ScareMo fears ‘living wage’ will cost jobs.

But don’t worry. Likely he’s not primarily concerned for all the workers who have won themselves the mostly pathetically poorly-paid casual and part-time jobs that he and his con-servatives have allegedly ‘created’ under their watch.

What I suspect is really putting the wind up Scott Morrison aka ScoMo/ScamMo/ScareMo is not so much the risk that Labor’s policy on lifting the measly ‘minimum’ wage to a far fairer ‘living’ wage will lose him the forthcoming election and thus cost him his own current job as Prime Minister, his cabinet mates their jobs as ministers, and a great many of his back-benchers their plushy positions in parliament.

And into the bargain it could well cost lots of flacks and lobbyists for the coal, finance and sundry other vested interests at the big, or, if you like, pig end of town that the coal-ition’s been so persistent in protecting at the expense of their lower-order workers and Australian consumers.

So if in fact these aforementioned are the jobs that Morriscon fears that Labor will cost us, the faster the better as far as I’m concerned.

Similarly the job-losses that are virtually sure to occur on the Queensland and other coalfields when Labour’s climate-change policies come into effect, as new employment opportunities lost in the fossil-fuel/fool industries will surely be replaced, or maybe more accurately recycled, in the rapidly-expanding renewable-energies sector.

In short, if anything costs jobs in the broader workforce besides those in the rank ranks of the con-servative coal-ition, it will be the fault not of Labor and its intention to achieve moderate and long-overdue wage rises for the great mass of Australian workers, but of ScoMo/ScamMo/ScareMo and his minions for bringing to the brink of recession the economy they claim to be so expert and trustworthy at managing.

So that whatever costs these fakes and flakes their jobs in Canberra, be it any the of the advances to Australia that they’ve self-interestedly opposed,  like the ‘living wage’, genuine action on climate change, long-awaited action on tax reform or even, come to think of it, the way-overdue establishment of a federal anti-corruption commission, I and I hope a majority of the nation’s voters just can’t wait for it to happen.


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