Nothing but turn and bull 2.

I first made the point last year that Malcolm Turnbull’s strategy for surviving as prime minister was nothing but a combination of turn and bull.

Back then he’d turned from climate-change believer to sceptic and marriage equality advocate to equivocator, and turned like a mad dog on working backpackers in an attempt to hit them with a 36 per cent income tax, as well as on asylum-seekers with a lifetime ban on entry to Australia, and tried to justify all the turning with a total load of bull.

But since all that didn’t improve his pathetic ratings in the polls, indeed quite the opposite, he and his fellow Coalition Turnbullshitters seem fatally stuck with the same self-destructive strategy.

In concert with Treasurer Scott Morrison and Finance Minister Mathias Cormann, Turnbull has turned from his avowed intention to reform Australia’s taxation system to giving a whopping tax break to business, and tried to justify it with a load of bull about how it would work to create jobs.

Then he and his money-men turned to pretending they had concerns about housing affordability for would-be first home buyers in Australia, especially in Sydney and Melbourne, but then turned against doing anything to alleviate the effects of such obviously price-inflating policies like negative gearing and capital gains tax benefits.

In the process talking heaps of bullshit about having to be careful not to destabilize the national economy, but actually refusing to act beyond urging state governments to boost housing supply, as most Coalition voters, not to mention Coalition politicians themselves, have a vested interest in keeping real-estate values soaring.

Then it was the turn of Australia’s electricity market to receive the Turnbull treatment. He and Energy Minister Frydenberg turned on the South Australian government and blamed its renewable-energy policies for power blackouts in that state. But when that turned out to be a load of bull, and Victoria and New South Wales looked like suffering power overloads too, Turnbull advocated fixing the problem by beefing-up the capacity of the Snowy Mountains hydroelectric system.

Never mind that this bullshit solution would take at least 10 years and leave the populace with a bill of at least $2 billion.

And speaking of the billions all these bullshit schemes cost us, since then it has become clear that, having turned from a supporter of a carbon tax on fossil-fuels emissions to a supporter of keeping the ‘coal’ in Coalition, the Turnbull government intends to support the highly-controversial coalmine mooted for Queensland by Indian corporation Adani with a billion dollars of Australian taxpayer funds for infrastructure.

This, like the reduction in the rate of company tax, justified by the alleged creation of jobs. In the Adani case as many as 10,000 jobs according to the Turnbull government’s official line of bull, but as few as less than 2,000 according to many mining experts.

But, apparently undaunted by such a spectacular series of self-inflicted debacles and packs of lies, now Turnbull has apparently turned to pinning his fading hopes on that proverbial last resort of the scoundrel, patriotism.

What a turn-up for the books this is. Not only ‘reform’ of the foreign-worker visa system supposedly to protect those ever-elusive Australian jobs the Turnbull government keeps endlessly promising to generate, but also a savage increase in both the duration and difficulty of obtaining Australian citizenship.

With the latter proposed on totally bullshit grounds to do with the allegedly to do with ‘Australian values’, but to me smacking suspiciously of Donald Trump—style anti-Islamic jingoism, given that one of the principle values mentioned was opposition to genital mutilation.

Which is all very sanctimonious and politically-correct, of course. But from what I’ve seen of the citizenship tests as they stand, let alone the stricter ones the Turnbull and his patriots are proposing, most people born in Australia would be unlikely to be able to pass them.

And as for genital mutilation, which in any case is strictly forbidden by law in Australia, I wonder if this prohibition would extend to genital modification.

Like, for example, the circumcision that was virtually routine for male infants born in Australia back when I was, during World War 2, and as always has been and still is for males members of Judaism and Islam.

In any event, who the hell do the likes of Turnbull and his drongo Immigration Minister Dutton think they are to set themselves up as judges of what are and aren’t ‘Australian’ values?

Surely the Turnbull government, through all its betrayals of principles such as those of economic fairness, gender equality and environmental protection, not to mention its systematic bullshitty betrayal of the principle of telling the people the truth, is the last group to be trusted as judge and jury about what is and isn’t in accord with ‘Australian values’.

Or so it seems to me as someone who’s been an Australian for longer than any of them, and who sees our strength as a people in being able to get along despite our deep individual differences, not because we share some alleged ‘Aussieness’ as defined by the Turnbullshitters of some coterie of conservatives trying to pass themselves off as Liberals.



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