Morrison more mirage than miracle.

Scott Morrison’s Pentecostal-style proclamation that his recent second coming as Prime Minister of Australia was the kind  of “miracle” that he’s “always believed in” left me so sour as to perceive it as more like a myrrhical.

Admittedly to his fellow climate-change-denying fossils, fools and false prophets driven by the profits still to be made from the mining, combustion and export of fossil fuels, the reincarnation of Morrison and his coalition cronies must have seemed like a miracoal.

But, on the other hand, this was a far cry indeed from the merricle that so many of us had hoped would provide us with a government genuinely committed to combating the clearly increasing drying and dying of our continent, or at least the Murraycle that’s needed to save the Murray-Darling basin part of it in particular.

Not that this new regime could be expected to actually walk on water, but it might at least, unlike the coalition, genuinely work towards a realistic solution to Australia’s growing climate-change and water-supply crisis, instead of shamelessly and as secretly as possible selling-out to big mining and agribusiness.

And also to the banks and other big financial institutions, as usual, having spent two years violently opposing a royal commission of inquiry into their iniquities, and, since the finally inevitable holding of the commission, having delayed the implementation of its findings for as long as possible.

In short, the ‘miraculous’ re-election of the Morrison regime, with it’s its idiotic ‘have a go, get a go or get lost’ and ‘wealthfare before human or environmental welfare’ ideologies, means that every sign of progress will be systematically miraculled or outright mirakilled.

And thus, barring a reverse-miracle, the spirit of hope and indeed intent enshrined in and expressed by the national anthem ‘Advance Australia Fair’, is for yet another three weary, dreary years of coalition misgovernment, doomed to remain a miracillusion, or in other words a mere mirage.

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