Hong Kong demos shame dumbocracies.

In their recent and apparently continuing massive street protests, the people and particularly the youth of Hong Kong are not only showing their contempt for the democrazy, democrushing mockery of democracy maintained by the fake ‘People’s’ Republic of China, but also shaming of all those citizens of comparatively free world who are apparently unperturbed by the perversion of their countries into dumbocracies, dimocracies  or even diemocracies.

The citizens of India, for example, the country that prides itself on being by far the world’s most populous alleged democracy, appear not overly fussed by the fact that it’s being steadily transformed into a mafia-style demuckracy through the election of criminals to political office.

And increasingly so, according to a civil-society organisation, the Association of Democratic Reforms, which recently revealed that the percentage of candidates standing in national elections despite their facing serious criminal charges has steadily risen from 24 per cent in 2004 to 43 per cent this year.

With this degree of democriminality afflicting both the major political parties, no wonder that, whichever of them happens to be in power, the Indian government tends to be more of a hindrance than a help to the nation and its vast majority of democripplingly needy people.

India is also, of course, democritically burdened with the kind of religionism that has rendered most if not all of the Muslim world both in theory and practice as utterly doomocratic as China, where omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent divinities have been totally banned, only to be replaced by that perennial curse of the people, the Communist Party.

And of course fundamentalist religionism is also one of the chief factors in converting the erstwhile chief practitioner, exporter and defender of democracy, God’s own country, the US, into the democrazy demochristian d’ohmocracy into which it has declined under Trump and his born-again Republican party.

Though, democonfusingly, the almighty dollar remains right up there with God, as it does in my own homeland of Australia and all other countries where money trumps such minor considerations as morality, ethics, equality and the environmental sustainability, and thus democracy steadily gives way to doughmocracy.

In short, due to dim and dimmer voters, and government secrecy laws designed to keep us and our protective media dumb and dumber, and lies so unceasing that they render us increasingly numb and number, democracy is in democrisis.

Except, apparently, in Hong Kong, where none of the protestors or their forebears, having either been refugees from Chinese Imperial or Communist rule or born into British colonial subjection, have ever actually experienced genuine democracy.

And thus, through their courageous callings and strivings for dreamocracy, put those of us to whom democracy was a birthright, and and thus a gift we all-too-easily take for granted, to everlasting shame for our dumbocratic and dimocratic, if not outright damnedocratic or even deservedly doomedocratic indifference.

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