“Get real or get out.”

If current events are a message for Malaysia’s BN regime from fate, karma, God, Allah or whatever else anyone chooses to call the alleged almighty, “get real or get out” seems to me to pretty accurately express the gist of it.

In this, ironically “Visit Malaysia” year, it seems that all the righteous spirits of the universe have accepted the invitation with a vengeance, and have arrived not so much to revel in the country’s Truly Asian delights, but to restore its former and future beauty by ridding it of its disgusting government.

But so far, despite the gutting it’s getting, this gang of BN goons and buffoons is still hanging around like grim death or the proverbial ghost at the party, and showing not a glimmer of intention to get real, or even a single sign of knowing or caring what ‘real’ might possibly signify.

So let’s reel-off a list of realities that the members, cronies, hangers-on and sycophantic puppets and supporters of the BN regime need to get through their thick, sick heads and get going on as urgently as all get-out, or else.

Now that I’ve gone and committed myself to compiling a “get real” list, however, I find my mind boggling at the task of creating such a gigantic catalogue, let alone fitting it into a single 1000-word column in some kind of logical sequence.

Best to give it a whirl, I guess, and see how far I get. Starting with the most fantastic fiasco the BN regime has disgraced itself with lately, its response to the loss of MAS Flight MH370.

If ever there was a reason for this bunch of crooks and con-artists to play it straight for once, and get real if only for the sake of the loved-ones of the passengers and crew, this was it.

But instead they’ve totally blown it, scrambling to cover up their cluelessness, confusion and incompetence. Ceaselessly repeating their spin that all can be forgiven because the plane’s disappearance is “unprecedented” when all that is actually unprecedented has been BN’s own attempts to obfuscate and prevaricate in the face of questions surrounding Malaysian radar, passengers who were no-show or not, how many were travelling on stolen passports, what was or was not in the plane’s cargo hold, and indeed anything else the world and its media have been literally dying to try and determine.

Not to mention making Malaysia a laughing-stock with the KLIA bomoh show, local media coverage with the usual ludicrously pro-BN bias, and prime-ministerial “press conferences” so question-free as to be nothing but displays of Najib’s apparent ability to read aloud.

But the lowest point of this fiasco so far has been Hishammuddin Hussein’s attempt to use the tragic loss to try and justify sucking more cash out of Malaysia’s coffers, as sorely depleted as they already are by rampant regime robbery, for a new, upgraded radar system, no doubt without tender, as ever, and with the customary colossal mark-ups for ‘commissions’ for BN big-wigs.

And as if all this hadn’t been sufficiently sickening, there on tonight’s ABC News was the nauseating sight of Najib on the trip he has made to Perth with his entourage to try and simulate real, statesmanlike concern and actual, active interest and involvement in the search for MH370.

But I don’t know who he thought he was kidding. Everyone on Planet Earth knows by now that he’s spent most of the past few weeks hiding out, presumably on his kangkung plantation, or shopping for cheap chickens, and that his government has preferred to pretend to ‘co-ordinate’ the search for MH370 in preference to participating in it to any more than a pathetically token extent.

In short, in the handling of the MH370 mystery, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and the rest of his BN rabble have had what could have been their most golden opportunity ever to rise to a tragic occasion with real caring, real compassion, and real competence in the eyes of Malaysians and the rest of humankind, and have catastrophically screwed it up.

In the process revealing Malaysia’s crying need for real, free and fearless news media, in place of a Printing, Presses and Publications Act that turns so-called ‘reporters’ and ‘journalists’ into pack of cowed, corrupt, compromised, regime-propagandising hacks, and hands some hoon of a home minister totally illegitimate powers of veto over newspapers’ constitutional right and duty to keep the people informed and public officials under surveillance.

But of course Malaysia’s desperate need for real media will never become reality until the country achieves real, truly representative, genuinely democratic government and good, honest and transparent governance instead of the reign of secrecy, sleaze, deceit, corruption, cronyism, nepotism, double-dealing, repression, racism, religionism, greed, injustice and hypocrisy that the grubby BN regime has been getting away with for decades.

Which brings us to the closely-related real need for real law-and-order; police who really see themselves as protectors of the people, not predators on the populace as so many members of the corruption-riddled ‘Royal’ Malaysian Police apparently are, and as free as they evidently consider themselves to torture and kill ‘suspects’ in shootouts and custody, just as long as they are primarily protecting the interests of their political paymasters.

And of course along with real police to really fight crime instead of committing and colluding in it as is currently the case, Malaysia needs a real judiciary that’s really independent of political influence, and real judges of real integrity, not regime-compliant clowns in wigs and gowns as so many clearly are today, so people can count on real, equal justice under real, equal law.

Oops! I see I’ve already used-up my allocation of words for this column, so rather than trying to complete my entire list of “get real” items, all I have room for is brief mention one or two more, like real multiculturalism instead of divide-and-rule racial and religious apartheid, and a real education system instead of the one that’s currently dumbed down by a syllabus riddled with indoctrination, and dominated by BN stooges.

But in any event, there’s little point in wasting my time and yours with this wish-list, as we all know BN will never, ever get real as long as there’s stuff left to steal.

So the only real option for Malaysia is for the people themselves to get real, and finally vote or otherwise non-violently eject these BN blood-suckers from government, and ensure they stay out for good.


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