(Anti) social media.

I find myself increasingly anti the so-called ‘social’ media for the simple reasons that they’re so time-wasting, distracting and, most dire of all, appallingly anti-social.

Not that I’ve sampled them all, or ever will, as I’m alienated enough to be going on with from the only two of them I really know, Facebook and Twitter.

The latter because avoiding any medium of communication with ‘twit’ in its name, and, from what I’ve seen, with far too many millions of twits among its users, the most notorious of them being that pathologically lying nitwit-in-chief, Donald Trump, simply has to be a no-brainer.

And as for Facebook, I’m totally, or, if you prefer, terminally fed-up with the thing. First and foremost because in all the years since I foolishly followed the fad of opening an account with it, and all the countless ‘friend’ requests I’ve accepted on top of the very few I’ve sent, it has never, ever even gone close to generating a genuine friendship.

Even the relatively few attempts I’ve made to convert potentially interesting new contacts into real, live acquaintances if not actual friends by suggesting that we communicate directly via email instead of some stupid, user-unfriendly Facebook function like messaging, writing on each others’ walls, trading ‘pokes’ or whatever, have all utterly failed.

So, in view of both this false claim to foster friendships and also the evident falsehood of far too many of its users’ alleged profiles, I long ago came to think of it as Fakebook.

Or, in light of the fact that a great many friend requests come from people who are not just blatantly obvious fakes but such flakes as to fancy they can fool me into falling for their fetching pictures, Flakebook.

For some reason right now there seems to be quite a frenzy of such Facekooks fiendishly sending me friend requests lately that it’s become a total Farcebook.

And so, having spent hours some months ago trying to delete the damn thing and failing, I’m hoping there’s some socially-minded IT genius out there who’s on the brink of coming up with an app that can achieve Faceblock.


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