Falling foul of flocking Faithbookers.

I’m not sure what it was that I wrote recently that brought the wrath of the godly, if not God him/her/itself down on me via Facebook.  All I can be certain of is that by far the most of the faithful who suddenly sent me such a multitude of ‘friend’ requests and messages that my site nearly went into meltdown have hailed from Africa.

And by far the flocking majority of these Africans were Christians. Which figures, I suppose, considering that, as a former member of one of the countless versions and perversions of Christianity competing for the title of the ‘true’ one, I’ve written far more crossly against what I regularly call Christinanity or Christinsanity than about religions with which I’m less familiar.

Anyone would be forgiven for expecting that similar familiarity with the Christian ‘faith’ or at least the more flagrantly hypocritical of its followers, would have bred even more contempt among Africans, since they, along with indigenous South Americans, have historically suffered some of the very worst atrocities at the hands of ‘Christian’ European slavers and colonists.

But of course religious ‘faith’ is a matter not of reason but of wild, indeed wanton irrationality, and thus it makes a kind of nonsensical sense that if Africans are hell-bent on abandoning their traditional religious beliefs in favour of some imported set of superstitions, they must figure that it’s better to go with the proverbial devil they know.

Whatever and whyever, however, it’s clearly evident that increasing numbers of the sorely-persecuted peoples of the so-called ‘dark’ continent that white ‘Christian’ and allegedly ‘enlightened’ Europeans have so disgracefully robbed, raped and pillaged for centuries are themselves becoming Christian.

Or, more specifically, I should say, selectively Christian, because, as is apparently almost always the case with most of the adherents of this and all other ‘faiths’ of which I’m aware, they have seemed suspiciously selective in electing which of the directives of their founder they choose to follow.

For example, the virtually countless self-styled lambs of God who’ve been flocking  to my Facebook site have been such woolly thinkers as to on the one hand (hoof) ignore their alleged Shepherd’s urgings to ‘turn the other cheek’ against those who smite them, instead of smiting their smiters in return or revenge; and on the other hand they’ve all paid obeisance to the biblical “blessed are the meek” message by doing all their flocking completely in peace.

So far, at least, I’ve received not a single critical or carping, let alone abusive message from any of these dozens if not hundreds of mostly African Christians who’ve been requesting me to confirm them as Facebook/Faithbook friends.

But, perhaps unfairly, I’m more inclined to ascribe the spirit of charity with which they’ve responded to my criticisms of their own and other religions to the fact that these people, like many others I know who see themselves as ‘true believers’, have so much innate and genuine goodness, gentility and generosity of spirit as to have no need for faith in Christianity or any other kind of imaginary inanity or insanity, but only in their own true humanity.

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