Keep it up, Najib!

Following his bout of electile dysfunction back in May, Malaysia’s formerly unelected and now minority Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has been frantically striving to regain some semblance of political potency.

But as one of the fast-growing majority of people who detest and despise Najib and his illicit, indeed criminal regime, I’m delighted to see that his every effort to pump-up his deflated reputation has proven a total flop.

Like his much-publicised recent advice to the 60th annual general assembly of his utterly electorally emasculated party of accomplices in the BN regime, the MCA, to take a dose of “political Viagra” to boost its flaccid morale.

Thus simultaneously revealing his contempt for his impotent Chinese partners in crime and grime, and reminding the rest of us how curious it is that such a consummate stud as he considers himself to be can never have so much as met the murdered Mongolian ‘model’ implicated in the Scorpene submarines scandal, Altantuya Shaariibuu.

And added these viaggravations is the fact that Najib shows no sign whatever of weaning himself off his notorious addictions to such power if not potency aids as flyagra, buyagra, lieagra, and slyagra.

Despite soaring public antipathy if not outright allergy to his apparently incurable flyagra, for example, he keeps jetting himself, his consort and their retinues of toadies off on massively expensive trips around the world at every possible opportunity.

And then of course there’s the buyagra involved in the shopping associated with these expeditions. But as lavish as such shopping undoubtedly is, it is just a drop in the ocean compared with the massive doses of buyagra involved in Najib’s ‘winning’ of elections.

Witness the countless billions of public money stolen and squandered for the purpose of achieving a pathetic 47 per cent of the popular vote in the 13th general election.

And now the massive hikes in tolls, taxes and prices of public utilities and essential goods for the purpose of swelling the coffers all over again in readiness for another orgy of vote-buying come the 14th general election in just over four years’ time.

Of course flyagra and buyagra wouldn’t work nearly so well if it weren’t for those two other wonder-drugs so liberally prescribed if not specially patented for BN by the notorious Dr M for Mahathir Mohamad, slyagra and lieagra.

Acting dually as soporifics of the rakyat and potency aids for the regime, they have enabled everything from the passage of an Official Secrets Act (OSA) that renders what by rights should be public accounts a complete mystery to all but the thieves who administer them, to monopolization by stealth of all the nation’s civil services and perversion of its social institutions.

Najib ceaselessly uses a concoction of slyagra and lieagra to create the illusion of moderation, inclusiveness and unity as in his now thoroughly discredited “1Malaysia” concept, while simultaneously employing religious and racial pressure-groups like Perkasa, of course with public money, and ‘newspapers’ like Umno’s own gutter racist rag Utusan Malaysia, to sow dissension, fear and strife.

Similarly, he and his regime use the police, judiciary and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) not, as they are sworn to, for proper law-enforcement, let alone for the equality of all citizens under the law, but for the protection and privileging of the corruptly rich and powerful.

And the co-called Election Commission (EC) is an absolute joke, clearly charged by the regime with not running clean elections as claimed and as required by law, but with both perpetuating electoral abuses like gross gerrymandering of electorates and ignoring electoral offences like roll-stacking and vote-buying.

And Najib even blatantly misuses the parliament he customarily so contemptuously and contemptibly avoids attending in person, in his bid to portray himself as a “transformer” of Malaysia in his fraudulent “repeals” or “reforms” of such anti-constitutional and thus illegally-enacted regime laws as the Internal Security Act (ISA) and the Printing, Presses and Publications Act (PPPA).

The former having been “replaced” by new legislation that provides for the utterly illicit ISA-style imprisonment of “suspects” for two years at a stretch without charge or trial. And the latter actually changed not at all, save for the requirement of annual application.

Speaking of the PPPA, this is the point at which the BN regime’s slyagra and liagra work most effectively in combination, as it places the news media under the total control of the very malefactors on whose activities they have a duty to oversee on behalf of the people.

With the result that the official Malaysian ‘news’ agency, Bernama, along with the rest of the so-called ‘mainstream’ media, routinely ignore the regime’s criminal acts, and report its ceaseless lies as facts.

From all the evidence I’ve seen in Malaysiakini and other liagra-resistant virtual news media and blogs, however, and in person during my recent few weeks in Malaysia, most Malaysians have had an overdose of BN’s bad medicine.

But there’s no apparent sign that these increasingly impotent and irrelevant idiots are getting the message. So all I can say in the end to Najib’s sickening hypocrisies from his “world’s best democracy” and “zero tolerance of corruption” to his call this Christmas for Malaysians to “stress on the common grounds between them to bolster peace, harmony and national stability” despite his practice of ‘divide-and-rule’ tactics, is that I hope he keeps it up.

Because from here on in, far from pumping him and the rest of BN up like the political viagra they’re so desperately intended to be, flyagra, buyagra, slyagra and lieagra are bound to progressively prove the regime’s richly-deserved dieagra.



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