Same old Babisan Nasional.

It’s astonishing but true. Even as Malaysians are so terminally disenchanted with BN that the Prime Minister is reduced to literally begging for another term in office to “reform”, the snouts of regime members and cronies are still in the proverbial trough.

Umno and MCA are still claiming that parcels of land in Selangor acquired during BN rule of the state for RM1 per square foot have been used for kindergartens and public halls, despite the opposition’s so far uncovering the fact that one been developed for condominiums, another for an MCA divisional headquarters building, and a third for a hawker centre.

Another festering scandal, the privatisation to cronies of the so-called Automatic Enforcement System, with its cameras allegedly acquired at ten times the proper market price, is yet to be addressed by the greed-crazed BN government or its lame Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

And now, just as a massive railway construction contract was recently mysteriously awarded to George Kent, a manufacturer of water meters, the largest share of fourth generation (4G) bandwidth has been handed to Syed Makhtar Al-Bukhary’s Puncak Semangat Sdn Bhd, a company that according to DAP national publicity secretary and Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua has “zero track record in the industry.”

Pua was quoted by Malaysiakini as declaring that the awarding of quotas and licences to companies with “questionable financial credentials and without any track record in their respective industries” has become “endemic”.

Asking why Malaysia fails to follow a transparent public auction system in awarding such licences, he cited examples of the UK, Germany, Sweden, Taiwan, Singapore and Brazil as well as Thailand, where an albeit allegedly flawed 3G auction recently netted the treasury US$1.4 billion.

However, despite his desperation to create the illusion of an intention to reform, however far in the future such an eventuality may be, and in defiance of his promise years ago to render public tenders competitive and transparent, Najib Abdul Razak appears incapable of delivering.

In fact, in blatant contradiction of his infamous slogan “Promises fulfilled”, he’s failed to deliver on a single one. Like, for example, his undertaking that multi-billionaire Chief Minister and arch-plunderer of Sarawak, Mahmud “The termite” Taib, would leave office by now.

And in his desperation to keep hogging power for himself and his accomplices in Babisan Nasional, and thus save the whole gang of them from investigation and retribution, Najib is still out there telling porkies as fast as he can flap his lying lips.

His latest fraudulent initiative is something called the Ah Jib Gor Fan Club, a pathetic attempt to create the impression that he is willing to “feel the pulse of the people, especially the Chinese in the country.”

Showing no apparent sign of shame at the sheer egomania involved in setting-up a fan club for himself, he claimed that “this is a very positive development because (it) will create not only good communication but also (an) interpersonal relationship between you and the governor.”

He then went on, according to Bernama, the regime “news” agency whose role it is to report such slop, to heap praise on his long-discredited 1Malaysia concept, saying that it was “not just a slogan but rather an overarching philosophy” based on “fairness, inclusiveness and moderation.”

But more and more Malaysians must surely be sick of being force-fed such a load of hogwash by Najib and his minions in government and the mainstream media, especially when there’s no slackening of the feeding-frenzy at public expense.

Indeed, every day Babisan Nasional is revealed more and more as not so much a coalition of political parties as an exercise in organised crime.

Witness the war of words currently raging between two retired senior police, former Inspector-General Musa Hassan and former Commercial Crime Investigation Department director, Ramli Yussuf, in which allegations of corruption are being exchanged.

For my money, I wouldn’t trust a top Malaysian cop further than I could throw him, as the police are clearly in league with the criminal regime on the one hand, and the so-called underworld on the other, and as such are an absolute disgrace and outright danger to the nation.

As, of course, is the regime that so heavily relies on the police, the prostituted media and the perverted judiciary to support it in its porcine pursuits.

Never mind the prosperity and well-being of the people, who are left to fight for the left-overs and like it. And nothing quite illustrates this situation like the controversy over the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (Lamp) in Najib Abdul Razak’s home state of Pahang.

Whether or not the effluents and wastes from the plant will be dangerously radioactive, an issue in which the truth has long been lost in the customary Babisan Nasional web of lies and evasions, both the company and the government are determined to proceed regardless.

Leading to the no doubt well-founded popular belief that BN, as ever, is happy to put its own profit ahead the prosperity and well-being of the people or, in other words, those who can’t get to the trough can rack off.

And nobody is fooled by the latest BN ploy of trying to appear public-spirited by having four of its cabinet ministers “demand” that Lynas export the plant wastes overseas, as Lynas Malaysia managing director Mashal Ahmad has already declared that such export if contrary to international law.

In short, the nation’s swinish regime is still living as high on the hog as ever at public expense, and still hoping against hope that Malaysians will once again fail to get up the gumption to get rid of them.

Meanwhile I’m hoping that the opposition is smart enough not to welcome former IGP Musa Hassan and other such disreputable and discredited figures into the fold, as too many Babisan Nasional refugees could well turn a thus-far respectable Pakatan into some kind of Porkatan Rakyat.   



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  1. This sudden support from Musa, Deepak etc. – I wouldn’t trust them one bit, especially as Najib and the Govt are not hauling them up for questioning and investigation. This is probably Najib and BUMNO’s Trojan Horse tactics.


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