GST: Graft and Stealing Tax.

According to his stooges at BN’s fake ‘news’ agency Bernama, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has “lashed out” at protestors against the goods and services tax (GST) that the government plans to institute in April next year.

“The opposition staged a demonstration on May 1, but if they truly disagreed on (sic) the GST, they should provide an alternative, but we don’t know what their alternative is,” he ranted, adding that his government has “concrete and rational excuses on why the GST should be implemented in the country.”

The word “excuses” in there is, of course, yet another classic example of the Fredudian/fraudian slips through which, as I’ve had so much fun pointing out over the years, Najib unwittingly reveals the truth behind his lies.

In this case the truth being the starkly evident fact that purpose of his proposed GST is not, as he told a captive audience of civil servants a few days later, “to expand the revenue base to help the government to improve and build hospitals and modern infrastructure,” but to recoup the untold billions in public funds that the BN regime has stolen from Malaysia and to ensure there’s plenty more to steal in the future.

In other words, what Najib is presenting as a perfectly reasonable goods and services tax as employed by respectable countries around the world as a legitimate way to raise public revenue is, as the headline of this column proclaims, actually a BN graft and stealing tax.

And far from having no alternative to suggest to this, his latest in a long line of frauds on the people of Malaysia, the opposition and the people at large appear to be proposing a very clear set of alternatives indeed.

Here, for example, are some randomly-selected suggestions by the virtually countless Malaysiakini readers who have taken the trouble to comment on the proposed BN regime graft stealing tax (GST), some of which, with apologies, I have slightly edited for length:

Abasir: “What is the alternative, Najib? Instead of asking your bloated team of expensive, self-serving consultants, that national joke called Pemandu and the hangers-on you are surrounded by, ask the people and they will tell you. But you are too arrogant, too superficial and too much of a wastrel to understand what thousands of citizens already know. Here’s a summary, a GST Alternative for Idiots if you will: Eliminate corruption ruthlessly, stop your billion ringgit splurges, implement a zero wastage and leaks policy, bring back the trillions stashed overseas. Now if all that is a bit too much to wrap your little brain around, try this: Hand over power to the people who can turn this country around.”

Anak Perak: “What is the alternative for GST? Well, Najib, even idiots can tell you that the alternative for GST is to cut all the corruption, inefficiency, cronyism, etc!”

ChaSL: “Plug all the wastage in gov spending, stop plundering the country, arrest and investigate the corrupted and so on Najib, what a dumb question!”

Patriot1: “If the government does not waste money or cuts down on corruption, the amount saved would be far more than the revenue from GST!”

Homesick: “The alternative is very simple. Just stop all the stealing and raping of our country’s wealth. And also give back what you thieves have stolen so far. As simple as that. Not really rocket science, is it?”

NuckinFuts: “Jailing all the corrupt money sucking government officials and putting an end to all the leakages. Berani ka?”

Changeagent: “Joker PM. Cut yr own and wife’s expenses, cut corruption, reduce no. of civil servants, reduce yr big govt, cut all subsidies, stop reckless spending, build more industries to increase income, etc etc. What the heck. Want me to go on?”

Basically: “You could sack all the buggers responsible in the annual Auditor General reports, for starters, and all those who waste money, like the Terengganu MB’s Antarctica trip. Oh, and the bloke who wasted billions giving out BR1M to buy votes.”

Fairnessforall: “The alternative for you and all the BN ministers to return back the billions you…have stolen from the people. Once these billions have returned, we will not have any problems.”

Despite such blindingly obvious alternatives to the GST, however, Najib has persisted with his pathetic efforts to provide “excuses” for his graft and stealing tax, likening it in a speech to the staff of his obscenely bloated Prime Minister’s Department to a course of antibiotics.

“The simple analogy is, when we need antibiotics, we need to take the antibiotics and finish the full course of it,” he said, as if in ignorance of the fact that most Malaysians feel they have suffered quite enough medical malpractice at the hands of Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

But he pressed on regardless with “when you finish the course, then your health will recover. So, in the journey for the country’s transformation, we need to swallow the medication and be confident that the outcome will benefit all of us and see a successful nation.”

But this, like all of Najib’s simple-minded analogies, most notoriously his “kangkung” illustration of economics, only served to confirm most of us in our utter contempt for him and his BN accomplices in crime and grime.

Three of whom this week seized on the anti-GST rally to demonstrate once again that the regime has not only stolen so much of the people’s money that a graft and stealing tax is required to replenish it, but also most of Malaysian citizens’ civil rights into the bargain.

Laughably-titled “Social Affairs and Culture Adviser to the Government”, Rais Yatim, called for action to be taken against university students who participated in the May 1 anti-GST rally on the grounds that they were “flouting the law which was passed in Parliament”.

Never mind that the many anti-protest laws that the BN regime has passed over the years are utterly unconstitutional, and that members and supporters of the BN regime themselves routinely flout the laws against corruption, abuse of power and even homicide.

And while Yatim was threatening students, chief secretary to the BN government, Ali Hamsa was doing likewise to civil servants, declaring that those found to be involved in the anti-GST rally would “face stern action, including termination of service.”

While, not to be outdone in the sucking-up-to-the-regime department, Cuepacs president Azih Muda declared that government staff involved in the rally were traitors and did not deserve to be called civil servants.

As many of us have remarked before, with germs like this to contend with in the regime, not to mention its compliant and complicit police, judiciary and mainstream media, Malaysia needs to amputate BN, not just treat it with Najib’s allegedly “antibiotic” GST. Especially in light of the fact that this apparently relatively mild and moderate tax on goods and services is actually an excuse for still more government graft and stealing.


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