This past couple of weeks, I’ve been delighted to see what flops so many of the world’s self-declared ‘populist’ political figures are proving to be with the populaces they so confidently claim to represent.

The vast majority of Dutch voters chose to keep that fascist git Geert Wilders in the political wilderness where he so rightly belongs.

Less than four per cent of West Australians voted for candidates fielded in their State’s election by the appalling Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party, and punished the incumbent Liberal-National Party Coalition for preferencing One Nation candidates by deserting it to the point of its near-destruction.

And resident US President Donald Trump proceeded to further rat on his promise to make America great again by making himself and America grate on everything from one of its richest and most powerful allies, Germany, to every sector of its own economy except the already dangerously bloated military-industrial complex.

And continuing to grate on the media, as usual, by keeping on demonising as ‘fake news’ their every attempt to rebut this arrogant nitwit’s false tweets and outrageous televised lies.

It must be evident to even some of Trump’s supporters that, far from ‘draining the swamp in Washington,’ he and his appointees and policies constitute such a load of sludge as to threaten to swamp the drain.

Not that it comes as any great surprise that populism and its practitioners are proving a flop, as the very concept is a total fraud.

Defined by my Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, as based on a belief in the ‘rights, wisdom or virtue of the common people,’ populism is no such thing.

Firstly, a coherent entity identifiable as ‘the common people’ simply doesn’t exist. And secondly, even if it did, practitioners of populism appeal not to the ‘rights, wisdom or virtue’ of this mythical group, but to the wrongs, stupidities and vices that a deeply-prejudiced minority would dearly love to inflict on the broader-minded majority.

A majority that I fondly hope still exists in France, and that thus in the forthcoming general elections its citizens will reject Marine Le Pen’s nasty if not outright Nazi National Front as peddling nothing but poisonous political slop to saps stupid enough to swallow it, and thus, along with Wilders’s, Hanson’s and Trump’s attempts at populism, deservedly doomed to flopulism.







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