Civilisation and evilisation.

My apologies for mentioning this in a second successive column, but the sheer idiocy of the statement last week by Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) vice-president Abdul Rahman Dali that “this region, which centres at the land of the Malays is called the Cradle of Civilisation” has been massively preying on my mind.

Not in the sense that I’m the slightest inclined to dignify Dali’s descent into drivelisation in support of his BN regime paymasters’ criminalization and outright evilisation of Malaysia by debating with such an idiot and his alleged ‘ideas’.

But rather in reminding myself that I must re-read, and recommend to anyone else who is interested, what to me is the seminal work on what everyone on earth except Abdul Rahman Dali and his fellow BNumbskulls consider the Cradle of Civilisation, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jared Diamond’s great book on the subject, Guns, Germs and Steel.

Diamond gives a both scholarly and stirring account of how and why the so-called Fertile Crescent or Middle East, since so sadly descended into today’s strife-torn Futile Crescent or Muddle East, spawned agriculture, cities and many other aspects of what we call civilization all those thousands of years ago.

And in the process he makes the all-important point that human nature, intelligence and inventiveness have been and remain much the same everywhere on Earth, and that what makes the difference between what we see as ‘progressive’ and ‘primitive’ societies is a matter of geography, geology, zoology, botany and good fortune, not racial ‘superiority’ or otherwise.

In other words, Guns, Germs and Steel makes nonsense of all the racial profiling, preferment, superiority and outright supremacy that Malaysia’s BN and similar political regimes around the world routinely employ to justify their programs of Goons, Germs and Steal.

Such rule by racism would be evil enough if conducted out of ignorance. But it’s all the more ignominious, and unforgivably so, in that it’s done with deliberate, informed and illegal intent.

Regimes like BN piously preach racial harmony, and sanctimoniously mouth slogans like “1Malaysia”, and even point to the fact they have laws that, at least on paper, apply to all citizens equally. So they clearly very well know what’s right and proper.

But in practice they employ their police and other forces of alleged law-and-order as goons to defend and enforce their divisive activities, even to the point of killing some unfortunates who dare defy them.

And they pay countless germs in the judiciary, mainstream media, civil services and fake ‘NGOs’ like Ismin and Perkasa, to variously do, defend or deflect attention from their inequitable and otherwise iniquitous dirty-work.

Such as, to mention only events of this week, the appalling appeal against the acquittal of Anwar Ibrahim on his second trumped-up sodomy charge, the elevation of the clearly massively corrupt billionaire Abdul Taib ‘The Termite’ Mahmud from Chief Minister to governor of Sarawak, and the release through “lack of evidence” of civil servants charged with corruption following last year’s customarily shocking Auditor-General’s report.

And all this goon and germ activity is for the express purpose of enabling BN members, families and friends to retain the power to steal everything they can get their grubby hands on, from the nation’s natural resources like timber and oil, to Malaysian citizens’ cold cash in ‘commissions’ and kickbacks on public works and rake-offs to crony suppliers of an endless list of foods, goods and services.

And they do most of it so blatantly that it’s almost literally unbelievable. As, for example, with the recent and thus far secret deal with the government of Selangor for the construction of the Langat 11 water-treatment plant, the prospect of which has had BN rent-seekers salivating for years, and the mysterious awarding of 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB)a massive tender for a new power station over apparently better-qualified bidders for the project.

Though admittedly the stealing is sometimes somewhat sneakier, like the recent rise in medical fees that happened if not secretly at least without fanfare, and under cover of the government’s campaign of highly-publicised ministerial visits to wet-markets in a hilariously hypocritical attempt to show sympathy for the people’s concern at rising prices.

And when the new schedule of doctors’ and other medical fees eventually reached the public consciousness and were greeted with surprise and alarm, as justified as they may have been, the health minister had the gall to claim that the fees had been “amended…in order to impose a maximum fee cap so as to protect the people” in blatant disregard of the apparent fact that the old schedule had a fee cap.

Yet the current head of this endless project to maintain Malaysia as BN’s own Cradle of Criminalisation, Prime Minister Najib Abdul “Kankung” Razak, keeps claiming that he feels the people’s pain.

But only to the strictly limited extent that, as he claimed this week, “the government is not blind to the fact that the rakyat are struggling to make ends meet in the face of rising prices.”

But in the next breath he denied the reality of the rakyat’s pain he claimed to be so empathically feeling with the claim that “things are getting better for Malaysian households….but they don’t feel it.”

What Najib fails to feel, or at least pretends to, is that the vast majority of civilized Malaysians of every race resent the rash of price-rises not because they are ignorant of market economics, but because they resent seeing even more of their hard-earned cash and their share of the nation’s wealth wasted on sustaining the BN regime’s criminal system of goons, germs and steal.

And into the bargain, as graphically demonstrated in last year’s stolen general election, the majority are sick to death of seeing Malaysia’s richly multicultural version of civilization trashed by BN’s drivelisation, criminalization and outright evilisation for the benefit of a gang of self-appointed putras and their cronies.



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