Twump tweeting to self-destwuction?

I see that Beau Willimon, creator and producer of ‘House of Cards’, whatever that is, has called for the shutting-down of US President Donald Twump’s – oops, Trump’s – Twitter account on the grounds of national security.

But as compelling as Willimon’s case is, and as well as he expressed it in a series of nine tweets yesterday, I’m all for protecting Trump’s freedom of expression.

Or, should I say, Twump’s fweedom of expwession, as the man is far too big a twit and twister of the truth and all-round bad joke to be the head of anything, let alone the most powerful nation on the planet.

And short of impeachment, for which there’s insufficient evidence until all is revealed of the dirty deal he or his ‘people’ clearly made with Russia to help get him elected, letting him continue making an excruciating spectacle of himself could be the quickest and most efficient means of getting him the hell out of the White House.

Surely even his most misguided supporters will surely eventually shwink with embawassment fwom being associated with such a cartoonish, loony-tunesish ‘Tweety-Bird’ as he’s  making of himself, his administwation, and everyone who has supported, or continues to support his incweasingly widiculous pwesidency.

So, with all due respect to Willimon and all those seriously suggesting taking this phoney’s Twitter account away from him, I say let him keep tweeting as much wubbish as he wants until he totally self-destwucts and thus keeps his pwomise to make Amewica gweat again, not, as he’s been endlessly pwomising, by means of his pwesence in the pwesidency, but by his soon-as-possible absence from this or any other position of power.



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