Endless prostibilities.

As little as it appeals to me personally as a potential client, I have nothing against prostitution, at least in its sexual form. If people are prepared to sell their sexual services, whether casually for cold cash or on a longer-term or even life-time basis for the prospect of being kept in luxury, as long as they’re doing it through choice, not coercion, it seems to me to be a matter of fair exchange.

But when the world’s oldest profession spreads its tentacles throughout society as in Barisan Nasional’s Malaysia, and politicians, public officials and even so-called ‘religious’ leaders take to getting their rocks off at the people’s expense, the entire country ends up screwed.

So comprehensively so, in fact, that Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s latest slogan, ‘Endless possibilities’, is for once literally true. Sixty years of rule by the BN regime is indeed apparently endless. The possibilities for prostitution by regime members and their pimps and panders in the police, judiciary, civil services, media and commerce were never more prolific. And the majority of the people were never more powerless to protect themselves against these Umnoputras’ obscene lusts for power and plunder.

Far from being given pause by his skin-of-the-teeth survival of the May 5 general election despite the best efforts of his whorelords in the electoral commission and mainstream media to steal him the thumping victory he so craved, Najib has gone on the offensive.

Or perhaps I should make that gone on the even more offensive than usual, in light of his celebration a few weeks ago of those press harlots at Utusan Malaysia, even to the extent of naming a street after their scummy, racist, regime-owned rag.

And now he’s once again taken his fraudulent act onto the international stage, with a Commonwealth Club Lecture in San Francisco where he heaped massive helpings of self-praise on his alleged efforts to fight graft in Malaysia.

Claiming that his creation of a governance and integrity minister role in cabinet and elevation of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to “independent” status as evidence of his good intentions, all he achieved in most of our minds was the recollection that this is the man who every utterance stresses the “sin” in “sincerity”.

But he must have hoped at least someone out there was unaware of his pathological antipathy to the truth, as he went on to proclaim that “it is our hope that the commission may serve as an example for other countries looking to build the institutional capacity to combat corruption.”

“Many economies are affected by corruption,” he went on, according to his regime-pimping ‘news’ agency Bernama, adding that this crushes individual endeavor, harms social cohesion, suppresses meritocratic opportunity and eats away at people’s confidence in the institutions and power of the state.

All of which he should very well know, of course, as all these evils are precisely those endless prostibilities that he and his regime have so long inflicted, and have every intention of continuing to inflict, on Malaysia.

Najib, with strong suspicions of involvement in the Scorpene Submarines scandal and the associated murder of Mongolian translator in that affair, Altantuya Shaariibuu, is living proof of the prostitution of the institutions of justice in Malaysia, as is the still-unresolved death of innocent witness Teoh Beng Hock in the custody of the ‘independent’ MACC.

Then there are the hundreds of unexplained deaths in police shoot-outs and custody, and countless financial scandals through which the regime has enriched itself and its cronies at the expense of the Malaysian people, not to mention the fact that illicit capital outflows from the country are the highest per capita in the world.

With a record this shameful you’d imagine that at least Najib could spare himself the luxury of presenting the criminal cartel he currently heads as a model of reform for the rest of the world. Especially in light of the fraudulence of his proposed “reforms” to the Prevention of Crime Act (PCA) 1959.

But shamelessness goes hand in hand with the concept of endless prostibilities, and nobody better personifies this fact than the godfather of this sordid state of affairs, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Now 88 years old and long officially retired from the office of prime minister that he so notably disgraced for 22 years, he’s still busy pulling the strings of power and shamelessly big-noting himself.

Most notably in recent days with the breathtakingly hypocritical claim that young people today have no shame. Citing Japan as his exemplar of a society with a proper sense of shame and punishment, this utterly shameless former head and still chief apologist for the lying, thieving and murderous BN regime declared that “one thing we should give young people is this strong sense of shame.”

“Most Malaysians have this strong sense of shame, but not all,” he continued, “we need to spread the sense of shame.” And as if this wasn’t enough to highlight what a monstrous sham this man is, he then went on to declare that there were too many “bad apples” in Malaysia.

“As a nation, we cannot be seen to be oppressive,” Malaysia’s most prominent living bad apple ranted on, “but some segments of society need to be disciplined. Over time, the quality of discipline has deteriorated. We have to use the carrot and the stick, then the bad apples can become good apples again.”

To which all it is possible to respond that the bad apples of BN are absolutely rotten to the core, and the only way to rid Malaysia of them and their pernicious influence on every aspect of the nation is to get rid of every last one of them, lock, stock and barrel.

The only alternative being, as Najib’s latest “original” slogan so plainly threatens, even more endless possibilities for present and future generations of Umnoputras to prostitute, poison and impoverish every possible aspect of life for Malaysia and its long-suffering people.



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