Human rightsponsibilities.

It seems to me that most people believe and talk a load of rot about human rights. Most of the shockingly small minority of us who have been sufficiently fortunate as to inherit them are not only very dimly aware of what our rights are, but also all-too-inclined to take them for granted.

And most of the vast majority of our fellows still denied them by religions, governments, ideologues and other enablers, defenders and promoters of human wrongs are kept as ignorant as possible of their entitlement to rights at all, let alone what they are.

So here to either refresh our memories of the rights all we humans are entitled to, or for the benefit of those who haven’t bothered or been permitted to ascertain what they are, is a link to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as specified by the UN:

As you’ll discover, if you haven’t seen this document before, it’s surprisingly short and sweet. But unfortunately, at least in my personal opinion, it’s long on rights but very short on responsibilities.

In fact it mentions responsibilities/duties only once, and then only minimally, and with a lamentable lack of specificity, in Article 29:1, which states that ‘everyone has duties to the community in which alone the free and full development of his personality is possible.”

This to me is a very serious shortcoming indeed, and one of the principal reasons besides simple slackness and indifference why so many people in relatively free countries fail to exercise their rights to vote.

Or, in other words, behave not like responsible citizens, but total dead-shitizens.

Then there are those who do make the effort to vote, but who  do so in utter ignorance because they can’t be bothered taking the trouble to understand the fundamentals of the political system in which they’re so minimally participating, let alone making an effort to comprehend who the candidates are and what their policies are.

In other words, as I’ve said ad nauseam before, far from fulfilling their responsibilities that spring from the rights they enjoy as citizens, they’re content to be mere nit-witizens.

And thus all-too-likely to enable the election of such dumb and dangerous administrations as that of the Trump-headed Republicans in the US, the Cameron then May and now, incredibly, the possibly Boris Johnson-led Tories in the UK, and the recent ridiculous re-election of the conservative coalition government fronted by Scott Morrison in Australia.

Such execrable examples of the disastrous consequences of dead-shitizens failing to avail themselves of their minimal rights, and of nit-witizens getting their rights wrong would be disgraceful enough in themselves.

But even worse is that the upshot of such peoples’ appalling abdications of even their most basic responsibilities is the subsequent erosion of their rights.

As in the US, where the free, independent, truth-telling media have been relentlessly attacked as ‘fake news’ by the pathologically lying Donald Trump and his confederates at Fox News, and in Australia, where just two weeks after the recent federal election, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) were permitted if not encouraged by the re-elected Morrison government to go feral against media organisations that revealed a few of the regime’s tawdry secrets.

This assault on the already severely limited freedom of the press in Australia caused a bit of a public outcry, of course. But nothing on even remotely resembling the storm of outrage on the streets of Hong Kong against threats by China/Chaina to steal more of their already-diminished human rights and thus enchain them in its freedom-free system.

What an inspiration these people are, or at least should be, to all right-thinking (as totally distinct, of course, from Right-wing thinking) people in Australia, the UK, US and many other countries where so many dead-shitizens and nit-witizens wrongly presume that they can retain their rights without shouldering any of their serious responsibilities.

Which include not just choosing whether or not to vote, but participating at all times in the political process as not just intelligent, informed and involved citizens, but also as passionately outspoken critizens.





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