Curiosity killed the chat.

Wow.  No sooner had I completed and gone public with my previous “why you write so weird” post than a female Friend started grilling me on Messenger about my marital situation.

The last time I was submitted to this kind of questioning, I quickly became tense in response to what was starting to feel like an intense and highly-intrusive official interrogation, and typed back a comment that effect.

Then, after responding to my objection by sending me a set of point-by-point instructions on how to treat or rather suck-up to a woman, she terminated the interview and I’ve never heard from her since.

And I’ve regretted every day since that I might have been a mite hasty in my off-putting response to her as a secret-agent-style Jane Bond with a license to kill conversation, as her profile picture, which keeps repeatedly popping-up on my Friends list, portrays her as appearing far more like Pussy Galore.

So when this more recent and similarly rather fetching female Friend started plying me with a series of probing questions, instead of taking exception to her curiosity, I decided to try and take it as a compliment and play along by candidly responding.

Big mistake, apparently, as before long she became so shocked and scandalised by my replies as to switch from curiosity to criticism, and what struck me as very catty criticism at that.

And as I’m sure you can well imagine, such cattiness pretty well put paid to any inclinations I’d previously had to engage in Messenger chat.

With her or anybody else, especially all the apparently attractive females who’ve started sending me Friend requests and then, as soon as I’ve confirmed them, referring me to links to what they call their ‘sexy’ pictures on ‘adult-dating’ or, in other words, what I presume to be pornography and/or prostitution sites.

Not that they’re to know, I suppose, that, while I’m perfectly prepared to admit that I’ve made my share of mistakes, I’ve always drawn the line at making them with expensive and impersonal professionals, however invitingly value-for-money they may pretend to appear.

So these days I’m still confirming/accepting any and all Friend requests without fear or favour, as ever, and even sending the odd request of my own to people of either/all sexes and genders who strike me as possibly good for a mutually-enjoyable exchange of information, news or views.

But I’ve well and truly learned my lesson that an excess of curiosity on one party’s part, or even if it’s tit-for tat, is all-too-likely to eventually kill the chat, or in other words cause what started as a potentially mutually-fulfilling Friendship to fall flat or go totally splat.


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