Umno’s unholy hypocrisy.

As history and anthropology inform us, the human race has chosen to worship a virtually infinite variety of deities and associated religions, each of them demanding the loyalty of its devotees, often on the pain of death.

Death, in my opinion, being the operative word here, as it seems to me that dread of dying is what drives our species to imagine we can achieve some kind of immortality.

But as far as I know there is no divinity or religion that promotes and promises immortality in return for immorality.

So what God, I wonder, do Umnoputras think they are worshipping when they claim almighty approval of their lies, corruptions and countless other crimes?

Surely not Allah, or so it strikes me, as Islam would not have survived so long, let alone thrived so successfully, if the Prophet had advocated evil as the pathway to eternal paradise.

Yet here we have people justifying their criminality by piously pretending to be ‘defenders’ and ‘protectors’ of Islam, and claiming to have God on their side.

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, for example, who even if innocent of involvement in such atrocities as Scorpene submarines scandal, the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu and the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) swindle, obviously steals ‘victory’ in elections.

Like the general election of 2013, Umno ‘won’ the two recent by-elections by means of a whole complex of illegalities ranging from unconstitutional gerrymandering of electoral boundaries to blatant cash bribery of voters.

Yet he had the gall to claim that ‘having turned to God for answers’ as to whether he was on the right path or whether he had strayed, God had given him ‘victory beyond all expectations.’

There are only two possible interpretations of this statement. Either that Najib prays to some personal God that oddly approves of bribery, corruption and co-option of Malaysians’ rights to free and fair elections, or that he is happy to take in vain the name of the God of Islam, who would presumably frown on such haram activities.

Obviously the latter alternative is the case, to judge by the way Special Affairs Department (Jasa) director-general Mohd Puad Zakarshi reportedly reinforced Najib’s remarks.

‘For a Muslim, prayer is a weapon,’ he declared. ‘Muslims pray to Allah not only in times of hardship but also in good times and victories,’

‘In this case, Najib prayed for Allah to grant BN’s victory in both by-elections and with Allah’s will, his prayers were answered.’

I’m no expert on Islam or any other religion, so forgive my ignorance, but isn’t it somewhat blasphemous to suggest that Allah not only approves of criminal acts, but, as if to add insult to injury, the use of his name to justify them?

Umno members and voters don’t appear too concerned about taking the Almighty’s name in vain. In fact, along with Najib, his chief henchman, Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, seems to make an absolute career of it.

In fact, as I mentioned last year in a column headed ‘At least stand up for God,’ Zahid has made the somewhat grandiose claim that he was ‘fated by Allah’ to achieve high office.

And he was at his sanctimonious worst again earlier this week, warning civil servants of ‘divine punishment for those who leak government secrets.’

Explaining that Muslims invoke the name of Allah when they take oaths, he said, and ‘if we go against it…Allah will curse us,’ Malaysiaini quoted him as continuing.

‘So before the curse comes from Allah, I want to remind my own self and all civil servants to keep (government) secrets because we took oaths to safeguard them.’

A small matter the pious Zahid omitted to mention, of course, is that he and his fellow ministers in the Umno/BN regime have taken oaths to uphold Malaysia’s constitution and laws.

Oaths that they break in every possible way, from denying Malaysian citizens their constitutional rights to true news, genuine justice and free and fair elections to committing massive financial frauds and condoning extra-judicial killings by the police and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

Thus, according to Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s own argument, they are cursed by the very Allah they so hypocritically claim to serve.

And condemned, along with their equally hypocritical ‘religious’ cronies and supporters, to live and die miserably in the service of their patently false gods of power-seeking, plunder and corruption.


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