BN still praying while preying.

As a confirmed and devout unbeliever in any divinity, I’m not normally given to defending any of the gods or religions that others claim to adhere to.

But, respecting as I do the sincere faiths of a great many good people including some friends and family members, I feel it’s only fair to join them in opposing those who pervert religion for their profane purposes, as Malaysia’s god-forsaken BN regime routinely does.

For these criminals and their corrupt “religious” authorities to claim to be allies of Allah and guardians of Islam is nothing short of an insult to all that true believers hold sacred.

God, or Allah, or Tuan, or whatever other name the alleged Almighty might be called, is supposedly omnipotent, omniscient and omni-benevolent.

So the very thought that such a being would need the “protection” or “support” of a bunch of spineless, ignorant, malevolent goons like BN and its cronies and accomplices is utterly outrageous.

As is this obscene regime’s insistence, in utter contravention of the religious-freedom provisions of the Malaysian constitution, that Malays must by definition be Muslims.

In fact the compulsion of people in their religious beliefs is not only unconstitutional and contrary to the UN Universal Charter of Human rights, but also un-Islamic.

Similarly un-Islamic, of course, and similarly ungodly according to any and every other religion, is the unmitigated evil of the hypocritical BN regime in every other sphere of its activities.

Like just this week, for example, its rushing to prosecute a duo of juvenile jokesters, Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee, aka Alvivi, for insulting Islam, having for years happily tolerated such affronts to other religions as the notorious anti-Hindu “cow’s-head” protest and attacks by regime-sponsored “NGOs” like Perkasa and “newspapers” like Utusan Malaysia against Christian churches and the bible.

And even more outrageous is BN’s perennial pretense to be supportive of praying, be it five or however many other times a day, to try and hide its penchant for preying.

Preying on the natural resources and other riches rightly belonging to the rakyat, as in regular land-grabs, massive frauds and kickbacks on every government contract in living memory, and preying on the gullibility of the innocent and ignorant with a ceaseless pack of lies designed to deny or justify its crimes.

Not the least of which is the regime’s rigging and buying of elections, as in the recent general fiasco, and its current conspiracy to repeat the offence by promising RM337 million in publicly funded projects in a bid to buy this week’s bye-election in Terengganu’s Kuala Besut.

This works out to an average of a staggering RM19,089.92 for each of the electorate’s 17,679 voters. And to compound the felony, such a tiny number of voters compared with some other electorates with up to ten times the numbers on their rolls constitutes yet another flagrant breach by the electoral commission (EC) of the constitutional requirement that voter numbers between electorates vary by no more than 20 per cent.

And in addition to these unholy outrages, of course polling day will see BN indulging in its customary orgy of outright bribery of voters with cash and other goodies.

Meanwhile, behind the smokescreen of its fake defence of Islam against harebrained bloggers and Allah-hijacking bibles, this Islam-disgracing regime is once again threatening to jail Anwar Ibrahim on a fraudulent charge of sodomy, and still persisting in its refusal to bring its corrupt and otherwise criminal police forces under control.

Suspicious deaths in police custody continue to occur with monotonous regularity, and equally regularly the regime refuses to institute the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) that was recommended years ago by one of its own royal commissions of inquiry.

Thus further highlighting the fact that calling such an RCI is the favourite form of wayang kulit that BN employs to give the appearance of honest intent, but in reality to endlessly postpone genuine action, as in the still-unresolved case of the death of Teoh Beng Hock in the custody of the Malaysian Anti-Corrpution Commission (MACC), and the ongoing hearings into the Sabah citizenship-for-votes scandal.

But failing a fake inquiry whose findings are never implemented or ever intended to be, this supposedly praying but actually preying regime simply flatly denies doing wrong.

As most recently exemplified by the electoral commission’s washing its hands of responsibility for “indelible” ink that was not only clearly corruptly acquired, but also proved to be not only so delible as to be edible, and even more recently by the “so what?” response to revelations of land-theft in Terengganu’s Besut district.

Responding to a demand by PAS for plots of beach-front land apparently illegally gifted to BN politicians Abdullah Muhamad Zain, Muhammad Pehimi Yusoff, Nawi Mohamad and Idris Yusoh to be returned to rightful public ownership, Terengganu Menteri Besar Ahmad Said, who is also the state Umno liaison chairperson, simply flatly refused to comply.

“Our policy is that all citizens of Terengganu are entitled to land,” he lied, “so if the person is an elected representative, he has the right to ask. What is wrong? He got it the proper way.”

BN candidate for the Kuala Besut buy-election, Tengku Zaihan Che Ku Abdul Rahman, far from recoiling at the thought of such thievery and deceit, seemed to be prefiguring more of the same in a recent speech to local youth in which he promised to “continue BN’s services to the community.”

And as if to add further insult to injury, BN Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin was on hand to urge young voters in Kuala Besut to support the regime candidate because a defeat would “threaten the position of Najib Abdul Razak”, before leading the meeting in prayers.

Once again leaving me wondering, as I and many others have been for years now, how much longer Malaysians of all races and creeds will take to wake up to BN’s monstrously hypocritical praying, and start making it pay for its preying.



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