Misogyny, misogayny and misogainy.

Alan Jones, the notoriously toxic Sydney radio shock-jock who regularly gets his rocks off by running amok against women in positions of power, has done it again, this time to New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Adern.

Jones bitch-slapped Ms Adern on air this week by not only calling her “gormless”, “a hypocrite”, “a joke, a fool, a lightweight” and “a complete clown” for her criticising Australia’s inaction against climate change at a meeting of Pacific Island leaders in Tuvalu, but also urging Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison to “shove a sock down her throat.”

Many of us found this very hard to swallow, especially since we distinctly recall Jones’ arrest many years ago in London on suspicion of pubic activities in a public toilet.

Whether there were allegations involving a sock or even a cock down either Jones’ or his toilet companion’s throat I’m not sure, as the whole affair seems to have been quickly covered-up.

But most of us have assumed ever since that Jones is a closet gay. Not, I hasten to say, and as any regular of my writing will attest to as true, that I think there’s anything wrong with this.

I’m all for the freedom of gays of all genders, whether in or out of the closet, or even as Jones was, in the water closet, to get their socks, jocks and rocks off every bit as freely as straights can.

But I totally disapprove of bitchy gay misogynists, or , if you prefer, misogaynists who parade their hatred of women for the purpose of misogaining bigger audiences of fellow bigots, climate-change deniers and other such idiots on their witless wireless programs.

As usual, Jones’ latest display of misogyny/misogayny/misogainy elicited an outpouring of outrage from more civilised Sydney citizens as well as those who, like me, who wouldn’t dream of listening to his drivel, as well as from advertisers who left him in droves, and his radio-station management that has threatened to terminate his contract if he ever offends again.

Even the very person he was trying to suck-up to by means of his vicious verbal assault on Ms Adern, Australia’s current Prime Minister Scott Morrison, expressed his distaste for Jones’ diatribe, describing it as “way out of line.”

But by this stage Morrison himself had done quite enough to offend and alienate Ms Adern along with all the other leaders of Pacific-island nations by refusing to sign an agreement that so much as mentioned the term “climate crisis” or committed Australia to reducing its mining, burning or export of coal.

Meanwhile, having delivered himself of his customary crock of poppycock against the NZ PM, Alan Jones has since claimed that he has written her a letter of apology, and that in any case what he had meant to say was that Scott Morrison “should tell Ms Adern to ‘put a sock in it’,” not to do violence to her by shoving a sock down her throat.

“Of course I would not wish any harm to Jacinda Adern,” he stated, adding that “willful interpretation of my remarks distracts from my point that she was wrong about climate change and wrong about Australia’s contribution to [atmospheric] carbon dioxide levels.”

But I personally doubt that Jones has ever apologized for what I recall as his his worst-ever performance of shock-jockery: his suggestion some years ago that Australia’s first-ever female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard should be “put into a chaff bag and thrown into the sea”, and his slightly later claim that Ms. Gillard’s recently-deceased father had “died of shame” as a result of his bereaved daughter’s “lies”.

With this masterful exercise in mysogynistic, misogaynistic, misogainistic malice, Sydney’s malignant mouthpiece for right-wing rabble made an even more disgusting spectacle of himself than he has with this latest load of sock-related shock-jock schlock.

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