Crasstianity on the march.

In a piece a couple of days ago on Donald Trump, I made the point that the man’s single apparent saving grace, probably because his extreme narcissism prevents his perceiving any other real or imaginary being as superior, let alone supreme, is that at least he’s not a God-botherer.

In other words, in his thrusting lust for power and profit, at least he’s openly and unabashedly crass. Unlike most other right- or rather wrong-wing conservative Western politicians like, for example, those in the so-called ‘Tea Party, who self-interestedly pervert Christianity into a contemptible Crasstianity.

A concept that brings us to South-Australian Senator Corey Bernardi, whose self-description as ‘socially conservative and economically liberal’ places him in such polar opposition to Christian values of compassion for the meek, the mild and the poor in spirit and contempt for the worship of money, as to make him the very model of a Crasstian.

He’s demonised Islam as a ‘totalitarian, political and religious ideology,’ clearly without realising that the very same words would just as aptly describe the Catholic religion or most of the myriad other allegedly Christian sects.

He’s derided the idea of gay marriage by suggesting that it would logically lead to the acceptance and normalisation of bestiality.

He’s deplored the phenomenon of single parenthood, and by comparison praised his own mother for remaining a housewife and staying at home to look after him.

Little realising, apparently, that most mothers, single, or out working or otherwise, would be horrified to have raised a child that turned-out as big a Crasstian bigot as he has.

And as for Bernardi’s adherence to whatever ‘totalitarian, political and religious idealogy’ he personally prefers to Islam that forbids abortion, all I can say is that it inspires in me the so un-Christian as to be almost Crasstian thought that I wish abortion could be made retrospective, and in Corey’s mother’s case compulsory.

He appears unstoppable, however. And now, reportedly emboldened by US Crasstians’ elation at the ascendency of Donald Trump because in his however ungodly way he shares their deeply un-Christian views on religion, race and gender, and supports their creed of unbridled greed, Bernardi has decided that it’s time for him to make his move.

To abandon the Liberal-National coalition that he’s increasingly seen as far too wishy-washy for his Crasstian taste, and march at the head of his own party. On the one hand I regret his defection from the coalition, as it’s such a rat’s nest of other falsely ‘Christian’ Crasstians that it richly deserves his destructive influence.

But on the other hand I’m enjoying the prospect of seeing him march off into the South-Australian wilderness, hopefully to the same pitiful and richly-deserved fate that Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party has already suffered once, and, as the Senator or rather non-Senator Rod Cullerton fiasco has already foreboded, will eventually suffer again.




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  1. Glad to see someone else correcting the appellation, “christian”, when applied to the likes of Bernardi, US evangelicals, Trump, et alia.


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