Clownservatism’s last laugh?

For decades, indeed centuries, the forces, or, if you prefer, farces of Conservatism have been having a hilarious time at the expense of the rest of us and the planet we inhabit by conning enough citizens into believing that all’s right/right-wing with the world as long as their alleged God’s in his heaven and the greedy keep screwing the needy while laughing all their way to the bank.

So I’m totally tickled to see the Cons finally so openly exposing themselves in so many countries as ludicrously deceitful, comically incompetent and thus ultimately unelectable clowns.

As in the U.S., by way of the most conspicuously tragi-comic example, where the Republicans achieved the seemingly impossible feat of enabling the election of a president who trumps even Ronald ‘greed is good’ Reagan and George W ‘greed is God’ Bush in the Clownservative department.

The inane if not insane and pathologically lying draft-dodger and serial bankrupt who promised to ‘drain the swamp’ in Washington, but rather than reform it from a Warshington run by and for the benefit of the same military-industrial complex that a former Republican President, Dwight Eisenhower, long ago identified as a threat to US democracy; or from a Whoreshington prostituted by lobbyists for big business and small minds, he’s done nothing but try and turn it into his own personal Wallshington against immigrants, and a Woeshington for most of its populace and the rest of the so-called free world.

Thus, far from keeping his preposterous promise to ‘make America great again’, he’s made America grate on just about everybody on earth,friends and foes alike.

Then there’s the UK, or, if you prefer, the YUK, where a coterie of Clownservatives like Boris ‘jolly jape’ Johnson and Nigel ‘farrago of falsehood’ Farage and their fellow Brexshits contrived by means of barrages of total Brexshite to con a majority of citizens into voting for leaving the European Union without any plan whatever for how this could be achieved or how Brexshitty it might prove for their nation.

A situation that is currently rendered even more ridiculous by an opposition so laughably divorced from reality as to be labouring under the delusion that it can be taken seriously under the so-called leadership of Jeremy ‘you must be kidding’ Corbin, with the result that Britain has become a bad joke and Westminster is about the greatest Waste-of-space-Minster, or, if you like, the very Worstminster it could possibly be.

At least, thank goodness, Australia, the country I know best to be cursed by a Clownservative Liberal-National Coalition, or rather Coal-ition, given the laughable support for fossil fuels over renewable energy sources by the fossils and fools comprising its component parties, has an opposition that offers an acceptable alternative.

Come May this year, by which time a federal election must be held, Bill Shorten-led Labor shows great promise in both the strength of purpose and capacity it will take to put a stop to the incumbents’ madcap attempts to turn the nation’s capital, Canberra, into their personal populace-misleading, special-interests-pleading Conberra.

Or perhaps I should make that Can’tberra, in view of the fact that the Coal-ition of Clownservatives are characterised far less by what they can do than by what they either won’t or can’t.

They can’t, for example, as already mentioned, bring themselves to believe in humankind’s contribution to climate change, and thus can’t see global warming as a warning that Australia should embrace renewable-energy technologies.

They can’t see the increasingly crying need, either, for a sensible balance of water resources between the greed of irrigators and other economic interests and the survival of the natural environment in this notoriously dry country.

They similarly can’t seem to take seriously the fact that Australia, like so many other countries, is increasingly economically and socially divided, and thus can’t see their way to spreading its wealth more equally.

So they can’t see their way to more equitable reform of a tax system that’s skewed in favour of the affluent and screws those they perceive as effluent, preferring instead to perpetuate this injustice by endlessly chanting such cant concepts as ‘trickle-down prosperity’.

And currently they can’t see the need for a national commission against corruption, just as for years they couldn’t see the point in a royal commission into the banking and other finance industries which, virtually over their dead or at least dread bodies, has just completed its revelations of long-standing and systematic mistreatment of and crimes against millions of customers.

In short, the Clownservative Coal-ition just can’t seem to comprehend, let alone come to terms with the fact that its sworn responsibility is, as stated simply, indeed simple-mindedly in our national anthem, to Advance Australia Fair.

To advance Australia for all, not just the affluent. And as for fair, as I’ve said many times previously, though the word has many meanings including beautiful, blonde, fine/not rainy and mediocre, the sense in which I understand it is fair as in fair go, fair treatment and fair share.

So you can see why many if not most of us Australian voters  can’t wait to celebrate the forthcoming federal election by saying our farewells to the fake fair-dinkum Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his entire Coal-ition of Clownservatives.

And hopefully by also inspiring our genuinely liberal and truly democratic friends in the US and UK to similarly get the last laugh on their do own painfully unfunny Clownservatives at their earliest possible opportunity.





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