Horoscope/hurrahscope 2020.

Though sceptical to a quite astronomical extent about astrology and all other superstitions, both secular and allegedly ‘sacred’, I have to admit to having high hopes that my sister’s reading of what the stars have in store for Australia’s and other countries’ conservative governments next year.

Because, as she confidently informed me the other day, her expert reading of the horoscope, or at least the Western one, reveals an ill-starred start to the coming year for horror governments around the world.

But even if her prediction comes true, as I heartily hope it is will, I fear it will not necessarily prove a total hurrahscope for us citizens of these misruling regimes.

Because, though we will certainly horocelebrating our happy horoscape from them, we’ll still be left facing the fact that they’ve taken us so far down the slippery horrorslope that it will take efforts of truly heroic scope to repair the damage they’ve done.

In other words, righting the wrongs wrought by all these wrong-wing, fright-wing, might-is-right-wing regimes and restoring bright-wing, see-the-light-wing government of, by and for the benefit of ourselves, the people, will likely prove horribly hard.

And could be even more difficult than my dear sister realises, as she’s thus far totally failed, as far as I know, to take the Eastern horoscope into account.

So that when the switch comes on January 25, 2020 from this year of the pig to the next year of the rat, we may either not see an end to hegemonic governments hogging heaps more than their share of power and prosperity, or else they could become even more rodent-like, if possible, than they are already.

But whatever, there’s at least one long-standing prediction we’re certainly not destined to see realised, and that’s Dr Mohamad Mahathir’s much-vaunted ‘Vision 2020’ for Malaysia to achieve ‘developed’ status by this coming year.

Presumably, since he’s proven to be the same old doctator as ever despite now heading a new but regrettably far-from-reformist coalition government, he’s rebranded his original program as ‘Revision 2030’ or whenever.

In any event, you’d need a mighty powerful crystal ball to foresee how long it will be before Malaysia will be blessed with a government with the balls of steel it will take to beat the nation’s triple bugbear of race, religion and royalty into some semblance of a genuinely civilised democracy.

Just as it could take some mighty powerful tea-leaves, Tarot cards, and other such allegedly fortune-telling agents to align themselves with the stars and planets on whose positioning my sister puts so much faith.

And on whose reliability, let’s face it, I have no confidence whatever beyond what can be clearly recognised and thus written-off as wishful thinking.

With governments like Australia’s progressively, or rather regressively advancing their nations in reverse on every possible front from financial and social fairness to honesty, truth, and transparency on the part of legislative and executive institutions, the future looks very, very far from promising.

For not only those citizens domestically dependent on welfare as distinct from the various nefarious forms of wealthfare that governments of the so-called ‘Christian’ right are so faux-righteously and un-Christianly given to; but also for Planet Earth at large, given these self-styled potentates’ determined denial of global warming, and persistently unstinting support for continued vandalisation of the environment.

Not to mention their approval for the persecution, prosecution and punishment of Wikileakers like Julian Assange and other so-called ‘whistleblowers’ for exposing the crimes that such governments commit or permit against their own and other peoples.

Mention of which misdeeds inevitably brings us to the horror governments of China, Russia, Syria and Turkey, to instance just a few of the worst, plus, of course, the US, to which three years of Trump has caused a catastrophic slump in global power and prestige.

And then, of course, there’s the UK, whose conservative government has cost it three years of Brexcruciating confusion, and will very likely also cost it the entire country of Scotland as soon as sometime in 2020.

But all that being said, I find it difficult to foresee, a matter of mere months from now, that political panderers for the powerful, prosperous and otherwise privileged, plus, of course, their personal self-interest, are going to stand for our turning their happy-ever-after whorescopes into their worst horrorscopes.

Though there’s always at least some hope of a hurrahscope in favour of us honest citizens, I suppose, as long as we can collectively summon-up the hutzpah to support the self-sacrifices of such current and future heroes as Julian Assange, Greta Thunberg and millions of their fellows and followers who foresee a far better future for us all than the hollowscopes that current governments seem to have in mind for us and our system of democratic self-rule.

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