. About how devastated I felt the other day when I first encountered the term ‘Covidiot’ and had to deal with the envy I felt for whoever achieved victory over me by inventing it.

Serves me right for getting so above myself as to be convinced I was up there in or near the vanguard, verbal gymnasticswise, and having having to confront incontrovertible evidence that I’m, after all, at best average.

Or, in other words, that as a wordsmith I’m almost as vapid and vacuous and thus as Covidiotic as those that this very combination of ‘Covid’ and ‘idiot’ was actually devised for the purpose of reviling: people who panic-purchase vast volumes of merchandise and leave the shelves virtually vacant for others; and also those so devoid of any vestige of civility or civic responsibility as to keep convening in vast crowds against the most vehement advice.

And I venture to suggest that noun the neologistic noun Covidiot and its adjectival variant Covidiotic are even more relevant in to those Presidents, PMs, MPs, VIPs and VVIPs who evilly abuse their elevated positions by deceiving us.

Xi Xingping and his Party accomplices in the ruthlessly-truthless ‘People’s Republic of China, for example, who initially veiled the very existence of the  coronavirus/COVID-19 and took vengeance against those who revealed the veritable reality of it.

And the ever-deceitful Donald Trump, who at first vowed and declared that the virus was no more virulent than the conventional flu, and that thus the US would easily achieve victory over it,and is now having to devour his words, vehemently deny that he ever voiced them, and strive to divert the venom of US voters away from himself by calling COVID the “Chinese virus”.

The current Australian, or more verily Australyin’ government is also achieving very high visibility in the Covidiocy stakes.

Contriving a series of much-vaunted so-called ‘recovery packages’, none of which have done much if anything thus far to disavow its richly-deserved reputation for not only favouring the affluent and avaricious at the expense of not just the unemployed and otherwise socially and economically disadvantaged, but also for chronically under-funding and thus impoverishing such vital institutions as the ABC and the CSIRO, and even leaving most of the victims of the recent bushfires effectively in the lurch.

This coven of venal conservatives is also so lacking in progressive vision that it also chronically connives with its coal-industry and other cronies to vilify advocates of action against climate change, to do anything whatever to slow or prevent environmental vandalism, or, indeed to do anything whatever to live up to the nation’s anthemically-avowed intention to “Advance Australia Fair”.

In fact, as I’ve written over and over and over, rather than advancing the nation to even the slightest extent, this conservative regime is dedicated to an unforgivable degree to driving it in reverse, and in the process depriving it of every possible vestige of ‘fair’ in any of the word’s alternative meanings except ‘average’ or ‘mediocre’.

So it’s hardly surprising that Australia’s government is as Covidiotic in its response to the coronavirus threat as are its counterparts in China, the US and lots of other self-perceived ‘advanced’ or even ‘advancing’ countries.

Thus motivating me to devote as much of the time and energy as I’m I’m voluntarily spending in coronavirisolation to verbally reviling my own and other such vile governments rather than in Covideoviewing or other such more convivial activities.

In the possible but perhaps inevitably vain hope that I’ll be successful enough in vehemently venting my vexation against Covidiots of every kind to overcome my shame and embarrassment at having been so Covidiotic as to have so comprehensively failed to invent this clever new epithet in the first place.

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