Good and Bad News for BN.

While BN basks in the good news that it has ‘won’ the 13th general election, I’m delighted to see how much bad news this crooked, lying regime has to face in its moment of ‘triumph’.

In other words, though my hopes have been dashed that some kind of miracle might occur to rid Malaysia of this chronic curse this time around, I’m absolutely elated at the fact that it was such a pyrrhic victory for Najib Abdul Razak and his gang of nasties.

Survival with seven less federal seats than Abdullah Badawi achieved in the ‘tsunami’ of 2008 is absolutely pathetic considering the fraudulence of the electoral system, the countless billions thrown around in pork-barreling and bribery, and the combined might of the mendacious mainstream media.

And way beyond pathetic is Najib’s immediate blaming of the Chinese for his failure to steal back the two-thirds majority he and his accomplices so desperately craved.

In achieving over 50 per cent of the vote, Pakatan Rakyat clearly attracted a great deal of support from Malaysians of every race and creed, especially in most of the relatively enlightened and prosperous urban centres.

Paradoxically, it was the very people who BN has systematically contrived to keep poor, ignorant and thus grateful for peanuts in hand-outs who voted them back into office.

That portion of the population still innocent or ignorant enough to believe that selling their votes for cash is some kind of entrepreneurial coup, and that the pack of lies they’re fed by BN’s ‘mainstream’ media could possibly be true.

While, no thanks to BN but rather over its dead body, urban Malaysians now have access to genuine news online, it is an absolute disgrace to the regime’s claims of progress that there are millions of Malaysians to whom the Net is still just the thing you sleep under to keep the nyamuk2 from biting you in the night.

No wonder such deliberately-disadvantaged people neither know nor care that for decades they’ve been fed false promises and pacified with chicken-feed while BN has systematically looted the nation’s treasury and resources and destroyed its civil institutions.

What’s great news for the rest of us, however, and very bad news for BN, is that urban Malaysians are abandoning the regime in overwhelming numbers.

Thus rendering Najib’s ‘victory’ as hollow possible by depriving him of the prizes he so dearly, indeed desperately wanted. Selangor, for a start, where BN has been even more comprehensively slaughtered this time around than back in 2008, and Penang where the regime has suffered a similar fate.

Then there are all the triumphs that Pakatan Rakyat scored on an individual level. It was fantastic to see Nurul Izzah prevail despite the regime’s throwing everything at her; to see Lim Kit Siang not only win but achieve a landslide in a seat in Johor; and to witness the well-deserved wipe-outs of the Malacca Chief minister Mohd Ali Rustam and the candidates fielded by Perkasa.

And speaking of wipe-outs, it was an absolute joy to witness the eagerly-anticipated near-annihilation of Umno’s ever-compliant partners in the BN crime syndicate, the MCA, MIC and Gerakan.

While these parties have at least thus far been quite humble or at least fatalistic in defeat, however, Mohd Ali Rustam has been loudly lamenting the ingratitude of the voters who deserted him in such droves.

According to BN ‘news’ agency Bernama, he “lamented” that “voters, especially the Chinese, did not appreciate all the services and efforts undertaken by the BN government in developing the state and safeguarding the welfare of the rakyat.”

What Mohd Ali failed to mention, of course, was the possibility that the voters, both Chinese and otherwise, had recalled how little they appreciated the arrogant contempt he demonstrated for their welfare on the occasion of his elder son’s marriage some months ago.

As you’ll remember, and as the voters of Malacca surely did, Mohd Ali invited so many guests that he claimed it was a Malaysian if not world record for a wedding crowd, and had the bills for the entire affair sent to the state government.

Another sore loser for whom it is hard to feel a shred of sympathy is Johor BN chairman Abdul Ghani Othman. Smarting from his crushing 14,762-vote defeat in Gelang Patah parliamentary seat by DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang, he blamed people who had “cast their votes based on their emotions.”

How the voters are expected to remain unemotional in the face of one massive BN scandal after another, he didn’t attempt to explain. But whatever, emotions are still running very high indeed among Pakatan Rakyat members and supporters at the outrageous illegalities committed by the regime before and during the general election, and blithely condoned by the crooked election commission.

Blatant gerrymandering has delivered BN about 60 per cent of parliamentary seats with less than 50 per cent of the popular vote. And even this minority of votes for BN was achieved with a blend of bribery, fraud and rigging of the electoral rolls and postal votes.

What Malaysians can or will do about being thus robbed of the change of government they so clearly craved is anybody’s guess. Challenge the result in the BN-biased courts? Stage Bersih-style public rallies in support of demands for a re-run, in defiance of the BN-biased police?

Meanwhile, we all wait to hear the possible ultimate bad news for Najib Abdul Razak if not BN in general, from the eternal and ever-malicious PM-behind-the-scenes Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

As gratified as he surely must be by the success of son Mirzan in the general election, and as relieved to be spared facing justice at the hands of a PR government, he’s likely to be very unimpressed indeed by Najib’s abject failure to win back BN’s cherished two-thirds majority.

So BN and its supporters had better enjoy the good news while it lasts, because they have so much bad news coming to them, from both inside and outside their ranks, that they’ll wonder why they ever bothered engineering this fake ‘win’, and may even come to regret it.




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  1. the end for bumno/scumno is nigh!


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