Tony Abbott goes the rabid rabbit.

Again. But rather than just getting mad at his latest antics, let’s also get even. Even more alert and antagonistic to the alarming fact that his brainless bunny act is an attempt to hide the fact that he’s actually as cunning as the proverbial shithouse rat.

Realising as he long ago apparently did that by rabbiting on against any and all enlightened initiatives, from efforts to stem climate-change to reforms of inequitable taxes and marriage legislation, he’ll reduce the majority of us to impotent rage, and thus make us easier meat than ever for the rabble of religionists, greed-is-God ‘neoliberals’ and anti-conservation con-artists calling themselves ‘conservatives’ that collectively identify as the political ‘right’.

Or, in other words, as I never tire of pointing-out, the wrong. The wrong in their unceasing warring – and, in the cases of their supporters in politics and the media, whoring – against any and all opposition to their traditional sense of self-entitlement to run the world for their own benefit, and if necessary ruin it for the rest of us.

And as long as the wrong-wingers see him as an ally if not an outright messiah, Tony Abbott – or, as my beloved sister Mercia refers to him, Tony Abort – like Donald Trump and his other fellow ‘con’ as in ‘conservative’ politicians, couldn’t care less what a moron he looks to the vast and unfortunately largely silent majority of us.

Or how hopelessly hypocritical, or, if you prefer, phoney Tony he reveals himself to be, as in his recent ‘Daring to Doubt’ address to some wrong-wing UK group calling itself the Global Warming Policy Foundation.

His likening of climate-change believers, activists and legislators to primitive people trying to appease the volcano gods by sacrificing goats may well have gone down a treat with his self-interestedly deluded audience, but all it did for me, and I assume many others, was to recall that as a professed Catholic he himself believes in the appeasement of an alleged God by so sacrificing reason in favour of ‘faith’ as to believe in far more ludicrous concepts than those espoused by many if not most ‘primitive’ religions.

For example, at least volcanoes and goats actually exist, whereas, say, the virgin birth and the ‘Holy Ghost’, in both of which Abbott as a professed Catholic presumably believes, are to say the least highly questionable.

But no doubt confident of saving his immortal soul for an eternity in heaven by virtue of his faith in these and sundry other such fantasies, Abbott seems hell-bent on investing his remaining years on earth to saving mankind from such scourges as big government, clean energy, anything including the word ‘equality’, and, even more crucially, to saving the right or rather wrong wing of Australia’s grossly mis-labeled ‘Liberal’ Party from political extinction.

Even, or perhaps especially, if it means crucifying his usurper as Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, in the process. Never mind such biblical exhortations as ‘vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord’, or ‘if thine enemy smites you on the cheek, turn the other’, let alone such anti-neoliberal sentiments as ‘the meek shall inherit the earth’ and ‘it is harder for a rich man to enter heaven than a camel to pass through the eye of a needle.’

But, as I’ve written previously, religious quotes seem as powerless as reason against Abbott’s bad habits. So all I can think of as a kind of mental myxomatosis against him and all his fellow rabid wrong-wing rabbits is to constantly remind myself and the more humane of my fellow humans to do everything in our power to foil their plot to make goats of us, the better to lead us like lambs to the slaughter.


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One response to “Tony Abbott goes the rabid rabbit.

  1. Mercia

    Absolutely brilliant
    From now on he must be referred to as Abort
    It would have been so much better if it had happened before birth
    Love your work
    Love you xxx


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