Making America gate again.

As John Dean commented on the Australian Broadcasting Commission’s ‘Planet America’ program the other day, the Watergate scandal that blew Richard Nixon out of the US presidency was a minor matter compared with the Russiagate that’s building against Donald Trump.

And, of all people, Dean should know. He was, after all, Nixon’s legal counsel, and he’s had loads of time during the jail sentence he served for the perjury he committed on Nixon’s behalf, and through the many years since, to come to terms with reality.

Which is that, as a result of the enlistment of Russia as an ally in his race for the presidency against Hilary Clinton, Trump is not just cruisin’ for a bruisin’, but rushin’ towards a crushin’.

Or, if you prefer, in light of the method he favours for communicating his mendacities, he’s tweetin’ for a beatin’. Because whether it was Trumpski himself or one of his henchpersons that had the rush of blood to the head that resulted in the unholy alliance with Russia, he can’t possibly come up with enough denials or distractions to counter the emerging or existing evidence against him.

As if his continual praise for the corrupt and power-mad Putin hasn’t been evidence enough that there’s been something highly suspicious going on, and as if his pick for Secretary of State hadn’t already been dispensed-with for publicly lying about his contacts with high-ranking Russians, now US security agencies are busy amassing hard evidence of secret, illicit if not outright criminal collusion between Trump and his accomplices and the deplorable Putin regime.

And if they can find hard evidence, and they will, and if Trump, like Nixon before him, lies to Congress in the process of defying the facts and denying his guilt, this lying, lowbrow blowhard will be confronted by his richly-deserved Russiagate, and thus justly removed from the presidential office to which he’s so predictably proving such a total disgrace.



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