BN must be destroyed 7.

It’s absolutely tragic that there are still some Malaysians so bodoh or bent or both that they’re prepared to deny that BN must be destroyed. Because it’s not a matter of my or anybody else’s opinion, but an absolute, forensic fact.

Murder, theft and fraud are crimes in every country on the planet. And every man, woman and child in Malaysia is aware that BN is guilty of all of them and more on a massive scale. Everybody is also vividly aware that for at least 20 or 30 years BN has been corrupting justice, the media and all possible other civil and religious institutions for the express purposes of escaping punishment for its crimes and buying time to continue committing more.

So BN and the moronic, meretricious, mendacious and above all megalomanic mentality that motivate its monstrous crimes against Malaysia must not only be destroyed, but destroyed before it does the nation even more damage than it has already.

Even the regime itself knows how richly it deserves destruction. But desperate to endlessly delay its karmic destiny, it’s determined to stop at nothing to steal the coming general election, and thus seize the prize of another five years of power and plunder.

Thus it not only utterly refuses to admit any flaw in its fraudulent electoral system, complete with flagrant gerrymandering, riotous roll-stacking and corrupt campaigning, but has actually requested silence on the subject.

As you’ll no doubt recall from his speech announcing the recent dissolution of parliament, current head of the BN gang, Najib Abdul Razak, had the unmitigated gall to “urge all parties to remain responsible and not seed any doubts about the integrity of the election process in this country.”

This was almost as breathtakingly hypocritical as his earlier signing of a so-called Election Integrity Pledge committing himself to a host of high-sounding principles including truth, ethical conduct, good governance, avoidance of bribery and corruption, and compliance with all the applicable laws and regulations of Malaysia.

As many of us have since commented on this, Najib and his BN accomplices have never so much as aspired to such high ideals, let alone contemplated practicing them, and will continue to flagrantly flout them at every opportunity.

And sure enough, Najib has been has been busily lying and handing-out electoral bribes ever since, and this week his Information, Communication and Culture Minister, Rais Yatim, was falsely defending BN’s flagrant breaching of ethical conduct, good governance and Malaysian laws and regulations.

Defending BN’s employment of his department’s machinery and manpower for electioneering purposes, he lied that there is “nothing wrong” with this because “BN is considered the caretaker government until nomination day.”

But this was just a warm-up for Rais, who then proceeded to try and justify his support of BN’s culture of misinformation and miscommunication by means of the regime’s tame ‘mainstream’ media.

In clear contravention of, and typical BN-style contempt for, Malaysians’ constitutional right to a freedom of news and information, the BN regime has for decades employed its notorious Printing, Presses and Publications Act(PPPA)to refuse licences to any truly independent print or broadcast organisations.

The resultant overwhelming weight of propaganda in the ‘mainstream’ media for BN, combined with a thunder of silence about its crimes and scandals and minimal but invariably negative coverage of regime critics or opposition parties, personalities and issues, is an absolute outrage.

And the government’s ‘concession’ to permit Pakatan Rakyat to present its manifesto on regime-owned Radio Television Malaysia(RTM)once only with a limit of a mere 10 minutes of airtime only adds insult to injury.

But according to Malaysiakini, Rais declared that the solo 10-minute slot would give Pakatan plenty of time to present its manifesto, claiming that “I have conducted tests and in 10 minutes we could read at least five pages of A4 papers with a one-line space between sentences”, and adding that the opposition’s refusal of the offer “was only an attempt to mock RTM.”

Since this exercise in mockery of democracy, there has been a new move to muffle if not muzzle the only media in Malaysia that provide independent coverage of political affairs, online news portals.

Malaysiakini, KiniTV and The Malaysia Insider were refused permission to cover Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s recent announcement of the list of BN general-election candidates on what a member of the Umno secretariat claimed to be “orders from the top”.

Attempts have also been been made in recent times to jam the signals of independent radio stations operating in Sarawak and elsewhere, and if past experiences are any indication, online news portals can expect attempts to bring them down with distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks as the general election nears.

Meanwhile BN’s mongrel ‘mainstream’ media are working themselves into their customary frenzies of fulsome praise and adoring support for the regime, though I hope and trust with diminishing effect.

Certainly all the Malaysians I know have long abandoned any belief in what they read, view or hear on or in the BN media, and one of them that I regularly see in Sydney recently took the trouble to send me a big envelope-full of stories he’d clipped from mainstream newspapers while on a visit back home, to remind me what a joke they are.

But still the regime keeps feeding these clownish media with comic material, like Najib’s recent reminder to Malaysians that they have BN to thank for nation’s infrastructure. A claim that seemed to evoke not the smug, satisfied smiles he intended from a grateful populace, but scornful laughter at the reality that BN infrastructure projects, like major BN-regime defence and other purchases, are primarily intended not for the people’s benefit, but to provide BN and its cronies with opportunities for profit and plunder.

And while we’re on the topic of corruption, as is all-too-tediously inevitable in any discussion of BN, what about the text for the Friday khutbah (sermon) that was issued by the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) last week for delivery in mosques across the Federal Territory?

As noted by Malaysiakini, the title of the khutbah was the same as that of the BN election manifesto, ‘Menepati Janji, Membawa Harapan’ (Fulfilling Promise, Bringing Hope), and the theme stressed believers’ duty to show “loyalty to the country’s government of today, which has proven to always defend Islam.”   “Look and defend what has been done by the country’s government,” it went on, “for the sake of the purity of religion, life, intellect, pride, ancestry and also property.”

But on the contrary, surely such shameless employment of its ‘religious’ stooges to justify the regime’s spectacularly un-Islamic record of crimes against life, intellect, pride, ancestry and property does more to alienate honest, sincere Muslims than attract them.

And in the process provides Malaysians of all religions and races with yet another in an endless list of reasons why BN must be destroyed.


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