More merde from the Murdoch media.

With just three days to go before Australia’s federal election, Rupert Murdoch’s feral media, or, more accurately, misleadia, are still doing their worst to try and save the ‘con’ as in ‘conservative’, ‘coal’ as in ‘coalition’ government from almost certain defeat.

This morning’s dire last-ditch effort by the Sydney Daily Telegraph/Tellemcrap is a front-page picture of Labor leader Bill Shorten bearing the banner headline “The great divider”, while the Tellemcrap’s national if not outright nazional partner, The Australian/Australiar,  splashes that “Shorten ignites unholy war”, and follows this up on subsequent pages with ‘stories’ headlined “Labor sinks to new low”, “Shorten’s desperate hypocrisy” and “Labor ramps up ‘grubby’ attack on PM’s faith”.

No sign of shame, then, on the part of these alleged newspapers, let alone of any intention to go straight, following their ill-fated attack on Bill Shorten’s memories of his late mother, as featured in my recent post headed “Murdoch motherfuckers’ major mistake”.

But, despite Rupert Murdoch’s mealy-mouthed claim of mock humility during the UK phone-hacking inquiry some years ago, his apologies for respectable news media know no modesty, let alone shame, when their proprietor’s interests are at stake.

As they are very much so in the current Australian political situation, in light of the fact that Bill Shorten and his Labor colleagues, have signaled their intention, if elected, to not only finally force Murdoch’s News Corp/Corpse to pay the company tax that it’s been avoiding/evading for years, but also to closely inquire into its dire degree of media dominance.

For these and perhaps even other financial reasons I’m unaware of, Murdoch’s ‘news’ media in Australia are and have long been doing their utmost to maintain the current government in office and keep Labor in opposition.

Thus, in view of all this pandering to political parties protecting their own interests along with those of fellow prosperous if not filthy-rich corporations and individuals, at the expense of the rest of the people of Australia, not to mention at shocking cost to the nation’s increasingly-endangered environment, they, not Bill Shorten, are actually the great dividers.

And as for their whingeing about Bill Shorten’s unholy warring against the hypocrisy of PM Scott Morrison’s self-styled Christianity, what could be more unholy than the shameless whoring on behalf of Morrison and his politricky accomplices by these presstitutes of the Murdoch media?

But, I console myself, only three days remain for the harlots of Holt Street to engage in their obscene antics before the majority of us can do our damndest to vote against not only the current woefully-wrong right-wing government, but also its blight/fright/shite-wing and above all mendacious media partners in grime.


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