Who’s winning the human race?

What a stupid question. As quick-witted as we members of the species Homo sapiens consider ourselves to be, we haven’t yet managed to agree to the rules of the event we’re engaged in, or indeed whether it’s a case of competition at all, but rather of co-operation.

While a great many of us are committed to the concept that we’re all in this together, and thus should be united in our common aim to become equally humane, there are far too many humental defectives and outright humaniacs who still see the human race as a contest or even conflict that they can get away with rigging in their favour.

For example, instead of considering us all to be equally hupersons, an apparent majority of the world’s humen, especially huMuslims, continue to wage the so-called ‘battle of the sexes’ against huwomen.

Similarly, the ugly struggle continues in the U.S. and the rest of the so-called ‘West’ over whether whites are natural winners, or, in other words, whether humans who are accidentally born occidental can consider themselves supreme over people of other skin colours, or, if you like, huemans.

Then there are those who persist in perceiving that might is right, and thus that victory is a matter of the humajorities over huminorities, as in such such cases as humassively Malay/Muslim Malaysia and what can justly be termed the humelée that endlessly prevails in Sunni/Shia Muslim Middle-East and in China between HuMandarin government and citizens of allegedly humongrel ethnicities like the Uighurs and Tibetans.

And just as humonumentally huminane to the point of huminsane  as the fake races between humen and huwomen, humasters and huminions and humight against humanity in many if not most parts of the planet is the humercenary struggle pretty well everywhere over humoney.

From how much more employees can humearn compared with their  peers, through how hugely humoney-men can humanipulate markets and currencies in their favour, to how a tiny huminority of humoguls can humass humungous fortunes and thus humonopolise far more than their share of the world’s wealth, the system is a humonumental humess.

In short, as long as the human race is so hopelessly cursed with such humonstrously crippling handicaps as sexism, racism, powerism and greedism its future seems to be not so humuch a question of winning or losing, but humerely surviving.

Or, even more likely, in light of the fact that the governments of so many countries, from Australia through China to the US, continue to humendaciously claim they have humandates to ignore increasingly grim warnings against global warming, the entire human race could end in a dead-heat.

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