Trump’s witless trade and tirade wars.

I have to confess up front that, in thinking and writing about Donald Trump, I feel almost as much of a nitwit, if not outright fuckwit as the US Commander/Conman-in-Chief so clearly and catastrophically is.

Firstly because so much has been written about/against this dumb-as-a-tree-stump if not dangerously- deranged disgrace to democracy, truth and freedom that it’s highly unlikely that I can come up with anything new to say in his disfavour.

Secondly because there’s not a shred of evidence that he’s willing or able to change, at least for the better.

And finally and perhaps even more dauntingly, I’m aware that by even mentioning his name I’m only further pandering to his pathologically narcissistic need to flatter himself that he’s the greatest global megastar by far, if only in his own mega-disordered mind.

Indeed, as deeply in the grip of mega-egomania as he is, Trump doesn’t appear to care whether he’s seen as a megastar or megamonster, just as long as his trumpetings on Twitter and his strumpets in the weirdo-wing media can keep feeding his megagreed for mega-attention.

A commodity he’s certainly getting plenty of right now, as his trumped-up trade war with China is both costing a great many US farmers such a bundle that they have to be subsidised with billions of bucks, as well as so threatening the stability of the global economy to the point at which it totally sucks.

But the megabucks that megachump Trump keeps costing investors, consumers, employers and workers in the US and the world at large economically or rather wreckonomically with his trade war seem to me so much chicken-feed compared with the terrible moral and ethical toll he’s taken on the so-called Land of the Free with his tirade war.

Trump’s ranting Twitter tirades have grated on just about everything that’s made America as close to great as it has ever got, from immigration by the “tired, poor, huddled masses”, and especially Mexican and Central and South-American masses, formerly welcomed by Lady Liberty, to the genuinely truth-seeking media that he endlessly falsely damns as “fake news”.

He’s also determinedly dumbed-down or done his damnedest to totally dump every possible progressive move made by previous presidents, but particularly Barack Obama, to protect the poor, the sick and otherwise disadvantaged citizens, to combat such crying shames as race-hate and rampant gun-ownership and, of course, to preserve the increasingly-endangered environment.

And into the bargain he’s ‘befriended’ so many of the world’s dictators and other anti-democratic dickheads, from the decency- and dissent-crushin’ Russian, Putin, on down through dirty Duterte of the Philippines to the latest Kim of North Korea to equip himself with rockets and continue to let his people starve or at least suffer rickets.

On top of all that, of course, there’s his support and encouragement for Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage and the rest of the gang of Brexiteers or more accurately Wrecksiteers who are hell-bent on abandoning the European Union even, if necessary, at the price of disuniting the thus-far United Kingdom.

The result of Trump’s abandonment of support for truth, liberty democracy, the rule of law and other principles that the US formerly allegedly stood for around the world, however at times hypocritically, is that his version of America is perceived by foreigners like you and me as so laughably far from its previous position as a role model as to be more of a droll or even LOL model.

In short, far from making America great, Trump’s whoring for personal attention, admiration and even, if possible, outright adoration has set him warring against whatever formerly made America rate with not only the intellectually, emotionally and ethically-competent citizens of the US, but also with most of the rest of us.


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