Ideologies and diedeologies.

Some sage whose name I forget famously observed the the more ridiculous an ideology is, the more determined its adherents are to defend it to the death.

To the death of others preferably, and of themselves as well, if necessary, as in the recent indiscriminate criminal slaughter of innocents in Sri Lanka by members of a bunch of believers in the most extreme bi-deological expressions of Islam,  terrorist homicideology and suicideology.

But don’t get the idea that I’m about to embark on a divideological anti-Muslim rant here. Islamic suicideologists’ faith in being fated to a future in paradise where they’ll be feted with the favours of 72 or however many virgins verges no further on the ridiculous than the pie-in-the-skydeologies of any of the countless other competing religions.

Nor, for that matter, is is Islam or any other religion much if any more ludicrously at odds with reality than any of the many nit-witted non-religious awrydeologies like, for example, white supremacism, neo-Nazism, or capitalism so unrestrained it becomes crapitalism; or than any of the outright anti-religious liedeologies like Communism.

Not that there’s much if anything wrong with some of Communism’s fundamental ideas or even ideals. It’s hard to disagree with the Marxist axiom “from each according to his abilities; to each according to his needs”, for example, or with Karl Marx’s declaration that “religion is the opiate of the people,” or indeed with the principle that the workers should reap the rewards of their labour instead of being exploited by the wankers who not only own all the principal and get to keep all the interest into the bargain.

But while Communism might seem all very well ideologically speaking, it’s been so crydeologically perverted in practice as to prove the very opposite of paradiseological for people condemned to submit to its power, and potentially outright diedeological for for the population of the entire Planet.

Countless millions of opponents of and dissenters from Communism have been ‘liquidated’ by such homicideologues as Stalin, Mao Zedong, the Castro brothers and successive members of the Kim regime; far from ‘democracies’ of, by and for the people, as they all so falsely claim, China, North Korea and the like are dictatorships of not just pathologically liedeological but also unrelentingly spydeological and ruthlessly complydeological Communist parties.

And far from having freed their oppressed people from their addiction to the opiate of religion, they’ve elevated their earthly dictators to the status of divinities, and replaced dreams of heaven with delusions of such earthly Edens as what I guess I can be justified in calling Poohradise in the case of China, given current Chairman Xi Jinping’s uncanny resemblance to the famous fictional bear of little brain, or North Korea’s somewhat more obvious Kimdom come.

China has also managed to magically transform itself into what I can only think to call a bi-deological state, in that it now claims to have achieved the impossible feat of being faithful to both ideological Communism and and at the same time to its opposite, Capitalism.

But to my mind all that’s happened is that it has retained the most notorious ‘wise sayings’ contained in Mao Zedong’s best-selling but little-read if not unreadable Little Red Book, to wit “power grows out the barrel of a gun” and added the more recent realisation that now drives its campaign to achieve global hegemony through ‘debt diplomacy’ and such schemes and scams as the ‘belt and road project’, that power also grows out of a barrel of yuan.

Just as the power of the Russian remnant of the former USSR grows out of the barrels of roubles stolen from the people by Vladimir Putin and his so-called oligarchs (Stoligarchs?), and as the power of the Islameological oiligarchs of Saudi or more accurately Shroudy Arabia grows out of barrels of crude.

And all the rest of us have as an ally for good against all this power for evil is an at least theoretically ideololically free and democractic USA whose people have submitted to rule by a lying, lowbrow lunatic in whom any potential shred of intelligence or integrity is totally trumped by his incurably narcissistic I/me/mydeology.

Of course there’s always Europe to look to, but idiots afflicted with similarly Trumpian  and thus utterly self-interested and self-seeking I/me/mydeologies, like Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage and the rest of the UK’s ‘hard right’ or in other words dead-wrong Brexshiteers, are doing everything in their power to divide and diminish if not destroy the EU.

Just as the sloganeering bogan Scott Morrison and his fellow con as in conservative no-idealogues currently mis-governing Australia are determinedly further dividing the populace between the rich and the rest, or, if you prefer, the affluent and the effluent, and thus advancing the nation backwards.

A thought that reminds me personally that as a writer, and a virtually unknown one at that, the only power I can possibly hope to wield against the gun, the yuan, rubles,petrodollars and other weapons ranged against the well-being of Australia in particular along with Sri Lanka the world at large, is a few fairly impotent words and, as you see here, the odd pun.

Plus, thank goodness, far greater faith in ideas and ideals than all the ideologies, liedeologies and derideologies I can think of. Except, of course, for the two that I’ve said before that I prideologically live by: the fundamental truth that doubt, questioning or, in a word, scepticism is the beginning of wisdom. And the closely-related Groucho-Marxist principle of refusing to join any club/party/cult/movement that would allow, let alone coerce or outright force me, to commit the ultimate intellectually suicideological sin of thoughtlessly believing in, let alone belonging to it.


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