Trump goes air con.

It’s been perfectly obvious for years now that this brain-dead big-noter and blowhard pretending to be president of the U.S.  is nothing but a windbag full of metaphorical hot air.

But now he’s being revealed as not just figuratively but literally bursting with and blowing hot air, as air-conditioner manufacturer Carrier proceeds to export to Mexico hundreds of jobs that he claimed during the campaign that he had made a deal to save for U.S. workers.

Admittedly this air con is just a trifle compared with his ongoing foreign-affair con involving alleged collusion with Putin’s rotten Russian regime to help himself achieve the presidency, or, for that matter, his airy rejection of the Paris Accord against climate change on the grounds that he’s a denier that global warming has anything to do with the combustion of fossil fuels.

But as far as I’m concerned, the more this airhead does to reveal himself to even his dangerously deluded supporters that he’s nothing but a fossil and a fool, the sooner his stupid example will serve as a global warning to citizens of both the U.S. and other relatively free countries to be far more discerning in the deployment of their votes.

Or, in other words, maybe in so dismally and disastrously failing to deliver on his fake promise to make American great again, Trump might inspire all of us, everywhere, to make more strenuous efforts toward improving ourselves and our governments, if only by default, in response to his dreadful example.






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