Lynas and the lyin’ ass.

As neither a nuclear scientist nor an engineer, I wouldn’t have the faintest idea whether the Lynas rare earths processing plant in Gebeng, Pahang poses a threat to the health of people in the local or even wider community.

But along with the thousands of people who rallied around Malaysia last Sunday in protest against the government’s licensing of the plant, and countless others who have expressed their opposition online, I’m deeply suspicious.

For several compelling reasons, the first and most obvious prompted by the puzzling question of why Lynas wants or needs to do its processing in Pahang, Malaysia rather than back in Western Australia where it mines its raw materials.

Could this be, like the Australian government’s court-thwarted attempt to connive with Malaysia’s regime to export its asylum-seeker problem offshore, a case of persuading or paying the same Umno/BN whores to tolerate the exposure of Malaysians and their environment to risks from radioactive ores?

It wouldn’t be the first time such an atrocity has occurred. In 1982 the then Mahathir-headed Umno/BN government approved the operation by the Japanese-Malaysian joint venture Misubishi Kasel of the Asian Rare Earth (ARE) plant in Bukit Merah, Perak.

Though it persisted for just 10 years before closure by order of the Perak High Court, this gross misadventure proved incalculably costly to the health of workers, residents and their children, and the Umno/BN regime and its media have done their damndest to dim and diminish it in the public memory.

A typically disgraceful exercise in official obfuscation that brings me to my principal reason for opposing the operation of the Lynas plant in Pahang: Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s assurance that it is safe.

Because Najib has shown himself to be such a persistent and indeed pathological liar that only a complete ass would believe a single word he says.

Every time he opens his mouth and sets his lips flapping, he utters such a farrago of falsehoods and asinine attempts to fly in the face of self-evident facts that he’s utterly bereft of any shred of credibility.

Every single one of his pronouncements ranging from “I, for one, believe that the Malaysian media is something that we can all be proud of”, to his global message that he is a “moderate Muslim leader” working towards “the world’s best democracy” is a breathtaking exercise in bare-faced deceit.

For example, he initially denied that he had ever met with the accuser of Anwar Ibrahim in the latter’s second trumped-up sodomy case, then later admitted that he had indeed met this person, but added the patently false disclaimer that the young man had approached him about a scholarship.

And on an altogether larger scale of lying, the very slogan on which he has pinned his prime ministership, “1Malaysia. People first. Performance now” is a veritable monstrosity of perjury and hypocrisy.

“1Malaysia”, which he and his low-life Israeli and other public relations flacks intend to imply a promise of one nation unified by equality for all Malaysians under the law, is revealed as flagrantly false by Umno/BN’s one-eyed news media, mono-racial staffing and stacking of the civil services, sponsorship of race-hate and religious pressure groups, and organised thuggery against opposition ceramahs and rallies.

“People first” is revealed as a pack of lies by everything from denial of the truth to the populace by means of a Printing, Presses and Publications Act (PPPA) specifically designed for the purpose of press suppression, spin and censorship in favour of the Umno/BN regime, to massive and systematic plunder of the public purse by regime members and their families and cronies.

As for “Performance now”, Najib keeps promising reforms of such gross inequities and injustices as intended by the PPPA, ISA and prohibitions on public assembly, only to replace such laws with fraudulent and even less people-friendly new ones.

And his latest proposed ‘reform’ is an even more outrageous example of his fakery. Still attempting to simulate some semblance of credibility in his notoriously false promise of “zero tolerance for corruption”, he has promised to give more independence and thus power to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC). But only on the condition that Malaysian voters help Umno/BN regain a two-thirds parliamentary majority in the next general election.

In other words, he is extending his customary “you help me, I help you” bribery of the electorate (a crime that he justified after the Hulu Selangor buy-election with the statement that “we are addressing the genuine needs of the people. We are not buying votes.”)from the realm of cash to that of changing the constitution.

The trouble is, what he is actually promising “God willing if BN is given a two-thirds mandate in the coming 13th general election,” is the formation of a commission to administer the MACC that “will enjoy the same authority given to the current Police Commission and Education Commission.”

In other words, as I understand this to mean, if the people of Malaysia are happy to hand Umno/BN the two-thirds majority they formerly employed to pass such unconstitutional laws as the PPPA, then the MACC will officially become as politicised and thus pathetically compromised as the nation’s police farce and public educational institutions are today.

Is there no end to Najib’s falsehood and fraudulence? Apparently not. And there won’t be any end to misleadership by this fork-tongued fraud and his associates until the people of Malaysia seize ownership of the false 1Malaysia slogan, imbue it with genuine meaning, turn it to their own advantage and make it come true for themselves and their children.

It’s time to rise up as 1Malaysian electorate; to put the people’s interests first by finally electing a truly honest, intelligent, enlightened, transparent and progressive government; and to perform this feat if not now, this minute, at the very next opportunity.

In other words, witness the current NFC and MAS scandals, the still-unsolved murders of Altantuya Shaariibuu, Teoh Beng Hock and so many others, plus the high-handed approval of the Lynas plant, it’s time for the Malaysian people to get real with Najib and the entire Umno/BN gang of thieves and goons, and throw them out on their lying asses.




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2 responses to “Lynas and the lyin’ ass.

  1. Lyin’ Ass… simply brilliant! Perfect description of Malaysia’s unelected crime minister – that’s right, I mean the duplicitous chubby guy with the pouting, pompous, pink lips.


    • dean johns

      Hi there, my good friend and brother-in-arms, Many thanks for your comment re the lyin’ ass, though I don’t think it even remotely measures up to your deathless description of him as the “Crime Minister” 🙂 Hope that life is good for you up there at Magick River, and that all our collective efforts at shafting Umno/BN will soon bear fruit, Best, Dean.


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