Tony Abbott’s bad habits.

As much as I’m enjoying watching the torture that Tony Abbott is putting Australia’s incumbent government through, I’m delighted to see he’s doing even more damage to himself and his entire conservative cause.

Throughout the entire year since his colleagues replaced him as Prime Minister, he’s demonstrated that, far from the dinkum Aussie good sport he’s long pretended to be, he’s a pathetically poor and sore loser.

And for a man who presents himself as a devout Catholic, he’s made a very poor fist of practicing Christianity, given that he’s done the absolute opposite of turning the other cheek and forgiving his enemies, especially his arch-enemy and replacement as Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull.

Nor has he shown the slightest awareness of the contradiction that so powerfully strikes the rest of us between his avowed capacity for belief in the far-fetched ‘doctrines’ of a Christian ‘faith’ that involve such fantasies as ‘miracles’, and his total inability to imagine the possibility of man-made climate change.

Thus demonstrating that his bitter struggle to keep the ‘coal’ in Coalition is just a symptom of his over-arching crusade to keep the ‘con’ in conservative.

Clearly, all that Abbott-style ‘conservatives’ in Australia and around the world are hell-bent on conserving nothing but their own and their supporters’ traditional social, economic and political privileges, however much this costs the majority of the people and the well-being of the Planet.

Abbott’s most recent call to the ‘faithful’ of Australia’s so-called ‘Liberal’, or in other words illiberal party was to ‘take the party back.’

This was delightfully ambiguous, I thought, given that it could equally understood as meaning to regain control of the party, or to drag it back into the ‘good old days’ of its racist, homophobic, screw-the-workers past.

And the more of this the better, as far as I’m concerned. Because the more damage that Tony Abbott and his fellow cons as in conservatives around the world continue to their own credibility and that of their dismal philosophy, the sooner we’re likely to see a truly socially and ethically liberal backlash against these political primitives.



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