Malaysia’s tat-for-tot boycotts.

I see that the ‘new’ Malaysia’s latest epidemic of madness is a massive attempted boycott, or, if you like, buycott, of non-Malay/Muslim-made tat, presumably in retaliation for the recent outcry by non-Malay/Muslims against the proposed teaching of Khat calligraphy to every conceivable Malaysian tot.

While this latter was never an organised boykhat by or on behalf of non-Malay/Muslim Malaysians, most of Malaysia’s ethnic-Chinese minority parents of school-age children have for decades been studiously engaged in a sort of ad-hoc bodohcott of the government’s dead-headucation system by means of their own, alternative, and doubtless considerably-superior private schools.

And of course a good many non-Malay/Muslim women have for years been effectively staging an informal tit-for-tut, or, if you’re offended by the odd flash of flesh, a tart-for-tut-tut girlcott of any attempts to force them to conceal their charms so completely as their Malay/Muslim sisters prefer or are required to.

But there have also been some decidedly one-sided boycotts going on in Malaysia for decades, though no widely recognised as such, like the clearly evident boycop by the nation’s largely Malay/Muslim police against solving or even properly investigating the suspicious killings of Malaysians of mainly Indian and Chinese ‘suspects’, detainees and those deemed sufficiently politically expendable.

With victims of this boycop or refusal to resolve crimes ranging from the gruesome murder and dismemberment of the Mongolian so-called ‘model’in volved in the Scorpene submarines scandal, Altantuya Shaariibu through the defenestration of MACC witness Teoh Beng Hock to the mysterious disapperances of several non-Muslim religious pastors.

So many boycotts have been and continue to be in force in Malaysia, in fact, that, despite having lots of great friends and close relatives there, I’ve been boycotting the place for years on the grounds that it’s far too hopelessly infested with boyclods, boyclots and boyklutzes for me to be bothered going back on a visit.

My long experience of Malaysia has also greatly hardened my resolve, if indeed it needed such hardening, to continue my by now long-standing boycott of not only my native-born Christianity on the grounds that it and so many of its faithful are Christinane if not outright Christinsane, but my total, across-the board boycult of all sects, religions and other such superstitions.

Even, as some of you may have noticed, to the point of boycutting would-be Facebook friends who flaunt their piety and/or religiosity by displaying bleeding hearts and other such tell-tale symbols on their home-pages, or else preach too much in their posts about praying.

And I have to admit that I also can’t resist my urge to borecott a good many of those who, whether overtly religious or otherwise, turn chat into an exercise in terminal tedium.

In fact the more closely I examine my conscience, the more hard-core a boycotter I see myself as becoming, as the list of my boycottees has steadily expanded from that boycurse of the media, Rupert Murdoch to include Malaysia, as stated above, and now Trump and his grating version or perversion of the US, Boris Johnson and his fellow wretched wrexiteers in the UK, and every minister or member of Australia’s creepy and cringe-worthy current conservative coalition government.

In short, and in summary, I realise that I’m even more of a go-the-rat boycotter than even the the most extreme bigots and boycott-cases of Malaysia’s alleged Malay/Muslim supremacy. But of course with far more justice and justification than they have, if indeed they have any at all.

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