Totally fake and on the take.

That to me pretty concisely sums-up the Umno/BN regime and the most compelling reasons why Malaysians in all their diversity need to unite to remove this curse from the country they claim to love.

But unfortunately, as demonstrated by Umno/BN’s fake ‘win’ of a majority of seats in the 13th general election despite its loss of the overall majority of votes, the very fakery and on-the-takery that render the regime such a curse are also what keep it alive.

Fake Umno/BN election ‘success’, for example, depends not only on the drawing of fake electoral boundaries by the regime’s fake electoral commission, but also on enough citizens either willing to take bribes to vote for the highest bidder, or else so patently and pathetically fake as to not bother to register or turn up to vote at all.

Similarly, the survival of Umno/BN’s fake ‘news’ media depend on not only on such constitution-faking laws as the unconstitutionally-oppressive Printing, Presses and Publications Act and the transparency-killing Official Secrets Act, but on the co-operation of countless fake ‘journalists’ corruptly taking salaries in return for their support of the regime in the form of lies, spin, self-censorship or outright silence.

And so on and on, through every conceivable institution of government and department of the civil services.

So it came as no surprise last week when fake Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, already under strong suspicion of being massively on the take via such scams as the long-ago Scorpene Submarines purchase and the currently very much ongoing multi-billion-ringgit 1Malaysia Development Berhad swindle, once again stole US President Donald Trump’s trademark ‘fake news’ concept for the purpose of belabouring his own detractors and critics.

Umno/BN’s very own fake ‘news agency’, Bernama, reported a lavish selection of Najib’s typical exercises in fakery, like, for example, his claim that ‘a well-known foreign newspaper’ had printed ‘complete lies about the government’, and that this had been done ‘without a shred of evidence, and based solely on nameless, anonymous sources who may not even exist.’

When in fact, as everybody knows, the so-called ‘well-known foreign newspaper’ was the highly respectable Wall Street Journal, and that, far from alone, the WSJ was joined in this reporting by countless other such trusted newspapers as the Washington Post and the Guardian; the story was not about the Malaysian government, but Najib himself; and the sources on which the running story was based, far from being ‘nameless’ or ‘anonymous’ or even non-existent, included such authorities as the US Department of Justice.

Entirely undaunted by the universally-known facts of the matter, however, which included numerous mentions of ‘Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) or in other words apparently Najib himself in the findings of the Department of Justice investigation and similar probes in Swiss, Singaporean and other jurisdictions, this faker went on to claim that such highly-credible reports ‘represent a cancer at the heart of journalism…a disease that can have very serious effects.’

And as if that wasn’t a fake enough take on the topic, Najib also claimed in the same fake diatribe that the Umno/BN regime permits considerable freedom of speech in Malaysia, in contravention of the clearly evident fact that a great many critics of him and his government’s blatant fakery and takery have been summarily hit with charges of sedition

Indeed, perhaps the most persistently outspoken of such critics, cartoonist Zulkifly al Haq, aka Zunar, is still, as far as I’m aware, subject to such a slew of sedition charges that at least in theory he’s facing the threat of over 40 years in jail.

Freedom of speech? Freedim or freedumb of speech, more like it. Except, of course, for Najib and his accomplices in faking and taking, who consider themselves absolutely free to speak as much stupid, lying nonsense as they please.

Such stupid, lying nonsense, in fact, as Najib’s recent ‘reminder’, again reported by his fake ‘news’ agency Bernama, that people should not support opposition parties as ‘there are leaders among them who do not want to see the development of Islam and Malays in the country.’

He then went on to claim that ‘the opposition practices an “end justifies the means” concept simply to unseat the Barisan Nasional (BN) government’ before delivering himself of a virtually incomprehensible clutter of fake religiosity to the effect that ‘The goal must be noble, the method must also be correct, if it’s not done in the right way, God will not accept our worship, everything must be right, if the method is not right, our worship despite our good intentions will not be accepted by God, and even in politics we have to hold to the principles of Islam.’

In other words, as I understand Najib to mean by these incoherent ravings, he’s perfectly prepared to risk darkening the names of Islam and of the divinity in which he allegedly believes by associating them with his fake, on-the-take and altogether god-forsaken regime.

An attempted association that, if I happened to be even remotely religious, I imagine that I’d see as little if anything short of blasphemous. And just one more of the many urgently compelling reasons why Malaysians should finally and for once and for all force Najib and his Umno/BN accomplices to take or better still fake off.




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