Cruise missiles..or ruse missiles?

Oops! To my intense embarrassment, especially in light of all the claims I’ve been making here about the resistance mission I’m on in the Word Wars between truth and fakery, I suspect that I’ve foolishly fallen victim to some of the very weapons of mass deception that I’m so dedicated to defeating.

And I have absolutely no excuse for so shamefully failing to deploy my defensive skepticism. How on earth could I have forgotten, even momentarily, the lesson we all so painfully learned from the forces of mass deception when they faked fantastic tales of weapons of mass destruction to justify the so-called Coalition of the Willing in its waging of the still-raging war in Iraq?

All too easily, I’m afraid. I let my emotion blind me to reality, thus once again demonstrating the wisdom of philosopher David Hume’s famous denial of the long-alleged supremacy of ‘human’ rationality over ‘animal’ emotionality with his famous declaration that ‘reason is the slave of the passions.’

In other words, in my burning desire to see some vengeance wreaked on Bashar al-Assad and his fellow Syrial killers for the countless lives and livelihoods they’ve stolen and trashed over the past seven years in the cause of clinging to power, I foolishly allowed my heart to leap in response to the missile strike Trump recently ordered, and thus, at least for a moment, lost my head.

But little by little, thank goodness, I’ve started coming back to my senses. In the process asking myself such questions as ‘if Trump’s such a dead-set humanitarian as to care about the poison-gassing of Syrian children, and Muslim Syrian children at that, how come he never, ever showed any sign of such compassion before?’

And ‘how could he possibly think of so seriously jeopardizing the affair of the heart, head and above all of mutual self-love, that he’s so strangely long shared with the al-Assad regime’s great partner in its war-crimes, Russian President Vladimir Putin?’

This latter question inevitably led to my first moment of wondering whether I should stop celebrating Trump’s deployment of Cruise missiles, and starting to suspect that they were really ruse missiles.

Weapons of not only mass deception to convince the world that, despite all previous evidence to the contrary, Trump cares a damn about anybody but himself, but also weapons of mass distraction from disturbing suspicions that the massively corrupt and power-mad Putin regime conspired with Trump’s supporters in helping him achieve the US presidency.

In light of these considerations, it’s terribly tempting, indeed almost too utterly tempting for words, to wonder whether the entire affair has been a con cooked-up between Trump and Putin for their mutual political benefit.

Putin pretends to be hopping-mad at the attack on his ally, and thus has another opportunity to present himself as the strong if wrong leader that the majority of Russian people perversely appear to prefer, while Trump, despite his endlessly-stated intentions to embrace isolationism, both gets to look strong and statesmanlike on the international stage, and generates more domestic support for his plan to cut back on social expenditure and squander even more squillions of dollars on the US’s already-obscenely-bloated military-industrial complex.

So far, I grant you, most of the world appears to be accepting this whole Cruise/ruse missile affair at face value. But no worries. I’m perfectly prepared to be perceived as some kind of paranoid conspiracy theorist as long as it takes for future unfolding events, as they surely will, to reveal the whole thing as a sham and a scam, and thus yet another triumph for Trump-style fake news.





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